Johnny Gone Down : Book Review

What happens when you go on a foreign land for a holiday, that too  without planning  , without any recent  updates about that place or a country, what happens when  luck/life  is not on your side, than the series of events occurs, which leads to creation of a perticular pattern in a protagonist’s life, and there occurs the birth of a novel “Johnny Gone Down”.

It is a story about the Indian boy Nikhil aka Nick, studying in MIT, USA. Just after finishing the last exam in college, his another Indian friend Sameer aka Sam pursuade him to travel Cambodia before they join their jobs at NASA and GE, respectively. They went to Cambodia but without any pre-planning, or local updates, only to find that the country was in civil war, Nick managed to save Sam but at the cost of his own life, than very cruel series of event occurs with him which causes the loss of his one hand, and by luck he manages to escape into the Thailand through Cambodia Thialand border. 

In Thailand, one Buddhist Monastry saves his life and he become ‘Monk Namche’ there for 7-8 years. In order to establish Monastry in Brazilian capital Rio de Janeiro, he flew with one of his partner there, but on flight he fell in love with one brazilian model. In order to search her, he comes in contact with some local dons and he became ‘Coke Buddha’. Here he manages to earn lot of money with the help of local don Marco. Because of this success, again there was a fear of death to his life and love, so he flew to Minnesota, USA. 

In US, he met with an MIT graduate Philip, who was working on his some sort of computer program, there his inner MIT graduate awakens, and he help Philip to make that one successful.

Then he finally arrives in India, only to destroy himself, but with some luck he manages to find his old friend Sam, and then whole life changes (finally into the positive side).


  1. For me this is good dark story, which unravels that how the life can change in a matter of seconds, so do not take it for granted.
  2. Always plan something before going to a perticular place, it will always help you.
  3. Our life flows in a pattern, sometines ups, sometimes down, we have to identified it. If there is bad time running in your life, don’t worry happy time is going to come, just have patience.
  4. If you do some good to others, it will always comes back to you in some form.
  5. Love can occur everywhere, even on a flight, or on a foreign land.

Good story to read, you will want to finish it at one go, some valuable life lessons.


KARAN BAJAJ  , he is an Indian American author, first written a novel “Keep off the Grass” (will write about it also), he is banker in US. Interested in backpacking and travel around the world.

My rating 4/5

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