Down the Memory Lane :

You do not achieve anything, untill you persevere

It was around last year May, when I was hearing so much about blogging in online media and newspapers, that I can not stop myself to know more about blogging, how it works, how it influences people’s opinions, how it helps the blogger, and so on, and I want to know all these things just out of curiosity, just to gain knowledge, as I came to know about it and its impact, I slowly and slowly started falling in love with it, and the amount of love was too much that I have just written my last blog about “my love for blogging,” you can read that blog here, where I have written about my different stages of falling in love with my blog.

I still remember how I was sitting with my wife, struggling to make my website and how I had written few words and how my relatives and friends reacted to the first blog as if Shah Rukh Khan had written that, sometimes family members make you Superstar, even when you know you were not πŸ˜‰

From then I have written every now and then, in between two cases sitting in the operation theatre, in intervals while watching a movie with my wife (she still does not know about it.. lol), while traveling, studying, and even written blogs over a period of 4-5 days only because I could write only 4-5 lines each day, but the main thing was I could sustain, able to persevere in the journey of blogging.

Few days back, one of my respected senior asked me “Anshul, what will you get through blogging, you want to be famous or what…”

I just replied “Sir, The feeling you have while drinking a wine, rum or a beer, the same feeling I have while writing a blog”

And because of this special feeling, I can proudly announce to all of you that today I have completed 100 blogs… Huge achievement for me..

And a big part has been played by BlogChatter, who has also given us this week’s prompt, Down the memory lane…

Why I Love Blogging…

Blogging leads to many roads…

I am busy, I have lots of work to do, but still I love to do blogging, as it gives me happiness…
I have the lots of medical books to read, I have to make lots of notes, but still I will make time for blogging because it also teaches me something different which medical books do not teach me…

I have to come to Operation Theatre at 8am in the morning, have to be there for almost about 8pm, but still I write blogs when I returned to my home in a tired and pathetic condition, because writing down my feelings gives me immense freshness and energy…

I have to see many patients in ICU, I have to see their pain, I can feel their pain, and writing blogs helps as an analgesics for me…

I have to do all household work, as now I am a married man, have to perform all my responsibilities, even if I have to spend maximum time at hospital, but still I write blogs, because writing gives me a sense of freedom amid all chorus…

I do watch BiggBoss, I do watch You Tube videos in a little time which I get from my schedule, but still I make out the time to write blogs because it provides entertainment to my inner self…

Writing for #BlogChatter prompt.

Urinary Tract Infection : Simple way to understand it.

One of the most prevalent illness in the society, can harm alot if untreated, yet taken very lightly by the society, and most of the population rely on the over the counter drugs for its treatment.
It is very prevalent in females, and hence it is also very less told to others (one more taboo in our society).

Recently my relative has been suffered from this, and because of shame she hasn’t told for long time, which leads to spread of this disease into her kidneys, had a severe deranged kidney function but fortunately she is all right now. This leads to compelled me to write this blog on this simple topic, so that at least I am able to create some kind of awareness.

What Is Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) ?

  • It is the infection involving the urethra, bladder, ureters and the kidneys.

Important Stats :

  • More common in adults than children.
  • If occurs, than it is more serious in children.
  • More common in girls and women, than in boys and men.
  • 40% of women and 12% of men have urinary tract infection at some time of their life.

Causes of UTI :

“E. Coli bacteria” most common cause. This bacteria resides into our intestines and around anus. It move from anus to opening of urethra, because of :

1) Improper Wiping 

2) Sexual Intercourse.

Increased Risk Groups :

  1. Females sex and Post Menopausal Women.
  2. Immuno Suppressed People : HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer patients.
  3. Peoples having Kidney stones.
  4. Enlarged Prostate in men.
  5. Poor Hygiene

Note : Females are more susceptible to infection than men, because of their anatomy (shorter urethra than man).

Signs and Symptoms :

What kind of Doctors treat UTI ?

