Bhutan Diary : My Question to you ?

This is the view after doing trekking for approx 3 kms to Tango Buddhist University in Thimphu. Image : my camera.

Just returned from Bhutan trip on this Puja vacations, and I experianced this beautiful country from so many ways and most of my experiances were good in this Land of Thunder Dragon.
But I have observed some good rules and wonderful practices which I don’t see in my country India.

Some of the good practices in Bhutan are :

  • People have an awesome sence of cleanliness, you will see how much they use their dustbins (however the people of Sikkim in India are more concerned about cleanliness, which shares its border with Bhutan)
  • If you cross the road by using the zebra crossing, or even when zebra crossing is not there, than also the cars stops almost 20 metres before as if they give preferenace to your safety first than anything else.
  • They park their vehicles only in designated parking slot, and have a fear of traffic police, which makes their road congestion free.
  • They return or take money with their both hands and along with a sweet smile.
  • When you talk to them or ask for any help, they would reply you very softly, and you get the feeling that they really want to help you.
  • They have a sence of attachment to the nature, while doing trekking to Taktsang Monestery, one of the tourists was about to throw the plastic water bottle into the trees as she was handling so many things with her both hands and wants to decrease some stuff, but out of the blue one of the local citizen came and said that instead of throwing bottle into the trees, you just gave it to me, I will handle this !! Have you seen this any where else ??

So my simple question to you all is that, For all these awesome practices, only the government is responsible by making strict rules and implement them, or the citizens of that country are highly responsible for maintaining their own country, like Bhutanese do ???

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13 thoughts on “Bhutan Diary : My Question to you ?

    1. We can simply do all these things just by reminding our self again and again.
      I have stopped throwing waste on roads, if I eat biscuits and not able to find any dustbin than I simply put that packet in my pocket and throw where ever I find dustbin.


  1. I’ll go for citizens. A country is simply its people. Even the government of a country is made of the people who too are citizens of that country itself and not some other’s. I personally have always felt the tug of war and blame game between the citizens vs government too be a bit ludicrous because there are no two teams. Just one. And its the people as a whole.


  2. I visited Bhutan in May 2014 and came away as impressed as you are.
    Citizens make up the country and government and it’s high time each of us take up our responsibility seriously and work towards bettering our place, surroundings, city and country, rather than blaming the government.


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