Love : The Reason of our Existance.

When the word Love comes, than so many faces, so many instances comes into our mind, and they deserve to be in our mind, as that’s what makes our life beautiful.

What is Love ?

Everyone has its own definition of love, but for me ;

  • Love is, which shows in mother’s eyes, when she sees her child first time, after bearing pain for the 9 months..
  • Love is, when the whole lot of relatives (even the distant one) celebrates the arrival of the new member of family..
  • Love is, which cause the worry in husband’s mind, that her wife should be allright after the delivery..
  • Love is, which is present in mother’s prayers and father’s action, when their is admitted in the hospital..
  • Love is, when the younger brother is ready to donate his one kidney and liver to his elder brother..
  • And the Love is, when after performing his 18 hours duty towards his patients, a Doctor returns his home, and spend time with his wife and children, even though he would sleep only for 3-4 hours.

Well for me, these are some of my definitions for love.

What are your’s ? Share with me .. šŸ™‚

Dr. Anshul

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