Writeaholics : What’s this ?

In the month of May 2016, I was reading about a blogger in Bangladesh who was killed, only because he had raised his voice about some malpractices in the country through his blog.

I was shocked and was thinking how a single blogger can influence the people and the country, and because of that I started thinking about to begin blogging.

I usually voice my opinions through facebook posts, so I decided to try blogging also.

By chance, I came to know about BlogChatter through some facebook comment, and then because of them, I joined Twitter and started following them.

In a few month’s time, I transform from a non-blogger to a person who can say at least that he can be a good blogger in the future. This confidence comes from the BlogChatter, and from the awesome bloggers to whom I met through BlogChatter.

BlogChatter forms such a beautiful community where anyone is ready to help you, and by using this concept of “helping and growing,” BlogChatter comes up with a new campaign where there will be a group of 6-8 bloggers, who will be with each other for some months, and help each other to become a better blogger, and that campaign is called BlogBuddy.

Here you not only become a better blogger, but also make relations, which is more valuable and cherishing.
I too is a part of this campaign with six other awesome bloggers, and now I have the privilege to introduce them to you all:

  1. Anindya : Just visit his site and if you have good knowledge of India, you can judge his native place, and that is Kolkata, because his site is full of ‘beautiful and creative’ food items along with the ‘masala’ of traveling. You can visit his site: pikturenama.com
  2. Shinjini aka modern gypsy : She is multitalented, from blogging to master in Art journaling to Tarot Card reader (How can she do all that), and yes available for help any time. You can visit her site : moderngypsy.in
  3. Saumy : He is one of my first friends on twitter, who helps me to improve my site and face my illogical questions, and we also share the strong connection of our home city Bhopal. He is an IT engineer by profession and but do excellent photography and poetry as well. You can visit his site : saumynagayach.blogspot.in
  4. Menaka : After a long time, I came across a person, who is so much passionate about natural and organic things, and she is young. Why I mentioned this because people have the perception that natural things only prefer by older generation. So for all natural organic products for children and moms, you can visit her site : SimpleIndianMom.com
  5. Dixita : She is the energetic girl of our group. You just observe how she twists her words and can make poetry from anything. You can visit her blog : hillstationreader.com
  6. Saurabh : Just see his poetry, you cannot believe how much explanatory they are. You can visit his site : hiphopisforever.blogspot.in

We all just started making bonding with each other from last 1 week, and I found it interesting to work with these experienced bloggers. Because of all these awesome things I can say at the end of this campaign, I will be a better blogger πŸ™‚

I am a BlogBuddy with BlogChatter.

Dr. Anshul


3 thoughts on “Writeaholics : What’s this ?

  1. So good to hear that you have evolved as a blogger in such a short span of time. There is a lot in store for all of us to learn from each other. So, tie up your shoes and let’s travel this wonderful journey together. Best wishes! πŸ™‚


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