What a Man can do for Love…

In our daily life we see numerous common things, which looks normal as they really looks normal, that is why we just take them for granted and do not pay much attention.

Today I will try to focus on those so called normal things, but in essence, they are special, unique in their own way. Here I go… 

What a Man can do for love..

Here a “Man” reflects both Male and Female or a Human Being.

What a Man can do for love, to disfigure her bodily figure for months, yet can do her household and professional work even after a severe back ache..

What a Man can do for love, to produce a baby even after feeling the intense pain but still can smile with the first glimpse of her baby..

What a Man can do for love, to take care of her pregnant wife, to support her all night with her pains, to clean her mouth after vomiting, and to press her head so that her headache decreases and she can sleep and yet barely having 2-3 hours of sleep he is ready to go for his work..

What a Man can do for love, to support his child to get a world class education, study in top most school, college, even if he is not that financially sound but can arrange money from any where at any time..

What a Man can do for love, after coming home from work, he can become a plumber, electrician or a washroom cleaner or even a coolie but he will not disturb his child who is studying..

What a Man can do for love, can awake early in morning before the whole family, prepares her husband and child’s lunch, ready their clothes, drink her tea which gets cold and then finally have her breakfast after 2-3 hours of work..

What a Man can do for love, he can wait for her for hours, but can not wait for a minute in a KFC line.. can enjoy Italian pasta with her however he always eat Roti Sabji (chapati and vegetables) in his home.. have started watching Hollywood movies and Game of Thrones with her however he has never watched anything more than just Roadies..

What a Man can do for love, she is now able to make whole meal for him, and few months back she was not even have to make tea for herself..

What a Man can do for love, she travels all over from the different city only to tie the thread on her brother’s hand.. and can come from the fifth floor to the ground floor in a minute if his elder brother calls her..

Uff… these lines really makes me emotional, how we sometimes take all these special things for granted which looks normal, but we only recognize their importance once we do not have these..

So, what is your take on these special things.. ??? do share with me.. I can handle more emotions.. πŸ™‚

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