Sadness Vs Hope

I always feel sadness, when I can see so many people around me who does not really bother about the importance of cleanliness around themselves, and they have learnt to live in a dirtyness.

And this attitude of those persons also shows in a family or a community, where they lives.

Even if the dustbin is around them, they not able to notice it, and throw the waste in an open surroundings.

I deeply hurt, when I see these type of pictures in newspapers or social media or internet :

But I  am really Hopeful to see this, and wished this type of surroundings should be present in as many places as possible :

So I am leaving on you, which side you want to go, and make your country proud of you…

Dr. Anshul

I am participating in #BligOEmotion Week by #CreativeCurves

Note : All pictures are taken from internet, for the purpose of awareness.


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