A Tale of Two Nights : Book Review

What happens when you witness the most disastrous industrial event of the world history, what happens when you lose everything but still survives, what happens when God is not on your side but you still become Hero for someone.
Well the answers of all these peculiar questions, given by Dr. Pradeep Kapoor, in his worderfully framed story, ‘The Tale of Two Nights’.

Subject :

Based on true account of the most dreadful industrial chemical disaster of human history, which occured in  Bhopal, capital city of Indian State of Madhya Pradesh   and 1992 Riots which had spread almost all over the country due to various reasons, and most important of those are “Babri Masjid Demolition”.

History behind the Tragedy :

The Bhopal disaster, also referred to as the Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident in India, considered the world’s worst industrial disaster.

It occurred on the night of 2–3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited(UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Over 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas and other chemicals. The toxic substance made its way into and around the shanty towns located near the plant. (reference wikipedia)

Summary :

Story starts directly with the gas leak and showing one child “Rehan”, running while simultaneously coughing and panting, due to the irritation caused by the leaked gas. Before some time his father, mother and two sisters departed to railway station as they were going to lucknow.

Than the series of events occurs and Rehan (with the help of handicapped beggar) find himself in ICU of Hamidia hospital (large government hospital of bhopal). His whole family except his dad were also died due to gas at railway station and fortunately his bad was laying beside him in ICU, but unfortunately both were not able to meet each other.

Another prominant figure in the book was Dr. Dilip, who save the Rehan’s life and make the special bond with him and also managed to reunite father and son.

Than the life of Dr. Dilip simply goes on, while Rehan and his father hardly manages to live because of God’s cruelty and poverty, and these adverse situations makes Rehan angry towards the system.

Than 1992 riots occurs, and role reverses between Dr. Dilip and Rehan, where Rehan saved Dr. Dilip from mob who were going to kill him.

My Take :

Well the story is very emotional, especially for a Bhopalite like me, as I have seen the adverse effects of this event from my eyes and still people and their future generations are struggling with the after effects of this event.

So I can say its a good read book to feel the emotions of victims.

My Lessons from Book :

  1. Any time, anything can occur in your life, so enjoy your life to the fullest.
  2. Humanity is prevalent everywhere, you have to see it and admire it.
  3. Doctors really sacrifice their personal life for the patients, so atleast respect them.
  4. If you do something good, than definitely that good act will return to you in one form or the other, may be from the same person or through some other, but will definitely come.
  5. Do not follow your religion or any person blindly.

Author :

Dr. Pradeel Kapoor, is a Pediatrician, doing private practice and living in Bhopal. Can be reached at pkapoorp@rediffmail.com

My Rating : 3.5/5

Dr. Anshul

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