Don’t Blame Alcohol, Blame Yourself..

Have you ever imagine that why most of the people blurted out their feelings once they are under the influence of alcohol, scientifically because the inhibition is lost but mainly because there is too much hiding of feelings, ambitions, compromises etc etc in today’s world…

Recently I met one of my senior from my hospital in some get together party. Normally at work she looks calm, compose, quite, totally focussed on her work,not communicate too much.

But at that party after she had a drink (little bit more than average), she lost all inhibition, dancing in a freestyle mode, smiling cheerfully, gossiping, approaching to others by herself, then I start thinking why there is contrasting of a character, is it because of alcohol or something else. 

I start recollecting my previous experiences with my friends in the parties. I have observed the same pattern in their behaviour also, after drinking they had too much feelings to share with me (which are mostly personal) which they never shared with me before that.

We do have too many feelings, ambitions, wants which we suppressed may be because we do not have the resources to fulfill them but majority of them because of the social stigma or the social pressure (what people will say if I do this, what they will thought about my new profession, what they will say if I seen with this lady on that occasion).

Read somewhere on Twitter..

Every people have three lifes..

Professional or Social life, Personal life and a ‘Secret’ life…

And this suppression of one’s “original” inner behaviour leads to changes in so many things, like attitude, character, conversations with others, approach to tackle situations and on and on and on….. and these changes decides our success, relations and healthy well being.

Feelings are there to express, express it…. Ambitions are their to achieve, achieve it…. If you want to have something, or want to meet someone, want to go out for dinner with someone, just do it… Do not over think, if you are right by heart than no one can blame you for anything.

Just go.. express your self.. feel the energy.. feel the freedom.. just enjoy…

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Writing this post for Half Marathon by #BlogChatter. Day 1.


17 thoughts on “Don’t Blame Alcohol, Blame Yourself..

    1. Even in my profession, alot of patients i have seen who refrain from expressing their feelings, they are the ones who have most psychiatric problems and that in turn leads to other physical problems.
      Thank you for appreciation ..

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  1. Wow.. as simple as that but what i think is people judge u no matter how hard u try to get that thought out of your mind they do and at times it’s difficult to stand affirm on your point. Really good post !


    1. I can understand.. Its difficult to stand against majority but that’s the moment when our character comes under scanner, and that’s the moment when we comes to know about ourselves.. and these moments only which makes us strong mentally..
      Thank you so much for your appreciation.. πŸ™‚

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    1. Totally agreed…
      Our whole world is working on perception.. some people like Mother Teresa says there is god in everyone irrespective of caste, race and there are some other (the one to whom you have mentioned in your great poem) who slit the throats of innocent people if they can not able to recite the lines of great Quran.
      Our perception is only responsible for making us Legendary or losers..

      Thank you so much for appreciation πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


  2. Yes, people talking too much after drinks is a common sight. It’s always the alcohol that makes you do the talking.
    I feel there is so much of judgement everywhere, that’s the reason why people don’t want to open up more and alcohol cures that away!
    Don’t you think alcohol is curing a lot of stuff around us ? πŸ˜›

    On a serious note, one shouldn’t reply on alcohol to bring their brighter side.
    Very well penned doctor πŸ™‚


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    1. Ya judgment is everywhere.. but what I think is that you should not let that judgement overcomes your expression, and it needs a strong mental power..
      Thank you for the wonderful comment.. and appreciating me.


    1. I think that will be the awesome time for all of us when we start expressing freely, as we are doing here in our blogs and appreciating each other 😊
      Waiting for your expression on current terror practices.
      Thank you for appreciating me 😊

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