My Feelings to do blogging first time… am i nervous ??

Well ya.. i think so that i am really ‘nervous’… why?? may be because i am not good at writing or may be that i am a doctor and i think doctor are dumb people in creative things… well whatsoever is the reason, the truth is that i am really nervous..

but you know what at the same time i am also ‘excited’ to penetrate into the new zone of blogging which will enhance my capability to express my opinion into the world of bloggers..

when you read any blog, it seems that it’s not the big deal man,anyone can do it any day… but now when its my chance to write the blog, i am able to understand the art of thinking and the transformation of that thinking into the words that should attract the reader’s attention..

well now i really want to enhance this art of blogging so that i can explore the unused areas of my brain.. Lessons-Learned-as-a-First-Time-E-Learning-PM-Blog-Header-01


33 thoughts on “My Feelings to do blogging first time… am i nervous ??

  1. Its very impressive. As you can express your thoughts in a very well manner. So here it goes like this.. Good start sir. Waiting for next blog. 🙂


  2. Dear Brother..
    It is very gud that u hve started to express ur thoughts into ur words…. n a gud initiative taken by uhh…. it might possible that it becomes the inspiration for others but do not tell ur weekness to others…… xpress wch z worth n useful to others .. thats it (y)


  3. I think the nervousness that I sometimes experience originates from the desire to be successful. I sometimes think to myself ‘what if nobody reads my blog’ or ‘what if I’m not interesting enough’, but then again I think the most important thing about writing is the enjoyment I get from it. If I like writing, does it really matter what anybody else thinks? If I’m happy, that’s enough, and if other people like it too that’s just a bonus. Keep doing what you do and the support will follow, this was a great read, and I wish you all the best for your blogging venture!


    1. That is very well said by you, I am inspired by your words and attitude.
      Rightly said that if we do feel good after writing something than we should do, whether or not other want to read it or not, because these are our feelings, our words and they should be expressed.

      But i do really like this sentance and will share it with others by your name : “Keep doing what you do and the support will follow”

      Thank you so much for commenting and appreciating me, means alot.
      Best wishes..

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