Why I am in love with “this”…

I take on the baton of blog love from Dixita Mour, and sharing my love in front of you all, here it goes…

Love that has meaning… photo: freepik.com

When I was in awe to see how others are doing it, I turned my interest towards it…
When I observed how this thing can influence other’s ideas and opinion, I started making my mind to do it…

When I observed how this medium can spread awareness, I started asking questions about its Pros and Cons…

When I observed how this medium of spreading awareness can affect the extremists or terrorists, that these morons can go for any length to destroy this medium, even by killing people, then I made up my mind to propagate this medium…

When I observed that this medium was also a very good tool for making community and new friends, I started liking it…

And when I observed that I had the capability to write, can express myself and when other’s get benefited from my words, then I fall in love with Blogging…

This love is not new, you can judge my love, by hearing this that this is the 99th blog…. and for me, this love will continue for eternity….

And I want to thank blogchatter for helping me in this journey of blogging, without it, I would not be in this stage so early, thank you master for everything…

With this, I pass on the baton of blog love to Menaka.

Happy Valentine’s Day

Dr. Anshul

This is part 2 of Valentine Day’s special blogs, read Part 1 here.


20 thoughts on “Why I am in love with “this”…

  1. CONGRATS on reaching your 100th post in advance. You’re blog is beyond amazing, it’s almost like wow, how did he become so great so quickly ;]. Thanks for sharing and Realistically relatable content.


  2. Wow! Just one more to go for a spectacular century. Great Doc sahab. šŸ™‚
    That will be a huge milestone. I’m in my nineties too but am not posting regularly so don’t know when is it going to reach the triple figures. Well, I hope you make double,triple,quadruple and many more centuries soon. All the very best! šŸ™‚


  3. Indeed Blog is the reflection of incredible thoughts and personality, where we share our experience and knowledge and Meeting different minds and getting support what called #Bloglove Best wishes for you blog.


  4. THE most practical post on the theme so far. I read mushy stuff and to be honest I wrote some mushy stuff too. But your post is ideally what every new blogger trying to understand ‘why we blog’ in the truest form should read.
    Understanding the medium , exploring its power and giving that shape through your 99 posts – what a journey . Wish you many more posts and Blog Love till eternity šŸ™‚


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