1st Year MBBS : My fear, My fight..

1st year-MBBS-doctor-persevere-fear-fight-mental-strength-college-competitive-dhoni
You always comes out to be stronger, once you fight with your fear..

“I have been told that you will pass the first year of MBBS, only by studying in the last two months just before the final exams, and I had believed on this statement seriously, and that was my biggest mistake in my whole MBBS life…”
Yes, this is my story, of how I had taken things too lightly, only because of my mistake, and how I had tried to rectify my mistake, by fighting against my fears, by fighting against mental stress and with the help of my close friends.

Whenever any student who wants to become a Doctor, after long hours of study and after passing the tough competitive exams, gets his goal of entering into medical college, than he or she is expected to have euphoria in their initial days, and same was the case with me (but the only difference was that, it stretched too long).

Initial days was full of fun, plus fear of seniors and ragging, new friends, new instruments, learning new things, doing dissection of a human body was altogether a different experience, and I was enjoying every bit of it.

Some of my seniors regularly told me that don’t take tension about studies, you can be easily passed by doing studies in last few months. I trust them and was in the opinion that nobody studies in their first year.

However, as the end of 1st year was coming near, I could realize that my knowledge was inferior as compare to my counterparts, and no one takes my opinion, whenever there was a discussion about studies, but still I thought all these were normal and no need to worry as exams were not near.

But, as the exam’s date announced, I came to the conclusion that I haven’t read at least 70-80% of the syllabus, and I was in a deep trouble.

My friends who were the toppers of my class, they support me, provide me everything that was necessary for the exams.

But the main battle was to fight against the extreme pressure, that was building in my mind as I had to read the vast amount of syllabus.

But you know, when you are under extreme pressure, then from somewhere, the ray of hope did come, if you persevere in your efforts to achieve your goal, and the same thing happened with me.

Even after having the extreme pressure, I just keep repeating the words to myself that “Anshul, keep studying, give your 100%, something good will definitely happen.”

And yes, the good did happen with me. I passed my first year, with 60% marks (that is considered average, as highest goes till approx 75% ).

In my journey of first year, where anything can happen, one of my very good friend, helped me a lot, she was there with me in every bad and good times, and my passing of first year was dedicated to her.

My lesson after 1 st year was that :

  1. Don’t listen to others, if you realize that they are wrong.
  2. If you are in adverse situation, most important thing is to have a cool and calm mind, just remember, Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni.
  3. Friends are valuable, respect them, as if they have helped you in adverse situation, never forget them.
  4. Persevere, persevere, persevere…

Dr . Anshul

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What a Day it was..

See the Spark in their Eyes.. Image : hdwallpapernew.in

What happened when you received the YES answer to your once in a lifetime asked question”, and that question was a part of a statement… I love you Suhan, do you love me… 
But when Adi received the yes answer of his question after 4 days, he has gone mad, and was smiling for the whole day and the whole family was confused what happened to their son.

Adi and Suhan, after starting their new relationship, starts exchanging smiles and watching each other through the corner of their eyes in college, but not openly talking to each other with the fear of people’s gossip.

Then there comes a day when they had decided to meet with each other after one month of their relationship with the help of common friends who were also in relationship.

The boy had the two wheeler in home, but unfortunately it was busy with his father, so he had to borrow the bike from the same friend who had arranged their meeting.

Finally four of them meet at one of the famous restaurant in their city, and after observing Adi, Suhan and their hesitation, in front of them, their friends decided to leave them for some time.

Than finally they had started to talk to each other, while the Adi’s face was shining with a cute smile on his face but on the other side Suhan was blushing like Roses.

Over time, they talked a lot more from family to personal things, from hobbies to films, while in between Adi tried to touch Suhan’s hand, but before he could do anything she had sensed that and retracted her hand and the dissappointment was clearly visible on Adi’s face, but after some time for the Adi’s surprise, he had sensed the most beautiful touch on his hand.

Finally their friends arrived as it was the time to go home, and both the new love birds were dissapointed, but as the meeting’s end came close, Adi reflexly touched his lips to her cheeks.

With smiles on their faces, they say good bye to each other with the promise to meet again shortly…

In the night when she called him, the first sentance he said, what a day it was… totally awesome, totaly memorable and totally lovable, because of you my love… 💖

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Dr. Anshul

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Fear of Loosing Potential.

From my early School days, I always wanted to be good student, always wanted to sit in initial benches, always wanted to be in eyes of my teacher, always wanted to study more so that I can score good marks, always wanted to play well so that I could be selected in school’s main sport’s team, always wanted to participate in play or debate or dance or mimicry so that I can perform in main event of Annual Function, always wanted to participate in School’s House’s activities so that One day I can become the House Captain or School Captain and can contribute something to their success respectively.