They may be Family physician, Internal Medicine, Gynecologists as well as Pediatrician for children.

Home Remedies :

  • Use a hot water bottle to decrease pain.
  • Drink plenty of water
  • Avoid coffee, alcohol or spicy foods, as they further irritate the bladder.
  • Cranberry Juice.

Treatment :

Mainly the “antibiotics” prescribed by the physician.

Prevention of UTI :

  • Women and girls, should wipe from “front to back” (not vice versa) after defecation. This helps to bacteria from the anus entering the urethra.
  • Drink plenty of fluids.
  • Empty the bladder regularly and completely after the sexual intercourse.

Hope this information may be helpful for you to have some prevention from very prevelent illness of our society.

Dr. Anshul

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A Story Yet Unwritten…

Always wanted to share a story of a boy and a girl,who were my classmates in school and who were destined to be with each other in many ways, but still had so many problems in their path which they have to rectify before being with each other.

Story starts with helping each other during their school’s annual function. They comes in contact through the “tuning fork” as the girl wanted from the boy to purchase it from the market as it was near his home and this help was the first step in their love.

After this tuning fork episode, they started to see other whenever possible with any silly reason, it may be to borrow pen from her (among the 50+ student) or to borrow the maths copy from him (even if he was the worst student ever in maths).

Even in the age of mobiles, they wrote letters to each other, which they pass to each other by hiding beneath the book covers (so intelligent !!).

Than finally the time come when he had to leave the school for his medical studies, and she was in a bad condition as she was feeling too lonely to spend time without him.

But still their love grows even after his selection in Medical School.

But in all these positive things, they still had strong oppose from their families.

But they were still with each other, meeting in secret places, communicate secretly, wants to be with each other in any ways, but still families were not in their support…

So what they did to remain with each other ??

What their families did against their wishes ??

Still not know, as there are still some stories that are not being told..

Dr. Anshul

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Importance of “Wishful Thinking”.

For me “wishful thinking” is synonymous with  Dreaming  , and my today’s blog post will be dedicated to Dream… 

One of the most iconic personality in Indian History, who was the normal boy in one of the small village in the country, far off from the big city, located in the coastal area, that boy being born in a poor family, distributing news papers, but had the fire in the belly to do something big.

His sister burrowed money for his study by selling her valuable thing, and he didn’t let her down, he persists in his efforts to do something big, and one day he had done something big in Indian Aerospace.

He has joined  DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) and become a MISSILE MAN.

He had been awarded the highest civilian honour of India “Bharat Ratna” and become the first man of India, by becoming “The President of India”.

He had done all these things by keeping in mind only the one thought, which he repeats in every social gathering which he attends, and that thought is  “Dream, Dream, Dream…”

He always give emphasis on Dream Big, as according to him, if you dream big than the big thoughts will come into your mind, and when thoughts come than the action generates, as whatsoever you think, you do.
What is Dreaming Big ?? It is wishful thinking to do some big thing, to become some big person so that you can contribute in other’s development also along with your country.

I have seen many advantages of big thinking in own life, be in the familial matters, professional matters, while travelling in unknown places, and while handling day to day matters.

You can experience the benefits by yourself only if you start thinking big, thinking out of your comfort zone, thinking out of false boundries which you have made for yourself.

Think Big. Get More.

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What you Don’t Know about Doctor’s..

You have probably read about 1000 things about doctor, and I am going to add few more, may be some personal facts and some personal feelings and grudges.

