What was I thinking ?

Thinking Big…

I still have that moment again and again, when I asked to myself that “What was I thinking ?” when I decided to come to Kolkata for my post graduation in Anaesthesiology.
As any medical student can understand my jovial mood which I had when I was selected in pre-pg exam and got a seat at Apollo Hospitals, Kolkata.

My mind at that time was full of so many thoughts, some were related to my selection, some were related to my struggle, some were philosophical, and some were related to this game called Life.

And sometimes, I was so excited and thoughtful, that there was a period when there were no thoughts, no emotions present in my mind, and I was seamlessly staring the roof while lying on my bed.

Well, honestly, I was not thinking much about the new city, Kolkata, because I was pre-occupied so much with my decision to choose DNB over MD/MS, however, my family members were all busy to assume so much about the new city, as Kolkata, in compare to Bhopal (Capital city of Madhya Pradesh State of India) is different in so many aspects.

The culture, language, weather, people, eating practices, are all so much different, as both are situated in very much different parts of India, Madhya Pradesh being in the centre of India, while the Kolkata is situated in the far eastern part of India.

But as opposed to my family member’s thinking, things here were not as per their assumptions, but so much favourable to me in most of the aspects, in terms of training in hospital or living or nature of new people, all were good and that’s when I learnt a very important lesson in life, that,

We all have a tendency to assume so many things, and most of them are negative, and because of that, we either delay our actions or cancel it…

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Happiness from Within..

It’s depends on us how to be happy…

Happiness…. isn’t it a unique word, which you may have been hear almost everyday, and more in today’s world.
From leadership gurus to spiritual gurus, from various articles on net to late night friend’s gossip, almost everyone in present scenario is possessed by this word.

However, whenever I thought about this, one story always pops up in my mind. The story of a farmer who had been told that there was an unlimited amount of gold beneath the earth, so he keeps on digging the land in all over the world, but couldn’t find it, and because of sadness of not having gold, he died. However, when others had tried to dig the farmer’s land, there they had found the unlimited gold. So the lesson was farmer searched for gold everywhere but not his own land, which is always with him, but the problem was he never thought, or he never considered his own land worthful enough to produce gold, and that’s why he searched everywhere but not his own.

And that’s the scenario in today’s world. Everyone not considered their inner self capable enough to produce happiness, so that they search their happiness in other’s teachings, other’s philosophies, other’s opinions, other’s practices, but they forgot that they have their inner soul, which is the purest source of happiness, the only thing which we have to do is identify how to practice that happiness.

I am lucky enough to have that happiness, even if I am alone with no source of entertainment, and all credit goes to my family’s spiritual environment.

Some people say I always have smile on my face (even if I am not smiling), some say I always radiate energy. All these features may be due to the happiness which I feel from my inner self.

This feeling of happiness is very subjective thing, some of you may agree with my opinion, some may ridicule me, but I would say one thing that whenever you start to feel that happiness from your inner self than you will realize what the mojo of being always happy 🙂

Dr. Anshul

My Reflections : Endurance.

Exhausted, Extended, Exploited..

But still my body wanted to lasted..

But my body knows his patients wanted to get cured..

So my body keeps running, so that it can help to make their patient’s body running..

Hope these are thoughts that may have come into the Doctor’s mind, who keep doing night duties, even when he exhausted all of his energy, starving, but still perform his job, because he is suppose to..

Dr. Anshul

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Real Happiness.

Nurse tapping on his rest room door in a rush, and he tirelessly opens up the door, little bit irritated as he barely had one and half hour sleep, before this nurse brings him back to his senses.

“What happened ? Why are you disturbing me again, is there again the usual delivery case in an emergency room ?” he asked to nurse and wondering why all the mothers have decided to give birth to their babies on his emergency duty.

She said “No sir, there is a trauma case of a young female, who lost almost whole of his lower body’s skin and muscles in a road traffic accident, and whatsoever is present, they are in patches, she is bleeding profusely and she is posted for surgery as her left leg bones are also broken”

He hurriedly runs to the emergency department for doing the “Pre-Anaesthesia Checkup” and assess her situation, given orders for preservation of blood units and inform his anaesthetic consultant about the condition of patient.

Aniket was a 2nd year Post-graduate Anaesthesia resident and was on night duty that day, he arranges all the things which he would need for anaesthetising this patient, before patient enters into the OT.

Finally the patient was entered and was operated by two surgeons, one was Orthopaedic and another one was Plastic surgeon as she also need skin dressing.

After that day, that female was a continuous visitor of the operation theatre as her skin part needs a regular cleaning and dressing as that was badly damaged during the accident.

And for the same thing, Aniket regularly visits her for her pre-anaesthesia check up before any OT.

