What a day it was.. Part 2

After their first meeting in the restaurant with a little bit of romanticness, they were in awe with each other.

Always trying to create the chances to meet with each other, even trying to meet their eyes whenever they happen to pass one another.

Time was beautiful for them, even in current situation, they share their true feelings for each other through letters, and talks formally on whatsapp because of the fear of hijacking Suhan’s mobile.

They innovate a great medium of exchanging their letters… they kept their letter in between the cover (book cover) and the book, and give their book to each other. Isn’t it awesome ?

They do communicate a lot through phone, but Adi calls her through STD, and she talked to him through her mobile but immediately deleted his name in call logs 😉

They do visit outside of college during evening time, and spend a lot of time with each other with hands in hands and eyes in eyes, with the thought that this meeting never ends…

What are the different places they visit after they meet with each other, and how one of the meetings poses a lot of dangers to them, check out in my next blog..

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Dr. Anshul

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