Some facts about doctors

  1. Doctors are not nerds :  They may seems to be studious, always you find them studying (huge sallybus is the culprit) but they are multi-talented (remember Palash Sen “euphoria”), but the only thing which stops them to show their other talents is the time, which they have to give to their profession.
  2. They used to work long hours, which may be minimum 12-14/day to as much as 24-36/day in normal circumstances.
  3. Even after working long hours especially during their post graduation days, they get minimal stipend of few thousand rupees. Differs from state to state, starting from approx 20k rupees to 50k. Only in certain 1-2 states it touches 60k.
  4. During those long hours, even the pune is liable to wake us from sleep during odd hours of night, even if he know that we barely have few hours of sleep in those night duties.
  5. And by mistake we sleeps during our duty (as body sometimes give up, as it has also some limits) than it becomes an issue.
  6. Although we are not supposed to show our emotions in front of patients, but we are humans, we do have feelings. We do cry, afraid, angry, irritated, but still we have learned to hide all these.
  7. Gone are the days when doctors were compare with the God, now everyone takes us for granted, as they think that if they are paying us money so we are obliged to give them our service. Well even after this attitude, we still serves them because we haven’t forget our duty.
  8. As we are humans, so we also have the human body, and also have human diseases. (as if a doctor say to someone that he is having a fever, than other person always say suprisingly “aree doctor hote hue bimaar kaise ho sakte ho/how you can become ill being a doctor”)
  9. Even if a Doctor do specialization in one speciality, but the family and relatives expects from him to diagnose each and every disease (it irritates really).

These are some of the points among the thousand in my mind. Read it, and if you anything than do share it here.

Dr. Anshul

Real life always Stranger than Fiction.

Do you handle ten villains at a time while saving the innocent girl, or Do you just wear a ray ban glasses and stop the speedy train which just comes out from the Mumbai’s CST, or Do you just become 1 day CM or PM and than the whole state and country change..

I think most of your answers will be “NO” because these things looks good on the bigger screen, but does not happens in real life.

That is why we have very funny hindi quote which tells that do not have out of the way dreams : “Mungeri Laal ke Haseen Sapne”

Why reality is stranger than fiction, because fiction is pre decided by the author or director but in real life, everything is unpredictable and the life always has a upper hand on our wishes. That is why, life is unpredictable and sometimes can be ferociously harsh..

But but but…

My sub concious mind firmly believes that we should dream, we should make fictional stories, fictional aims in our mind, and these fictional dreams should be grand, large, seems to be unimaginable because than only it inspires our body to go for these dreams in reality, to stretch for these fictional dreams, and to go out of their comfort zone to meet these fictional dreams.

We may not fully achieve what we have seen in our mind, but it will be always more than as compare to the outcome which would have come up after having the so called practical/real dreams.

So at the end, I will just say that “real life always stranger than fiction, but it may not be superior than fiction…”

Dr. Anshul

BlogChatter’s Half Marathon : My 7 Best Experiences

15days back right on 14th july if someone would have asked me that “Anshul, are you able to write blogs continuosly for days ?” I would have said that I really don’t know as I have just started blogging and I also have very little knowledge about all these website designing and other things..
But after 15 days, I have got more than I have expected from this marathon in my writing skills and also in my imagination power.

My few experiences from this event :

  1. Helps me to broaden my level of thinking, explore new ideas, makes me more creative.
  2. As it is a challenge, so this half marathon really brings some challenges to me, as I was not into blogging previously so to write daily, really was a tough task for me. I have to put a lot of pressure mentally to bring out some quality words that I can write and produce in a good form to my readers. After writing most of the times, I became mentally exhausted.
  3. Some of my relatives and friends used to ask me in these fifteen days as from where I get the time to write blogs (as they continuously see posts on my FB profile) after a routine 12 hours of hospital duty daily with intermittent 24 hours duty in between. So for them the answer is, this marathon also makes me to manage my time little bit more systematically. Whenever there was a time between two surgeries or if I get the break during the surgery, even if it is for minutes, I used to write something, so after some time, it becomes a complete blog and ready to publish.
  4. This marathon reinforce my belief in dedication, determination and resilience.
  5. Waoo… I have learned to write poetry also.. thank u blogchatter.
  6. Able to meet so many new people with a lot of experience as a blogger, their posts helps me to correct myself and to inspire me that a lot can be done if I stick to this. By the inspiration of one the blogger I have written 1 blog more than was required, yeee.
  7. This marathon forces me to decrease time from my non-fruitful activities.

