Tum log 120 crore nahi, balki tukro me bate hue ho…

When I have heard this line in Madari (recently released Bollywood movie), I was shocked to hear this, as this is highly correct statement, and very well observed.

India is a vast country, with a huge population, with variety of different cultures, most of the states has its own culture and its own language, it is said that whenever you will travel for 100 metres in India, you will find new type of people.

Being so much diverse, so there will be diversity of opinions also, and when opinions are diverse, there can be a mutual agreement or disagreement.

But what I have observed that there is  “Unity in Diversity”  in India untill and unless everyone’s needs are fulfilled, and when anyone’s needs not met, then they forget about the common interest and think about themselves, and here comes the role of politicians.

They comes up with false promises about the individual needs and do not talk about the nation (as they assume who care about the nation if the individual needs are met) and we the common people, who has developed the habit of narrow thinking or a narrow perspective, falls into their trap.

We have started to think only in terms of States and forgets about our Nation and remembers our nation only on 15th August or 26th January or on Fb and Twitter, but not in our heart.

Common guys lets put India first, lets cherish other’s cultures, languages, festivals so that other’s also feel the same for you and that will make the bonding between Madrasi and Punjabi, between Mumbaikar and Bangali, betweem Kasmiri and Hydrabadi and between Uttar-Purvi (north east) and Bhopali.

And then we the 120 crores people will actually become 120 crores, not only as number but also as a real strength.

Participating in Halfmarathon by Blogchatter. Day 13.


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