15 Advantages of Meditation.

What you will feel when you meet a person, who looks calm, has a smile and shine on his face, no creases on his forehead, radiating some sense of peace. Than in my opinion you will definitely feel good in company of that person.
Well one of the many ways to have that type of personality is to have  MEDITATION  in your daily healthy practices.

Well the practice of meditation started in long back in India but because of its unlimited advantages it has spread to all over the world.

Being from the religious family and also my schooling was from Maharishi School, which are known for their stress to “Transcendental Meditation” practice in their school (you read here about transcendental meditation ), so I am very well exposed to as well as practiced this and experienced its effects.

Well thousands of definition can be found about meditation, but the most important among all will be one thing, which is too simple to understand and follow, that it ;

To concentrate on any one thing with total focus and do not let your mind to wander.

This is very simple yet very practical definition. You just have to focus on any one thing, it is as simple as that, and in my case, I just focus on my breath, only observing that it is going in, coming out, going in, coming out.

However, the most difficult job in meditation is to control our  wandering mind  , but what I learn in school and in numerous videos that let it be wander, you just focus on your breath (or anything u like), slowly and slowly mind will wander less.

Position :

Many wonder what should be the best position in which meditation can be done, well ‘ideally’ it is always  Padmasana.

But in intial stages or as long as you are comfortable, it can be done in any position what so ever you want, it may be :

  • Just sitting on a chair or a couch
  • Just laying down on a bed 
  • Semi-sitting position
  • Can be done when you are travelling in a car (but not driving by yourself), or in train or flight
  • Can be done while working in your office (just have a five min break)

You have to focus on a single object. Thats it !!!

Duration :

Well, again ‘ideally’ as long as you can and become still.. 

But for starting purpose, start with 5 mins duration for two times/day, increase it gradually to 15-30 min for 2-3 times/day.

Well the benefits will show itself gradually day by day.

15 Advantages of doing Meditation :

  1. You will be more calm, less irritation, less anxiety, less anger.
  2. You will have more Patience. In any adverse condition, you will not gets tensed easily, but instead because of more patience you will develop the capability of first analyzing the condition and than act according to it.
  3. You will start “Acting“, instead of “Reacting”. 
  4. You will have more inner happiness. Its practical aspect is that you will good from inside. A lot of people you will around you who always utter or you can find from there face that they are not feeling good, always in tension, irritated (I know so many faces pop up in your mind).
  5. When you are happy from yourself, than only you can make others happy, so meditation helps to make strong relationships.
  6. More happiness, less depression.
  7. Studies shows that by continuous meditation there is increase in Grey Mater of brain, which are responsible for increase learning and memory.                                                                      
  8. There is decrease in alcohol and substance abuse.
  9. Increase ability to work under stress.
  10. Strong decision making.
  11. Decrease mood swings.
  12. You become more observant, this is one of the most important advantage we get from it, as being observant is really a game changer in any field.
  13. Improves sleep.
  14. However meditation isolates you from outer noises, but it develops certain characteristics that makes you a good social person.
  15. As a doctor how can I forget its healthy benefits… it prevents increase in blood pressure, develops immunity, control your hormons so in turn prevent diabetes, helps to prevent headache.

    Well there are endless advantages of it, and here are are few which I have discussed with you. 

    Most of these advantages are subjective, that is they can only be felt by an individual, so start doing it, as whole worls and celebrities are going gaga for it.

    Here is one picture which sums up all, courtesy by : LiveAndDare.com


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