How Mentality driven our Life and Society ?

Taapsee Pannu Pink
Taapsee Pannu in a court scene in Pink

This is how a powerful female looks like when her acts are misinterpreted…

This thought just emerged into my mind as I am watching the movie PINK in an Inox theatre in the city of joy, Kolkata, from where the director of this film Shoojit Sircar belongs.

At present writing this small piece in the interval time of this movie, and sharing with you some of the questions which come into my mind..

Q1. When girls become extrovert than why they are considered to be without morals ? They think to express yourself just like boys is crime.

Q2. When they come late in the night, then why we think that they have affairs or are characterless ? They suppose girls do not want to enjoy at nights.

Q3. Why we think like this : “kyuki tum log ladkiyan ho, to kyu ulagh rahi ho ladko se, door raho” (because you are girls, why you are involving with boys, stay away) Why gender comes in between everything.

Q4. Why most of us thinking that the girls talking to boys with a sweet smile, or have a casual or informal conversation, are interested in them in ‘that way’ and not the normal way ? Can’t boys and girls just be friends ?

Q5. Although I am not a drinker, but I have mostly seen that why most of the people think that the “sanskari/cultured” girls do not drink and only the bad girls do ? Drinking alcohol is not the criteria of moralness.

These are some of the questions which come in my mind while watching movie PINK.

What your’s take on this, give me your answers of the above questions.

I want to spread the good words and want to end all assumptions because I really hate them, and want that other’s should not be harmed because of that.

Well stay tuned for the next blog which will be the complete review of this movie, as this movie shows the serious sensible way of expressing important issue.

Dr. Anshul

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11 thoughts on “How Mentality driven our Life and Society ?

  1. More people need to read this and answer these questions. Glad to see you feel this way. I am tired of fighting and fighting and trying to get people to give up their old mindsets.

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  2. Deep rooted patriarchy… And a society where even media and movies promote ideas about women who needs to be shaant sushil and sunder. I watch a lot of 90s movies these days and it makes me cringe. If you hear the dialogues you will realize how theimage character of a woman is based on her attire and habits. I need to wwatch this movie.

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  3. It is all the patriarchal pattern that we are trained to, that makes one think so. I watched the movie yesterday and exactly felt the same way. need a social change, it will take time, as parents- patience is on call because it is going to be a trial and error evolution for our girls till they find the right solution.


  4. Well I watched this movie yesterday only and it moved me to the core! We desperately need a positive change to make things better in this country.


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