    So in summary this challenge in my initial days of blogging gives me the boost, confidence and the support of the awesome blog buddies to whom I can take guidance at any time.

    Thank You BlogChatter.


    Dr. Anshul

    Participating in HalfMarathon by Blogchatter. Day 15

    A Tale of Two Nights : Book Review

    What happens when you witness the most disastrous industrial event of the world history, what happens when you lose everything but still survives, what happens when God is not on your side but you still become Hero for someone.
    Well the answers of all these peculiar questions, given by Dr. Pradeep Kapoor, in his worderfully framed story, ‘The Tale of Two Nights’.

    Subject :

    Based on true account of the most dreadful industrial chemical disaster of human history, which occured in  Bhopal, capital city of Indian State of Madhya Pradesh   and 1992 Riots which had spread almost all over the country due to various reasons, and most important of those are “Babri Masjid Demolition”.

    History behind the Tragedy :

    The Bhopal disaster, also referred to as the Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident in India, considered the world’s worst industrial disaster.

    It occurred on the night of 2–3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited(UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Over 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas and other chemicals. The toxic substance made its way into and around the shanty towns located near the plant. (reference wikipedia)

    Summary :

    Story starts directly with the gas leak and showing one child “Rehan”, running while simultaneously coughing and panting, due to the irritation caused by the leaked gas. Before some time his father, mother and two sisters departed to railway station as they were going to lucknow.

    Than the series of events occurs and Rehan (with the help of handicapped beggar) find himself in ICU of Hamidia hospital (large government hospital of bhopal). His whole family except his dad were also died due to gas at railway station and fortunately his bad was laying beside him in ICU, but unfortunately both were not able to meet each other.

    Another prominant figure in the book was Dr. Dilip, who save the Rehan’s life and make the special bond with him and also managed to reunite father and son.

    Than the life of Dr. Dilip simply goes on, while Rehan and his father hardly manages to live because of God’s cruelty and poverty, and these adverse situations makes Rehan angry towards the system.

    Than 1992 riots occurs, and role reverses between Dr. Dilip and Rehan, where Rehan saved Dr. Dilip from mob who were going to kill him.

    My Take :

    Well the story is very emotional, especially for a Bhopalite like me, as I have seen the adverse effects of this event from my eyes and still people and their future generations are struggling with the after effects of this event.

    So I can say its a good read book to feel the emotions of victims.

    My Lessons from Book :

    1. Any time, anything can occur in your life, so enjoy your life to the fullest.
    2. Humanity is prevalent everywhere, you have to see it and admire it.
    3. Doctors really sacrifice their personal life for the patients, so atleast respect them.
    4. If you do something good, than definitely that good act will return to you in one form or the other, may be from the same person or through some other, but will definitely come.
    5. Do not follow your religion or any person blindly.

    Author :

    Dr. Pradeel Kapoor, is a Pediatrician, doing private practice and living in Bhopal. Can be reached at

    My Rating : 3.5/5

    Dr. Anshul

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    Why I am always inclined towards it..

    Why I am always inclined towards trees, their colour, their shape, their arrangements..

    Why I am always inclined towards morning hours, fresh air, fresh oxygen..

    Why I am always inclined towards mountains, their shape, the roads around them..

    Why I am always inclined towards cold season’s chill, rainy season’s showers, summer season’s warmth..

    Why I like to take pictures from my seat in aeroplane, why I like the formation of clouds, the sun rays coming in between them..

    Because I am nature, I am part of this universe.

    P.S. I have taken this picture during my flight journey to one the most beautiful place in India, Shillong, capital of Indian state of Meghalaya, also known as “Scotland of the East”. After writing this, my partner just remind me that I have written the same type of blog before (read here) than why again writing same type, I just reply that I didn’t remember before starting this, I just get the inspiration from this picture and pour my hearts out, sorry, can not control them πŸ™‚