Someone is always Watching…

When you, take the money from the Peoples’s fund and use it for you and your family’s expense..

When you, misuse the government’s facility which is provided to you for doing common people’s work..

When you, irrationally delayed the permission for common man’s house being in the position of a powerful officer..

When you, misbehaving with any tourists either from your own country or foreign country, only because he is not known of local practices..

When you, not giving place to an elderly woman,who is not able to say anything to you, even if you are sitting on a reserved seat for elders..

When you misbehave with your Mother, when you become adult, even after she has taken care of you all her life..

Don’t think that no one is watching you, your every acts, every intension is under scanner, and you have already been caught red handed by the Almighty and be sure you will be punished at the right time…

Participating in BarAThon organised by @blogarhythm1


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