What a Day it was..

See the Spark in their Eyes.. Image : hdwallpapernew.in

What happened when you received the YES answer to your once in a lifetime asked question”, and that question was a part of a statement… I love you Suhan, do you love me… 
But when Adi received the yes answer of his question after 4 days, he has gone mad, and was smiling for the whole day and the whole family was confused what happened to their son.

Adi and Suhan, after starting their new relationship, starts exchanging smiles and watching each other through the corner of their eyes in college, but not openly talking to each other with the fear of people’s gossip.

Then there comes a day when they had decided to meet with each other after one month of their relationship with the help of common friends who were also in relationship.

The boy had the two wheeler in home, but unfortunately it was busy with his father, so he had to borrow the bike from the same friend who had arranged their meeting.

Finally four of them meet at one of the famous restaurant in their city, and after observing Adi, Suhan and their hesitation, in front of them, their friends decided to leave them for some time.

Than finally they had started to talk to each other, while the Adi’s face was shining with a cute smile on his face but on the other side Suhan was blushing like Roses.

Over time, they talked a lot more from family to personal things, from hobbies to films, while in between Adi tried to touch Suhan’s hand, but before he could do anything she had sensed that and retracted her hand and the dissappointment was clearly visible on Adi’s face, but after some time for the Adi’s surprise, he had sensed the most beautiful touch on his hand.

Finally their friends arrived as it was the time to go home, and both the new love birds were dissapointed, but as the meeting’s end came close, Adi reflexly touched his lips to her cheeks.

With smiles on their faces, they say good bye to each other with the promise to meet again shortly…

In the night when she called him, the first sentance he said, what a day it was… totally awesome, totaly memorable and totally lovable, because of you my love… 💖

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Dr. Anshul

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