7 Promises to Myself..

The Elders of my home always said to me certain principles which they follow.. 

  • “there is lot of importance of words”
  • “the words which goes out of the mouth, can not comes back”
  • “Words/Promises which you made, either with yourself or with others, always keep those promises, whatever the adverse situation may be”

These words always present in mind, and always guide my actions towards me and also towards others. 

7 Promises which I made for myself and for others, they are :

  1. My Parents and Family have sacrificed a lot of things for me, right from my birth to the present phase of my life. So I have promised myself that I have to return everything to them with respect what they are deserve from their son.
  2. To all my Teachers, who have taught me, given punishment to me, shown the right things to me, because of them I have become the Man, to whom my family can trust. I have promised myself that I will always be there for them whenever they called me.
  3. To my religion Jainism, which has taught me the principle of Non-Violence. I have promised myself that I will do any thing possible from my side to propogate this message to as many people as possible.
  4. To my country’s Culture and Tradition, where girls are treated as “God Lakshmi” or the God of Wealth. I promised myself that I will always follow it and always treat women with utmost respect.
  5. To my Profession, where treating of ill person’s pain is the only objective. I have promised myself that I will follow my duty with full knowledge, true to my ability, and always be in benefit for the patient.
  6. To my Wife, who is always stand with me. I have promised myself that I will aways be there for her, in any situation, in every highs and lows, in happiness and in sorrow.
  7. To Myself.. I have promised that I will utilised my full potential to the benefit of myself, to my family, to my country and the world. I will utilised my full potential so that when I die, I can say to others..


    One thought on “7 Promises to Myself..

    1. Namaste Doctor! Its amazing how frankly you write on any possible subject. The best thing I liked about this post of yours is the way you thanked Jainism. You are the first person I have seen who is not only proud but grateful for Jainism openly. I am a practicing Jain and feel proud too. Many a Jains have been unfortunate not to realise what gift they have been born with right from their birth. Its sad how they not only are aware of the true message of Jainism but don’t hesitate to disrespect it due to their ignorance. I hope & wish that you can take this promise of yours to great heights.


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