That Happy Moment..

Lake side we share all..

Let me tell you a love story that looks simple but still complicated, but with a happy ending..

We were in love since 12 years, or I should say since school days..

Sitting close to each other in school, giving smiles whenever possible, tried to look at each other whenever possible..

In college days, though we were in different colleges, but still we were dating so many times per week, even if for 5mins on the same famous spot of our city, that is lake side…..

Though our families were friends, but still were against our marriage..

However, I persist, tried to convince them as much as possible by me, but when almost I was about to give up, her’s family become ready for marriage, still I don’t know how ??

And we cherished that happy moment on the same lake side after our marriage..

Participating in #FridayFotoFiction


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