What a Day it was.. Part 3

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On one particular day both Adi and Suhan had decided to meet during the evening on the outskirts of the city, and it was decided that Adi would pick up Suhan outside of her coaching centre as Suhan was going to bunk her coaching class only to spend time with her newly found love.

All the things were going as per planned, and Adi was there right on time in front of her coaching centre, wearing dark blue denim jeans with a purple T-shirt and a cute smile on his face, while Suhan was a little bit late, but was looking quite beautiful in her light pink suit with small dark pink earrings and her hairs were carefully arranged, as if she had taken all her time to dress herself properly, and why not, as she was going to meet Adi 🙂

Finally, their journey started on Adi’s bike, initially they had tried to maintain the gap between them on his bike, but as expected, the distance between them vanished when Adi tried to put the brake (may be unnecessarily :p ) when there was a speed braker and Suhan didn’t try to move back 😉

Finally, they had reached the small lake on the outskirts of the city, both of them found the place to sit.

Their conversations were ranging from families to college to friends and finally about relationship. They had found that their thinking was very much similar to each other.

As the conversations were on a full swing with their hand in hand, Suhan’s mobile started ringing, and it was none other than her mother’s phone.

She checked the time, and she was already 30 minutes late as compare with the time she generally reached to her house, but to be late was not her concern.

Her concern was that her mother was going to pick her from her coaching, because she was going somewhere in the same route, and by hearing this Suhan becomes afraid and started panicking.

While Adi with his cool and calm nature, did not panic, instead he started his bike and was riding in his full capacity so that he could drop her at the coaching centre before her mom could come. While Suhan sitting upon the pillion seat was not saying anything, she was just afraid to face the unthinkable situation.

Will Adi become successful to drop Suhan on time ? Will the unthinkable happen ? Will they survive ?? Read on my next post…

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Dr. Anshul

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