During those check ups, once he found that the female patient was depressed and was on the verge of crying, and than the inner  “Inspirational Guru” of Aniket awakened (as he was a avid reader of motivational books) and he just tried to cheer her up, told about theories of the “Secret” documentary movie, about the “Law of Attraction” and about how our happy mind can heal us.

What he was doing that day, was normal for him, as his job was to cure patient physically and mentally, but he didn’t know that the motivation he was giving to that girl was a relief in distress, was a power in her loosing battle, was a ray of light amid darkness, and since that day that girl starts to laugh, always have smile on her face, and the main thing she was recovering, but with a smiling face.

Whenever she entered into the OT, she always enquires about Aniket, if he was not present in her OT.

Finally the day came when she doesn’t need the regular change of dressing and the plastic surgeon discharged her from the hospital after months of treatment, but she was not able to see Aniket on her last day.

One day when Aniket just returned from the hospital in the evening, he found that the bunch of beautiful flowers was carefully placed at the doorstep of his house with the letter on which mickey mouse was smiling in the top left corner of the letter and the words were written in a florescent ink :

Dear Smiling Doctor..

        Finally I am discharged from the hospital, with a good recovery, and the surgeon said that now I don’t need regular dressing, only once in a month I have to come hospital for regular check up.

      Doctor I just want to say that I am really thankful to you not only for the relief you have given me from pain during those painful dressings by your skillful use of anaesthesia, but mainly for the motivation you have given me during those check ups, which really helped me to cope up stress which originates from my physical condition.

    There are many doctors who treat well,but there are only few who alongwith treatment also gives happiness and courage to fight any thing.

   Thank You again… God Bless You..


Annoying Patient…

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I am still Learning…

Why there is something always in my mind to do..

Why there is always something which catches my attention and I wants to know about it..

Why I always peeped in other’s conversation, when they talk about something new..

Why I try to do new things with full enthusiam, even if I don’t know how to do it..

Why I irritates my seniors by asking numerous questions, even if they are silly, even if the questions are below of my standards..

Because I love Learning, I love to know about things which will help me to elevate my potential, which will help me to progress forward, which will help me to help others..

Because learning is what that makes us capable to change with changing times..

Fear of Loosing Potential.

From my early School days, I always wanted to be good student, always wanted to sit in initial benches, always wanted to be in eyes of my teacher, always wanted to study more so that I can score good marks, always wanted to play well so that I could be selected in school’s main sport’s team, always wanted to participate in play or debate or dance or mimicry so that I can perform in main event of Annual Function, always wanted to participate in School’s House’s activities so that One day I can become the House Captain or School Captain and can contribute something to their success respectively.

In Medical College, my first year was disastrous (will explain why later in post), but from second year I studied ideally how a medical student should study, I attend all postings in Hospital ideally how a medical student is suppose to be, prepared for entrance exams for post graduation ideally putting my whole effort so that I can have a specialization of my choice.

In my these days, I try to learn ideally in Hospital as how the post graduate trainee should learn.

I try to utilise my maximum time in activities that should be fruitful to develop to develop me, fruitful to develop my character and develop me as a person.

You know why I do all these things, why I try to do all these things ideally, why I am trying to do activities that benefits me…. Because I have one fear in my mind, and that’s the fear of not utilising my full potential, or the fear of loosing my potential

And that’s why I had a disastrous 1st year of my medical college, because I hadn’t focus on my inner potential, rather wasted it on non-sensible things, and after the result was out and I was barely manage to pass, that day I had said to me that “from now onwards I have to use my potential to the fullest, irrespective of anything”.
Some Fears are good.

Dr. Anshul

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Importance of “Wishful Thinking”.

For me “wishful thinking” is synonymous with  Dreaming  , and my today’s blog post will be dedicated to Dream… 

One of the most iconic personality in Indian History, who was the normal boy in one of the small village in the country, far off from the big city, located in the coastal area, that boy being born in a poor family, distributing news papers, but had the fire in the belly to do something big.

His sister burrowed money for his study by selling her valuable thing, and he didn’t let her down, he persists in his efforts to do something big, and one day he had done something big in Indian Aerospace.

He has joined  DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) and become a MISSILE MAN.

He had been awarded the highest civilian honour of India “Bharat Ratna” and become the first man of India, by becoming “The President of India”.

He had done all these things by keeping in mind only the one thought, which he repeats in every social gathering which he attends, and that thought is  “Dream, Dream, Dream…”

He always give emphasis on Dream Big, as according to him, if you dream big than the big thoughts will come into your mind, and when thoughts come than the action generates, as whatsoever you think, you do.
What is Dreaming Big ?? It is wishful thinking to do some big thing, to become some big person so that you can contribute in other’s development also along with your country.

I have seen many advantages of big thinking in own life, be in the familial matters, professional matters, while travelling in unknown places, and while handling day to day matters.

