Raees : Koi “Dhanda” chota nahi hota…

I truly believe in this dialogue…

At present, Raees is on a roll, because of Shahrukh (obviously) , his acting, his robinhood role, and most importantly his stylish daring dialogues.

Every social media is full of his photos with witty dialogues, and few days back I was going through one article, when the above picture come in front of me, and suddenly so many “dhanda” or jobs come into my mind, which we consider so small and insignificant, that we even consider them inferior and also the people doing those jobs. 

But we do not realize that how important they are for us and for our community, that if they would not have been there, then there would be a big chaos, and I will give you examples of that.

Few jobs with which I do come regularly in contact and I consider them important, they are :

Sister taking care of Old woman. Image : kolkatanursing.com

1) Nursing Sister/Brother :
One of the most unthankful job, I have ever seen in my medical career till now is this. They (sisters and also brothers) are always a sandwich between the Doctor’s and patient or patient’s relatives bad behavior. I have even written about them before also, because I always feel bad when my seniors and I must admit that sometimes myself also become angry on them without any reason, but still they take it all without saying anything. And you know, why they are important, because they take care of patient in every possible way, they feed them, clean them, giving them drugs regularly, and sometimes they have to clean their vomit and even have to assist in their defecation and urination, and still they smile and do this gracious job with all their heart. A BIG THANK YOU to all them. Grateful.

    Housekeeping staff. Protector of our surroundings..

    2) Housekeeping Staff : 

    In Indian Society, this is one of the job, which is always considered inferior and also the people attached to them are considered as lower caste, but after working in a corporate hospital, I realised their true importance, how their work even affects the outcome of a patient in view of spreading of infection. Just compare yourself to work in a clean surroundings versus in a unhygienic surroundings, it will definitely affect our productivity also.

    Kolkata Traffic Police : A very hectic job..

    3) Traffic Police :

    I honestly admit that being from the tier-2 city of India, we never see the traffic police as important as state police, but when I came to Kolkata (metro city in India) I realized the power and importance of traffic police. How they are responsible for smooth run of vehicles. If we think on a broader perspective, they are not only responsible for maintaining traffic and prevent congestion, but they are also responsible for saving the life of a traumatized patient because they reach a hospital on time, they are responsible for our timely arrival on airports and railway stations and also save us from our girlfriend’s taunts because we manage to reach on time for our romantic date. Few weeks back, after looking at the efficiency of maintaining traffic in Kolkata’s streets, I said “Thank You” to one of the traffic police officer, who was supervising tarffic at Victoria Memorial.

    Customer care excutive : always there for you with smile…

    4) Customer Care executives :
    Just tell me how would you feel if there is someone in the outer world who is always ready to help you 24 x 7 x 365, that too with a smile. Yes, they are customer care executives, who always help us when we approach them with our problems. So I request you, next time when you are requested to wait for some time, then please don’t show your anger on executives, because they are there to help you, not for venting out your anger.

          Here are some of the jobs which I like, and always ready to say Thanks to the persons, who are doing them.

          So don’t judge the person by their job, instead judge the person by the value they are giving to the society…

          Have you also experianced the same feeling to perticular jobs in your surroundings, if yes then please share with me.

          Dr. Anshul

          Happiness from Within..

          It’s depends on us how to be happy…

          Happiness…. isn’t it a unique word, which you may have been hear almost everyday, and more in today’s world.
          From leadership gurus to spiritual gurus, from various articles on net to late night friend’s gossip, almost everyone in present scenario is possessed by this word.

          However, whenever I thought about this, one story always pops up in my mind. The story of a farmer who had been told that there was an unlimited amount of gold beneath the earth, so he keeps on digging the land in all over the world, but couldn’t find it, and because of sadness of not having gold, he died. However, when others had tried to dig the farmer’s land, there they had found the unlimited gold. So the lesson was farmer searched for gold everywhere but not his own land, which is always with him, but the problem was he never thought, or he never considered his own land worthful enough to produce gold, and that’s why he searched everywhere but not his own.

          And that’s the scenario in today’s world. Everyone not considered their inner self capable enough to produce happiness, so that they search their happiness in other’s teachings, other’s philosophies, other’s opinions, other’s practices, but they forgot that they have their inner soul, which is the purest source of happiness, the only thing which we have to do is identify how to practice that happiness.

