The festival of celebration of bond or the emotions between brother and sister is Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan.

Celebrated on a very large scale in India, so many stories of this festival can be found in the historical or cultural textbooks of India.

The chemistry of a brother and sister relationship is very unique, sometimes it is lovable, sometimes it is horrible, sometimes caring, sometimes they could take each other’s life (hehe, can throw pile of books on each other), sometimes can fight with others for the sake of each other…. ufff… so many things, so many emotions but one relation…

I am the luckiest guy in the world who is fortunate enough to have so many sisters at home. In my home there is “always more sisters than brothers” culture, be it with my father’s generation or my generation, and that’s the main reason that I have grown up with the feeling of respect towards girl child.

I do have so many incidents with my sisters which I want to share with you..

  • I and my elder sister always have little fights with each other, we even pull each other hairs, and yell “mummyyyyyyyyy”
  • Whenever I had a fight with my elder sister, than mum always takes my side and father always takes didi’s (sister) side.
  • My sisters always takes care of my shopping and still I take their guidance in nitty gritty of things.
  • Once in my school days when I was in 4th or 5th class, on of the my senior had a crush on me (may be I am exaggerating a little 😜 ), but when I told my sister about it (how innocent I was 😁), she just went there and thrashed her and said “He is my brother, agar usko phir se dekha to aakhen nikal lungi” (he is my brother, if you see him again, I will take your eyes) but I still regret this why I had told her as the girl was beautiful 😜.
  • Once I had a huge fight with one of my sister, and I complained this to my father, what father told me was a lesson of a lifetime to me. He told : “Anshul, you are lucky that you have these moments, cherish it, ask to those persons, who do not have sisters”. Rightly said Papa.

Well this is it, want to finish this blog, as my wife already screaming on me, so that she can tie the beautiful “Rakhi” on my hand, which is send by my beautiful sisters.

My whole extended family celebrating Rakhi together.

Dr. Anshul


3 thoughts on “Rakhi.

  1. Cute blog šŸ˜€ ….. bt tell me whc one ur tat sis wd whom u used to fight with nd had scold ur fantasy. …. šŸ˜›


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