A Story Yet Unwritten…

Always wanted to share a story of a boy and a girl,who were my classmates in school and who were destined to be with each other in many ways, but still had so many problems in their path which they have to rectify before being with each other.

Story starts with helping each other during their school’s annual function. They comes in contact through the “tuning fork” as the girl wanted from the boy to purchase it from the market as it was near his home and this help was the first step in their love.

After this tuning fork episode, they started to see other whenever possible with any silly reason, it may be to borrow pen from her (among the 50+ student) or to borrow the maths copy from him (even if he was the worst student ever in maths).

Even in the age of mobiles, they wrote letters to each other, which they pass to each other by hiding beneath the book covers (so intelligent !!).

Than finally the time come when he had to leave the school for his medical studies, and she was in a bad condition as she was feeling too lonely to spend time without him.

But still their love grows even after his selection in Medical School.

But in all these positive things, they still had strong oppose from their families.

But they were still with each other, meeting in secret places, communicate secretly, wants to be with each other in any ways, but still families were not in their support…

So what they did to remain with each other ??

What their families did against their wishes ??

Still not know, as there are still some stories that are not being told..

Dr. Anshul

β€˜This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.’


6 thoughts on “A Story Yet Unwritten…

  1. Love can be secured in spite of several boundaries… They should go for it considering life as a mixture of sweet n bitter….


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