          I am lucky enough to have that happiness, even if I am alone with no source of entertainment, and all credit goes to my family’s spiritual environment.

          Some people say I always have smile on my face (even if I am not smiling), some say I always radiate energy. All these features may be due to the happiness which I feel from my inner self.

          This feeling of happiness is very subjective thing, some of you may agree with my opinion, some may ridicule me, but I would say one thing that whenever you start to feel that happiness from your inner self than you will realize what the mojo of being always happy πŸ™‚

          Dr. Anshul

          The Art of Happiness..

          Whenever there is a discussion about happiness, there will be 1000 types of definitions of it by 1000 types of different people, because happiness is really a subjective thing as everyone derives their happiness from different things, which can’t be categorized.
          And my definition is also one of that 1000 types, but a little bit simple, which in my opinion, can be applied by anyone πŸ™‚

          I derive happiness from following things:

          • To listen some energetic song in a full volume just after I got up in the morning, it awakens my hidden energy.
          • To meet everyone in my hospital with a broad smile on my face and wishing them Good Morning in a loud voice (I do receive a lot of compliments for my ‘sweet smile’ 😜).
          • To ping my colleagues in between the work for fun, when either mine or there energy level is low.
          • To go for long drives without any destination, without any purpose.
          • To read books for the whole day on my couch.
          • And most importantly, when I am able to make others smile, or when I am able to help others, and able to solve their problems, then that was the biggest happy moment for me. I always want to do this act for my whole life. Really…
          • Oh yes, one more thing, when I am able to bring a smile on my Amma’s (Grand Mother) face, then I feel immense pleasure, because I always wanted to repay my elders (if I can in my lifetime) whatever I can, in whatsoever potential.

          These are the important things, which makes me happy and helps me to make others happy.

          Happiness is an important pursuit, and everyone should strive for it because everything we do in this world is only for the sake of happiness.

          At the end of the day, when we go to our bed, we only want a peaceful mind and a smiling face, and what else ?

          Dr. Anshul

          To be happy depends on us..

          1st Year MBBS : My fear, My fight..

          1st year-MBBS-doctor-persevere-fear-fight-mental-strength-college-competitive-dhoni
          You always comes out to be stronger, once you fight with your fear..

          “I have been told that you will pass the first year of MBBS, only by studying in the last two months just before the final exams, and I had believed on this statement seriously, and that was my biggest mistake in my whole MBBS life…”
          Yes, this is my story, of how I had taken things too lightly, only because of my mistake, and how I had tried to rectify my mistake, by fighting against my fears, by fighting against mental stress and with the help of my close friends.

          Whenever any student who wants to become a Doctor, after long hours of study and after passing the tough competitive exams, gets his goal of entering into medical college, than he or she is expected to have euphoria in their initial days, and same was the case with me (but the only difference was that, it stretched too long).

          Initial days was full of fun, plus fear of seniors and ragging, new friends, new instruments, learning new things, doing dissection of a human body was altogether a different experience, and I was enjoying every bit of it.

          Some of my seniors regularly told me that don’t take tension about studies, you can be easily passed by doing studies in last few months. I trust them and was in the opinion that nobody studies in their first year.

          However, as the end of 1st year was coming near, I could realize that my knowledge was inferior as compare to my counterparts, and no one takes my opinion, whenever there was a discussion about studies, but still I thought all these were normal and no need to worry as exams were not near.

          But, as the exam’s date announced, I came to the conclusion that I haven’t read at least 70-80% of the syllabus, and I was in a deep trouble.

          My friends who were the toppers of my class, they support me, provide me everything that was necessary for the exams.

          But the main battle was to fight against the extreme pressure, that was building in my mind as I had to read the vast amount of syllabus.

          But you know, when you are under extreme pressure, then from somewhere, the ray of hope did come, if you persevere in your efforts to achieve your goal, and the same thing happened with me.

          Even after having the extreme pressure, I just keep repeating the words to myself that “Anshul, keep studying, give your 100%, something good will definitely happen.”

          And yes, the good did happen with me. I passed my first year, with 60% marks (that is considered average, as highest goes till approx 75% ).

