BlogChatter’s Half Marathon : My 7 Best Experiences

15days back right on 14th july if someone would have asked me that “Anshul, are you able to write blogs continuosly for days ?” I would have said that I really don’t know as I have just started blogging and I also have very little knowledge about all these website designing and other things..
But after 15 days, I have got more than I have expected from this marathon in my writing skills and also in my imagination power.

My few experiences from this event :

  1. Helps me to broaden my level of thinking, explore new ideas, makes me more creative.
  2. As it is a challenge, so this half marathon really brings some challenges to me, as I was not into blogging previously so to write daily, really was a tough task for me. I have to put a lot of pressure mentally to bring out some quality words that I can write and produce in a good form to my readers. After writing most of the times, I became mentally exhausted.
  3. Some of my relatives and friends used to ask me in these fifteen days as from where I get the time to write blogs (as they continuously see posts on my FB profile) after a routine 12 hours of hospital duty daily with intermittent 24 hours duty in between. So for them the answer is, this marathon also makes me to manage my time little bit more systematically. Whenever there was a time between two surgeries or if I get the break during the surgery, even if it is for minutes, I used to write something, so after some time, it becomes a complete blog and ready to publish.
  4. This marathon reinforce my belief in dedication, determination and resilience.
  5. Waoo… I have learned to write poetry also.. thank u blogchatter.
  6. Able to meet so many new people with a lot of experience as a blogger, their posts helps me to correct myself and to inspire me that a lot can be done if I stick to this. By the inspiration of one the blogger I have written 1 blog more than was required, yeee.
  7. This marathon forces me to decrease time from my non-fruitful activities.

    So in summary this challenge in my initial days of blogging gives me the boost, confidence and the support of the awesome blog buddies to whom I can take guidance at any time.

    Thank You BlogChatter.


    Dr. Anshul

    Participating in HalfMarathon by Blogchatter. Day 15


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