Real life always Stranger than Fiction.

Do you handle ten villains at a time while saving the innocent girl, or Do you just wear a ray ban glasses and stop the speedy train which just comes out from the Mumbai’s CST, or Do you just become 1 day CM or PM and than the whole state and country change..

I think most of your answers will be “NO” because these things looks good on the bigger screen, but does not happens in real life.

That is why we have very funny hindi quote which tells that do not have out of the way dreams : “Mungeri Laal ke Haseen Sapne”

Why reality is stranger than fiction, because fiction is pre decided by the author or director but in real life, everything is unpredictable and the life always has a upper hand on our wishes. That is why, life is unpredictable and sometimes can be ferociously harsh..

But but but…

My sub concious mind firmly believes that we should dream, we should make fictional stories, fictional aims in our mind, and these fictional dreams should be grand, large, seems to be unimaginable because than only it inspires our body to go for these dreams in reality, to stretch for these fictional dreams, and to go out of their comfort zone to meet these fictional dreams.

We may not fully achieve what we have seen in our mind, but it will be always more than as compare to the outcome which would have come up after having the so called practical/real dreams.

So at the end, I will just say that “real life always stranger than fiction, but it may not be superior than fiction…”

Dr. Anshul


15 thoughts on “Real life always Stranger than Fiction.

    1. I love the concept which most of us hear from childhood that if you read 80% of the subject you will remember only 60%, so its better to read 100% to score 80% marks.
      In the same way if we dream lavishly than only we can do part of it, which will always be greater than no dreaming at all (I hope I abke to make my clear 😁).
      Your article is awesome πŸ‘


  1. There’s this quote by Mark Twain which says β€œTruth is stranger than fiction, but it is because Fiction is obliged to stick to possibilities; Truth isn’t.” And that’s so true. Real life has unlimited possibilities.


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