My Reflections : Reading.

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Once mom says while we were going somewhere in our jeep, “Anshul, read what is written on that billboard”, with a bad face I started reading Majboot daton ke liye Dabur laal dant manjan” … 
But still as a child I don’t understood why she had done that…

Once again when we had visited my relatives, there again she showed me some billboard, and I compelled to read again about the advertisents of coaching institute.

But after some time I had observed that even without my mumma’s pressure, I had started reading billboards whenever I observed them.

As my father was also a avid reader of newspapers, so every morning whenever I go to meet my father, he always surrounded by so many newspapers, which includes almost all the top newspapers of Bhopal.

Because of this, the habit of reading newspapers also comes into my system just by observing my dad.

From that point, my reading habit shoots like anything, starting from reading billboards and newspapers to reading books of chetan bhagat, ravinder singh, durjoy dutta, autobiographies of legends to reading about new skill.

Now after becoming a Doctor, I have to read each and every time 😜

Reading opens a totally different world for me, a new way of thinking and attitude and make me a better and responsible person.

And yes, reading makes me a blogger too πŸ™‚

Just one advice to you all, read something each day, even for 15-20 mins, and you will see a totally different person in yourself over a time.

Reading 15-20 mins/day. Image :

Dr. Anshul

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15 thoughts on “My Reflections : Reading.

  1. I read everything everywhere.I can read while walking on a treadmill at the railway station,bus train ,anywhere.
    The ebook vs real book is a weird battle I feel .I juat love words and reading.
    Everything I am ,is because I can’t stop reading.
    Nowadays I read faces and body language too.My hubby thinks I have lost itπŸ˜‚.
    Your posts makes me ramble.
    Great one


    1. I am confused in this Mayura, please clear my doubt.
      Me also thinking the same, but I also oberved that although people do not read the proper books, but nowadays people do read a lot of articles sort of things.
      What your opinion on this ???

      Liked by 1 person

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