My Reflections : Bhutan and Buddhism.

Its my third day in Bhutan, and I have observed so many things about the land and about the Buddhism. 

As I have seen some the same practices in Gangtok (capital of Indian state of Sikkim), which I have seen in Bhutan, and both of these places are Buddhist dominated.

Want to share some of my observations, I may be wrong, please correct me where ever required.

  1. Buddhism is mainly dominated in hilly areas, which connects it with the nature and its elements.
  2. There is so much importance of colours in Buddhism.
  3. They put small flags mainly in open places that are situated at hights, where air flow easily. 
    Prayer Flags. Image : wikipedia
  4. They even put emphasis on architecture of their homes and monastries.

These are some of my major observations, will share my whole trip of Bhutan soon with you all.

Some of my recent pictures from Thimphu and Paro cities of Bhutan..

View from Paro Dzong.
Tango University, Thimphu, Bhutan. This is view which comes after 40 mins hike.
Thimphu Dzong, main administrative place where government offices and monastery both are situated.

I am participating in Blogchatter dailychatter challenge.


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