The End of The Road

this blog post shows the India from the eyes of a foreigner… 🙂

Diary Of A Traveller

Yuksom is my last destination in Sikkim. Its a nice little village, quiet and peaceful. The people are gentle here. They take their time to exchange their smiles. The clouds are still covering the true landscape of Sikkim from my sight… yet it is still beautiful. I cant imagine when this place is lying under the clear blue sky, lit by the pale sunlight on winter time. I was still deciding whether to go for a week hiking here in the high altitude. I then visited the tourist information centre here and they said that there is no way now for me to hike the 5000m altitude trek here since I dont have a group with me. There was a group of 5 foreign tourists who are on their way here to Yuksom but that group doesnt accept outsiders to join them. So I just decided to spend my days…

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