A to Z of Pregnancy…

Very good articles for Pregnany mothers. Must read.


By Dr Arif Qazi

Congratulations, for being pregnant. Best feeling for any woman is to be pregnant. Being pregnant you get so many questions in your mind what to do? What not to? What should I eat to have a healthy baby? What should I avoid during pregnancy?


Here are some Do’s and Don’ts of pregnancy which can answer some of your questions.

Attend a caregiver (health worker/doctor)


Once confirmed if you are really pregnant. Visit your doctor or health worker in your area as early as possible. Discuss with your parents, friends and relatives, or ask one of your other healthcare providers to recommend someone. Choose an obstetrician who can give you service for whole pregnancy period and at the time of delivery.

Blood tests can see what eyes cannot


During your pregnancy, you may be offered blood tests. These tests identify your blood group type…

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