Nowadays if a person stick to ideals, than normal people think it as some stupidity, as going against the rules considered as fashion.

Mostly I try not to have the feeling of anger, but unfortunately following things makes me angry :

  1. When someone does not stand in cinema hall,while the National Anthem is playing.
  2. When even having the dustbin in their surroundings, people dont bother to throw waste into it.
  3. Saying bigger things on social media, not doing it in real life.
  4. Spitting on the roads or walls.
  5. Even when cigrette and excess alcohol is harmful for health, but still people consume it.
  6. In public transport, when younger people, do not give space to elderly people.
  7. Or when younger generation do not give respect to their grandmothers or grandfathers.
  8. When I do not utilise my time effectively.
  9. When the long term thinking considered as day dreaming.
  10. When parents does not understands fully your aspirations or your way of thinking, as old school of thoughts and new school of thoughts often clashes with each other.
  11. When even after much efforts, I do not consider myself the fast reader, as reading speed still lack behind as per my expectations.
  12. When professionalism becomes more powerful than emotions, and showing emotions in a workplace is consider as a stupid thing.
  13. When people starts fighting with each other over petty things (only because of EGO) which actually does not have any meaning.
  14. When people want to have everything, but does not want to DO anything.

These are some of the things which makes me angry, however I do have so many thing in my mind which will make the list infinitely longer.

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