I feel Disgust about…

On the 70th Independance Day of India, I want to tell you about the things, which I feel disgusted about my fellow citizens, when they do dishonour my Mother India.

  •  I feel disgusted when the feeling of patriotism in my fellow countryman comes only once in a year and rest of the year most of them don’t do anything specifically for their country.
  • I feel disgusted when any sports personality, or celebrity or good politicians, hoist the Tricolor in their own way, like cover their body in happiness, or handling in any way, only to show their happiness when they do something which makes their country proud. But at the same time, our pseudopatriotic leaders or common men, does not see their achievements, but they do see that these famous personalities misbehave with the tricolor. I just want to say them, Man do you have guts to do that, what they have done for our country.
  • I feel disgusted when government do something wrong for the country, than every citizen starts cursing the government. But at the same time, when government wants little efforts from its citizens like in Swaatch Bharat/Clean India Campaign, Green India, Girl Child Education, or even when government wants little things like “Yaha Peshab karna mana hai”, “yaha thookna mana hai”, “yaha cigarette pina mana hai”. But in all these things common man does not want to participate, or even does not think about it, and that’s why in my opinion they do not have any right to say anything to government.
  • I feel disgusted, when on the occasion of Independance day, people puts pictures of Monuments of National Importance on their social media profiles, but they never try to visit those places, or even if they try than they don’t want to know about the history of that place, and some of them goes to extreme limits by writing their names on the walls of those precious monuments, as though they were obliged to do that.
  • I feel disgusted, when they talks about what the government is responsible to do for the country, but they forget what they are responsible to do for their country. Even the President of the USA had said to his fellow citizens in his famous speech in 1961 that ; 
  • I feel disgusted, when they curse the government as it orders to cut the electricity for 1-2 hours/day mainly in summer, but they forget to switch off the lights and fans when they are not using it.

    So by my this blog, I just only want to convey that there are so many things which we, as a common citizen, of this glorious country, can do from our part, and make this country, peaceful, cleaner and progressive.

    And our superstar Shah Rukh Khan has given a very appropriate statement in Chennai Express Film :

    Never underestimate the Power of Common Man..

    This is Part 1 of my Independance Day blog series. Next part is due till today’s night. So lets be there for the second part my fellow buddies.

    Dr. Anshul

    Participating in #BlogOEmotion by #CreativeCurves.


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