Idol of millions..

I was just having a look on my timeline at Twitter.
I observed that my hero Sachin Tendulkar was trending there in the top 20 list.

Which leads to so many memories comes up in my mind related to my small obsession with my hero.

Here are some of them :

  • I still remember I left everything when Sachin was on the crease.
  • When India bats second, I always get disappointed because then I had to wait for extra three hours to see my hero batting.
  • We played with local bats made up of wood, and I always stick MRF sticker on the front of my bat only to mimic Sachin’s bat.
  • If anyone said awful about Sachin, then I get annoyed, and this tactic was used especially by my father and uncle. They purposely said something bad about Sachin only to tease me 😉
  • I always took Sachin type of Stance whenever I went to bat.
  • Always try to play straight shots as Sachin does.
  • And when Sachin got out early in the innings, then for me, the entire match was a waste. I still remember in 2003 world cup final, how I abandoned the complete match after Sachin dismissed early.
  • I practice in my room with Sachin’s picture in front of me.
  • I too have cried when Sachin announced his retirement.
  • And I have just finished reading Sachin’s autobiography 🙂

    May be these are the little things for others and may have done by thousands of other Sachin’s fan, but still these were the lovely moments for me to cherish always…

    Dr. Anshul

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