You can experience the benefits by yourself only if you start thinking big, thinking out of your comfort zone, thinking out of false boundries which you have made for yourself.

Think Big. Get More.

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Real life always Stranger than Fiction.

Do you handle ten villains at a time while saving the innocent girl, or Do you just wear a ray ban glasses and stop the speedy train which just comes out from the Mumbai’s CST, or Do you just become 1 day CM or PM and than the whole state and country change..

I think most of your answers will be “NO” because these things looks good on the bigger screen, but does not happens in real life.

That is why we have very funny hindi quote which tells that do not have out of the way dreams : “Mungeri Laal ke Haseen Sapne”

Why reality is stranger than fiction, because fiction is pre decided by the author or director but in real life, everything is unpredictable and the life always has a upper hand on our wishes. That is why, life is unpredictable and sometimes can be ferociously harsh..

But but but…

My sub concious mind firmly believes that we should dream, we should make fictional stories, fictional aims in our mind, and these fictional dreams should be grand, large, seems to be unimaginable because than only it inspires our body to go for these dreams in reality, to stretch for these fictional dreams, and to go out of their comfort zone to meet these fictional dreams.

We may not fully achieve what we have seen in our mind, but it will be always more than as compare to the outcome which would have come up after having the so called practical/real dreams.

So at the end, I will just say that “real life always stranger than fiction, but it may not be superior than fiction…”

Dr. Anshul

Karate Kid Movie : My lessons

Well what I can say about it as lot of you already had seen this movie and most probably remember its story very well, but after 6 years of its release, I just seen it day before yesterday (how outdated I am :|)

But for people like me, I will just tell the summary of it.

Story :

Its a story thats starts with the mother named Sherry Parker (Taraji P. Henson) and son named Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) migrating from US to CHINA for work.

Dre finds himself little bit uncomfortable in new environment, and that made himself and his mother sad.

One day while playing in a park, he finds a new friend Meiying, who was a violin lover but at the same time he also make his new enemy Cheng, who was getting training in Kung-fu as Cheng did not like his friendship with Meiying. So whenever Cheng finds Dre in his surroundings, he starts finghting with Dre, and Dre couldn’t do anything except having some punches from Cheng.

And this leads to his meeting with Mr.Han (Jackie Chan), and this meeting leads to the training of Dre in Kung-fu, so that he can fight with Cheng in some kung-fu compitition and beat him.

This is a good motivational story and can cause some adrenaline rush into your body. I recommend that if you haven’t watch it till now than have some time amd see it.

My Lessons from this film :

Well I always tries to extract some lessons from anything I do, so here are some my personal lessons from the film.

  1. We always feel uncomfortable to new places, to new situations, to new practices, to new people but if you think that these aforementioned things are right, than hang on, you will surely adapt to all new things, butbit requires some dedication and persistance from your side (like Dre feels uncomfortable in China ).
  2. You can make enemies and friends at any time, so be beware.
  3. When you feel that a perticular situation is the most worst in your life, but actually if you see from another and better angle that situation has the potential of producing the most fruitful result of your life. But you should have that strong mentality to see good in bad (like when Cheng makes Dre’s life miserable to the point that he starts avaoiding him, but in the same situation he finds the mentor like Jackie Chan).
  4. To become perfect in any Art, you have to practice it, with full dedication, determination, and persistence.
  5. Your inner motivation supports you at the time, when your body starts to give up, so always be motivated. Just like you shower daily to keep your body clean, in the same way keep motivating your mind daily.

    I remember one quote :

    Thanks to Mana Apoorva (manaapoorva.wordpress.com) for highly recommending me to watch this movie.

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    What makes the person gets going…

    To life…

    What makes the human gets going, when he comes out of his mother’s womb… the mother’s lovely tears and family’s wishes…

    What makes the human gets going, when he goes to school… the feeling of happiness to be with friends and playing games…

    What makes the human gets going, when he goes first time to temple/mosque/church… the feeling of culture and traditions…

    What makes the human gets going, when he first time heard the national anthem of his country… the feeling of love and passion and to be useful for his country…

    What makes the human gets going, when he goes to the college the first time… the excitement to be with friends, the joy to be senior (ab hum bade ho gaye hai) and the zeal for success in life…

    What makes the human gets going, when first time he enters into the professional world where there is no place for emotions… the feeling of expressing his capability, his knowledge, no matter whatsoever the conditions are…

    What makes the human gets going, when he enters into the family with all responsibilities… the feeling of love, care and selfishlessness…

    What makes the human gets going, when the life full of unpredictablity, sometimes joy, sometimes sorrow, sometimes success, sometimes failure… the feeling of “to live life”, determination, perseverance…

    Your’s truly…

    Dr. Anshul

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