My Reflections : Endurance.

Exhausted, Extended, Exploited..

But still my body wanted to lasted..

But my body knows his patients wanted to get cured..

So my body keeps running, so that it can help to make their patient’s body running..

Hope these are thoughts that may have come into the Doctor’s mind, who keep doing night duties, even when he exhausted all of his energy, starving, but still perform his job, because he is suppose to..

Dr. Anshul

Taking part in Blogchatter‘s #Dailychatter campaing in this october.

4 thoughts on “My Reflections : Endurance.

  1. I seriously hate doing night duties.I hated it during internship,more during PG?I hate it even more now.
    It just makes me very anxious.
    Totally understand your emotions.That’s the why we do what we do.
    It’s not money ,fame or anything glamorous. It’s a calling.Even when your mind and body is breaking you manage to stand up because someone needs you more.
    Sorry for the rant.
    Night duties are my pet peeve😢

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  2. My cousin is a doctor and I know how difficult it is to do extended shifts and night duties. I was MIA these days. But now I’m back from my vacation and I intend to read all the posts.


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