My Addicted Friends.

When you entered into college, they were sitting there..
When you go to the hospital, they were sitting there..

When you were  just roaming in the college premises, they were still sitting there..

When you were hurriedly doing your senior’s work, having a mental stress, they were still sitting there in a joyful mood, having no stress, no tension just enjoying the cutting chai with their awesome group, and even ask any other person to have tea if they go to meet them.

Really they were famous in our college amd we fondly call them  “The Chai Group”  .. 

If they havd any problem, than they say, “chal chai pite hai pehle”..

If they had to study, they discuss on the stairs of the cafe with the cup of tea in their hands..

And even if we had to final exams of any year, they always had tea first and than entered into the examination hall..

This was how they were, this was how they live their life in college, with fun, with coolness, with calmness and with chai

This post is written about my classmates Dr. Pranjil Mandloi, Dr. Ela Haider Rizvi, Dr. Sakshi, Dr. Reedhi, Dr. Komal.

This post has written in association with #Chaayos and #Blogchatter on occasion of #FriendshipDay.

Dr. Anshul

Our Stress Buster.

Pressure of large sallybus..

Pressure of angry professors..

Pressure of compitition..

Pressure of relatives..

Pressure of becoming a big and known DOCTORS..

These are “some” of the pressures which we daily dealth with while doing studies for our everyday exams and simultaneously preparing for post graduation exams also.

And the only stress buster after long hours of studying is the  “Chai”  for which we go to our favourite place known as “Tapra” just outside of college.

And after chatting over the chai, we usually feel relieved and ready for our next phase of long hours study.

Doing this with my close friend Dr. Anurag Gupta, who is also a chai lover, with slightly “cheeni kum”.

This post has been written with Chaayos and Blogchattet on occasion of friendship day.