          In my journey of first year, where anything can happen, one of my very good friend, helped me a lot, she was there with me in every bad and good times, and my passing of first year was dedicated to her.

          My lesson after 1 st year was that :

          1. Don’t listen to others, if you realize that they are wrong.
          2. If you are in adverse situation, most important thing is to have a cool and calm mind, just remember, Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni.
          3. Friends are valuable, respect them, as if they have helped you in adverse situation, never forget them.
          4. Persevere, persevere, persevere…

          Dr . Anshul

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          Wanted : Your 1 Thought and 1 Second.

          Think how this droplet and bulb related to each other.. Image : rainharvest.co.za

          You might be thinking giving one thought and one second to someone is a minute thing, you can happily give to anyone without any problem (I assume so).
          I want your 1 thought and 1 second only for the tiniest thing in this world, which you can do with your left hand, but in return of your this tiniest effort you can earn a lot,which may not be visible to you or anyone but it do reflects in this world.

          I just want your 1 Thought and 1 Second mainly for two things :

          1. To close the water tap, when not in use, and,
          2. To switch off the light, when not in use.

          You might be thinking how stupid I am to write about this topic and wasting your time. You may be right in thinking like this because you are fortunate enough to have both of these things in ample amount and you may have observed that even in your surroundings everyone has that.

          But I would advise you just travel outside in suburban areas and villages, where they crave for both of the above things, because they do not have this in ample amount like you.

          Secondly you may be thinking that it’s not your responsibilty to think about them, as you already have more important things to think about. But do trust me when all the population start thinking like this, than the harmful effects will surely reflects to you also.

          Thirdly, you may think that it is government’s responsibilty to do these things, and yes it is. But on a ground level, your tiniest effort also required to bring out the change.

          Why I said 1 thought and 1 second, because I have observed that closing the running tap and switch off the lights when not in use, does not require effort, it only requires the mentality or attitude to do that, and once you form that attitude than you would start doing these two things effortlessly as if they are a part of your nature.

          And when others start seeing you doing these good efforts, than most probably they will also start doing the same thing and that is how the goodness spreads πŸ™‚

          Keep Calm… Image : keepcalm-o-matic.co.uk

          Dr. Anshul

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          My Reflections : Endurance.

          Exhausted, Extended, Exploited..

          But still my body wanted to lasted..

          But my body knows his patients wanted to get cured..

          So my body keeps running, so that it can help to make their patient’s body running..

          Hope these are thoughts that may have come into the Doctor’s mind, who keep doing night duties, even when he exhausted all of his energy, starving, but still perform his job, because he is suppose to..

          Dr. Anshul

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          How Mentality driven our Life and Society ?

          Taapsee Pannu Pink
          Taapsee Pannu in a court scene in Pink

          This is how a powerful female looks like when her acts are misinterpreted…

          This thought just emerged into my mind as I am watching the movie PINK in an Inox theatre in the city of joy, Kolkata, from where the director of this film Shoojit Sircar belongs.

          At present writing this small piece in the interval time of this movie, and sharing with you some of the questions which come into my mind..

          Q1. When girls become extrovert than why they are considered to be without morals ? They think to express yourself just like boys is crime.

          Q2. When they come late in the night, then why we think that they have affairs or are characterless ? They suppose girls do not want to enjoy at nights.

          Q3. Why we think like this : “kyuki tum log ladkiyan ho, to kyu ulagh rahi ho ladko se, door raho” (because you are girls, why you are involving with boys, stay away) Why gender comes in between everything.

          Q4. Why most of us thinking that the girls talking to boys with a sweet smile, or have a casual or informal conversation, are interested in them in ‘that way’ and not the normal way ? Can’t boys and girls just be friends ?

          Q5. Although I am not a drinker, but I have mostly seen that why most of the people think that the “sanskari/cultured” girls do not drink and only the bad girls do ? Drinking alcohol is not the criteria of moralness.

          These are some of the questions which come in my mind while watching movie PINK.

          What your’s take on this, give me your answers of the above questions.

          I want to spread the good words and want to end all assumptions because I really hate them, and want that other’s should not be harmed because of that.

