Sultan : My Lessons..

Well being the SRK fan, I was little skeptical that I should go to watch Sultan in theatres, or wait for it to come on to the TV.
But as it is having the Sports theme in its story so I was compelled to go as I always like motivational sport stories, but after going into the theatre with my wife, I was totally in owe from the starting.

It is one of the best films of Salman Khan in my opinion, except for few things I like each and every part of this film and having no doubt that why it is continuosly breaking records.

Some important lessons which I have learned/Re-learned from this film are :

  1. Kismat aaj agar mujhe harane me lag jati hai, Toh aaj ye Sultan Ali Khan apni kismat khud likhega : Confidence & Trust in his own Ability.   And this quality comes with extreme practice day in and day out, following the daily ritual which is hard to follow and always worth doing.
  2. Manne lage hai ki angrezi me ladki jaldi pate hai.. I Love You bolo aur uske baad seedha kiss hove hai :  Simple Heart always wins. As he expressed what he thought in his heart and simply expressed his fantsasy of kissing a girl (which in no doubt every boy has)
  3. Sapne dekhna achi baat hai.. par kahi baar unke peeche daudte daudte na apne log peeche choot jate hai :  Have Success and but not overwhelmed by it. Always be a Type A personality if you want and have success but do not forget that whatever you do, you do it for yourself as well as for your close ones, do not forget them in your Rat Race.
  4. I don’t train dead people :  Don’t consider yourself a Loser. When Randeep Hooda said this I had shivers, because this is so true, if you want to train in anything, want to learn anything, you should have fire in your belly for that, don’t be a dead man.
  5. Asli pehalwan ki pehchaan akhade me nahi, zindagi me hove hai… taki jab zindagi tumhe patke tum phir khade ho… aur aisaa daanv maro ki zindagi chitt ho jaye :  Be a Fighter Always. Do not lose your heart in any situation of your life, always hope for the best, you never know when a positive circumstance will come and make you fly but it will occur only when you never give up.
  6. (Khud ko Shah Rukh Khan samajye hai ke ? ).. Shahrukh ka mazaak mat udhao… manne bahut pasand hai… jab woh ladki ke aankh me aankh daalke dekhe hai na toh andhi ladki bhi patt jaave hai :  Brotherhood & Changes with times. This one is best for me as he has talked about my fav hero. It shows their friendship even after years of hatred and also shows that a person forgets about the bad past and changes with present.

    These are my some lessons from it, what are yours, if you have any, than do share it.

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    8 thoughts on “Sultan : My Lessons..

    1. Even I love inspirational sports movies. Karate Kid topping the list. Would love to go and watch this after your review. By the way, have seen Neel Batey Sannata? Worth watching.


      1. I have heared about Karate kid, I think it ia Will smith’s film.
        Ya have seen Nil Battey Sannata, waoooo, what an awesome film it was, tremondously impressed, even post a status on my facebook profile too, so that more and more person should watch that film. 😊

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