“Bibliotherapy”… Have You Heared of it ??


Till now I did not know what it is and just come across one of the article related to it which leads me to the opening of wikipedia and several other sites related to it and I found it to be interesting.

Definition :
In general language, it is a therapy in which book reading is use to treat mental conditions and some psychological disorders, but can also be used in children to improve their social skills.

Types of Books Use :
Books can be of any type, fictional stories, novels, self help books, non-fiction, bussiness, and so on, it all depends upon the type of disorder patient is having.


Some Salient Features of Bibliotherapy :
1) Which book to read is decided by the bibliotherapist after diagnosing the condition of the person.

2) Books are choosen keeping in mind the plot or story of the book, so that it should coincide with the present situation of the person to whom book is prescribed.

3) Book are prescribed in the form of “prescription”.

4) After completion of book, the reader is encouraged by the bibliotherapist to discuss the story with him alone or with the larger group so that the person can analyse his present situation and can able to work on it.

5) Children can also understand the situation better with the help of children stories.


Requirements :
Major requirements is the active participation from the patient side, patient should have a normal intellectual level so that he can able to understand the problem and can relate his own life situation with the story of the book.

Useful For :

Practitioners have reported successful use of bibliotherapy in treating eating disorders, anxiety and mood disorders, agoraphobia , alcohol and substance abuse, and stress-related physical disorders.

So for me this whole concept of bibliotherapy is awesome as I have also felt that when I am reading some book than there is so much decrease in the stress level and at that time we are in our own “ZONE”.

So guys, what is your thought on this topic, do share your views…

Till then,

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12 thoughts on ““Bibliotherapy”… Have You Heared of it ??

  1. We have a program at our state prison where books are chosen for inmates to read and discuss. It’s been found that although they do not recognize some of their worst faults, they could see them in characters in books. It’s used to bring about discussions on how to correct errors made. I used the same technique in the classroom many times with teenagers to help them make better decisions. This is a wonderful and positive topic for a blog.

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      1. It is actually another woman who runs the program with an English literature class for inmates wanting to better their skills. She uses many of the books I’ve used in my classroom and takes the characters and conflicts and applies them to everyday life, asking the class to write or comment on certain aspects of the plot. This brings up much discussion and in the discussion, her students become introspective. For example, I’ve used the play “A Raisin in the Sun” to talk about the themes of responsibility to family and honesty and hope to show how our actions can effect others for the good or bad. I’ve used “Of Mice and Men” to elicit discussion on caring for others and what that entails. I think you need to know your audience and then choose books which will help them to identify and empathize with the characters and the situations. And sometimes you just should choose a book which will bring some sunshine and joy into a reader’s life. I wrote A Berkshire Tale to share places I love to visit and for adults to read with younger children and share the adventures of a little kitten and the friendships she forms on her farm. I have underlying messages or themes within each of the ten stories in the book but it can be read just on the level of enjoying a bed time story with a child about a safe place where people take care of others. Thank you for asking about this as the topic of your blog is of much interest to me. Clare


        1. Awesome. I had written this blog so that others comes to know about this and see in turn I am getting enlightened by your knowledge. By your comment I reaffirms the importance of story telling to children and will do that surely when I will have one. Thank You Clare. 😊

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          1. You are very welcome. And I am looking forward to watching your blog grow in the next year. I have noticed that you live in London. I’ve visited your neighborhood around Saint Pauls each time I’ve visited England. Although I’ve climbed the inner steps of St. Pauls, I’ve never had the courage to get to the very top, as I am truly afraid of heights.


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