          Well stay tuned for the next blog which will be the complete review of this movie, as this movie shows the serious sensible way of expressing important issue.

          Dr. Anshul

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          Do Man suppose to know about Mentrual Period, or Do female feels shame about their #PeriodPride ???

          Well the answer of both the above questions is YES.

          India is a very vast country, so many different cultures, different people, different way of living, but one thing is common in all of them is their MYTHS about Menstrual Period, and overtime these myths becomes their Beliefs.
          Common Myths :

          1. During menstruation, female’s body becomes impure, and that’s why she is not allowed to sit in common places, or on sofa. She will sit separately, or with mats over the beds.
          2. She is not suppose to use the same bed where his husband would sleep, or indirectly she is not suppose to have sex with the husband.
          3. She will not enter into the kitchen, or cook food, as she is impure.
          4. Not wash her hair for 4-5 days.
          5. She will not able to visit temples, or even can not remember god or recite God’s names.

          These are collection of so many myths which I have seen in my surroundings, and I am sure you have also experienced the same things.

          For breaking these myths, first of all, we have to understand the mechanism of menstrual cycle.

          What is Menstrual Cycle ?

          It is the regular natural change that occurs in a female reproductive system (specifically the uterus and ovaries) that makes pregnancy possible. (source : wikipedia)

          • It is normally 28 days duration, but may vary from 22 days to 35 days.
          • First 5 days : Menses / Bleeding Phase
          • Next 10-12 days : Prolifrative Phase, where female hormones start developing the inner lining of uterus.
          • Next 10-12 days : Secretory Phase, where again the females hormones developes further the inner lining of uterus, so that it becomes suitable to receive fertilized ovum. And when it does not receive that, than after approx 28 days, this thin membrane breaks, and all the blood and blood vessels in it breaks, and comes out of the female body, in the form of menstrual bleeding.

          See is there any bad thing or inferior thing associated, it just the normal physiology of females, but our society makes it as a Taboo

          So the Answer of the above Myths are :

          1. She is as pure as Male, she can sit anywhere, can eat with anyone, as long as she can maintain her personal hygiene.
          2. If the couple is comfortable doing intercoarse during menstruation, than they can, no problem in that medically.
          3. As I say above, she is not impure because of her periods. Even Men can become impure physically if they do not take bath for days (which most man do 😜).
          4. She can wash anytime as per her wish.
          5. She can, as Gods can’t discriminate on the basis of periods, but Man can discriminate.

            See how simply the myths can be broken, if we want to, as any cultural belief wants a strong desire to break itself.

            Now next question comes, 

            How Man can play his role in this ?

            At present Indian society is Male dominant society, and most of the rules made by him as well as forcely implemented by him.

            So he is the one, who can encourage the ones in his surroundings to break these myths and come out of it, as this not only helps for the females, but on a bigger perspective will help our society and our country to become more healthy and prosperous.

            Dr. Anshul

            #PeriodPride is a Initiative by Naari. I am participating in a compitition, which tends to raise awareness about the monthly periods of females. You can read more about this here.

            I am still Learning…

            Why there is something always in my mind to do..

            Why there is always something which catches my attention and I wants to know about it..

            Why I always peeped in other’s conversation, when they talk about something new..

            Why I try to do new things with full enthusiam, even if I don’t know how to do it..

            Why I irritates my seniors by asking numerous questions, even if they are silly, even if the questions are below of my standards..

            Because I love Learning, I love to know about things which will help me to elevate my potential, which will help me to progress forward, which will help me to help others..

            Because learning is what that makes us capable to change with changing times..

            Sadness Vs Hope

            I always feel sadness, when I can see so many people around me who does not really bother about the importance of cleanliness around themselves, and they have learnt to live in a dirtyness.

            And this attitude of those persons also shows in a family or a community, where they lives.

            Even if the dustbin is around them, they not able to notice it, and throw the waste in an open surroundings.

            I deeply hurt, when I see these type of pictures in newspapers or social media or internet :

            But I  am really Hopeful to see this, and wished this type of surroundings should be present in as many places as possible :

            So I am leaving on you, which side you want to go, and make your country proud of you…

            Dr. Anshul

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            Note : All pictures are taken from internet, for the purpose of awareness.