Letter to my 16yr Old..

This is always the crucial age where major transformation occurs in once life.. Image : wikihow.com

Hello Anshul, the 16th,

I know you had enjoyed your sweet 16 age very much, and had done a lot of things, some of which you were proud of and some of which you may want to never occur.

You were at 10th standard at that time, and after having the glorious 9th standard, which was your turning point, you were at your heights in studies and also in co-curricular activities.

I still remember how Papa said to you when you visited him to your shop on your birthday that “This is your sweet 16 age”, in a teasing manner, and you was blushing.

However it was indeed that age when you were transforming from the phase, which was still immature and still want to open more, to that phase, which was supposed to have full maturity along with full responsibility of yourself, in short, you were in a transition phase, where the chances of unthinkable event to occur was very much.

And it do occured with you, which changes your future, in a very profound way, they were :

  1. Had a bad time when you and your close friends, were caught while bunking the school on festival day.
  2. Second event was more profound as You had committed yourself in a relationship, which is still going on, where you are playing a part of a good husband πŸ™‚

These two things really affected you and your character.

One more event I remember, which you still boasts about that how you barely manage to pass in MATHS Subject 10th board with the passing marks, and you and your partner still fights, who had got more marks in Maths, as both of you were dumb in Maths and both were on the dangerous line.. lol..

But I still remember, you were the Vice Captain of your House Nagarjuna, and you were so much passionate about winning the compititions for yourself and for your house. I can still recall the event when you were teaching the KG children how to recite the poems in compitition with so much efforts, and even teaching them the body language with their recitation, and I must admit that was still inspiration for me.

One last thing I remember that you had started thinking about your future as Doctor, and started telling others that you would definitely become a Doctor, and the good thing is you have achieved that πŸ™‚

Thank you my 16th year for the valuable experiance you have given me…

Your’s only..

Dr. Anshul, the 28th.

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