In Medical College, my first year was disastrous (will explain why later in post), but from second year I studied ideally how a medical student should study, I attend all postings in Hospital ideally how a medical student is suppose to be, prepared for entrance exams for post graduation ideally putting my whole effort so that I can have a specialization of my choice.

In my these days, I try to learn ideally in Hospital as how the post graduate trainee should learn.

I try to utilise my maximum time in activities that should be fruitful to develop to develop me, fruitful to develop my character and develop me as a person.

You know why I do all these things, why I try to do all these things ideally, why I am trying to do activities that benefits me…. Because I have one fear in my mind, and that’s the fear of not utilising my full potential, or the fear of loosing my potential

And that’s why I had a disastrous 1st year of my medical college, because I hadn’t focus on my inner potential, rather wasted it on non-sensible things, and after the result was out and I was barely manage to pass, that day I had said to me that “from now onwards I have to use my potential to the fullest, irrespective of anything”.
Some Fears are good.

Dr. Anshul

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My Addicted Friends.

When you entered into college, they were sitting there..
When you go to the hospital, they were sitting there..

When you were  just roaming in the college premises, they were still sitting there..

When you were hurriedly doing your senior’s work, having a mental stress, they were still sitting there in a joyful mood, having no stress, no tension just enjoying the cutting chai with their awesome group, and even ask any other person to have tea if they go to meet them.

Really they were famous in our college amd we fondly call them  “The Chai Group”  .. 

If they havd any problem, than they say, “chal chai pite hai pehle”..

If they had to study, they discuss on the stairs of the cafe with the cup of tea in their hands..

And even if we had to final exams of any year, they always had tea first and than entered into the examination hall..

This was how they were, this was how they live their life in college, with fun, with coolness, with calmness and with chai

This post is written about my classmates Dr. Pranjil Mandloi, Dr. Ela Haider Rizvi, Dr. Sakshi, Dr. Reedhi, Dr. Komal.

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Dr. Anshul

Our Stress Buster.

Pressure of large sallybus..

Pressure of angry professors..

Pressure of compitition..

Pressure of relatives..

Pressure of becoming a big and known DOCTORS..

These are “some” of the pressures which we daily dealth with while doing studies for our everyday exams and simultaneously preparing for post graduation exams also.

And the only stress buster after long hours of studying is the  “Chai”  for which we go to our favourite place known as “Tapra” just outside of college.

And after chatting over the chai, we usually feel relieved and ready for our next phase of long hours study.

Doing this with my close friend Dr. Anurag Gupta, who is also a chai lover, with slightly “cheeni kum”.

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What makes the person gets going…

To life…

What makes the human gets going, when he comes out of his mother’s womb… the mother’s lovely tears and family’s wishes…

What makes the human gets going, when he goes to school… the feeling of happiness to be with friends and playing games…

What makes the human gets going, when he goes first time to temple/mosque/church… the feeling of culture and traditions…

What makes the human gets going, when he first time heard the national anthem of his country… the feeling of love and passion and to be useful for his country…

What makes the human gets going, when he goes to the college the first time… the excitement to be with friends, the joy to be senior (ab hum bade ho gaye hai) and the zeal for success in life…

What makes the human gets going, when first time he enters into the professional world where there is no place for emotions… the feeling of expressing his capability, his knowledge, no matter whatsoever the conditions are…

What makes the human gets going, when he enters into the family with all responsibilities… the feeling of love, care and selfishlessness…

What makes the human gets going, when the life full of unpredictablity, sometimes joy, sometimes sorrow, sometimes success, sometimes failure… the feeling of “to live life”, determination, perseverance…

Your’s truly…

Dr. Anshul

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Is MENTAL PRESSURE Important for our Improvement ?

Well I have thousand examples till now in my medical career and in life, that I can say pressure is soooo good to keep you going and achieving great things in your life.

Recent example of it most of us has seen in Salman Khan’s blockbuster “SULTAN” (on which I have written a blog yesterday, please check out here http://wp.me/p7uYLP-2M ), that how the aim of setting the Blood Bank puts him under such pressure that he pursue to do wrestling at an age when most of the wrestlers retire and that too in the free style wrestling.

I am going to share some of my personal examples when the pressure to achieve something in my life brings out some good things in my character which even I do not know before..

  1. I switched from CBSE Board to State Board in my 12th class, so that I can have more time for preparation for my Pre-Medical Exams. That state board school was a Hindi medium school and they were ready to give me unlimited holidays so that I can have ample time for coachings and study. In the final exams of 12th class, because of miscommunication between me and my Hindi medium friend, I had gone to give English paper with the preparation for Hindi language (not revised English language subject from a long time). Now at that time I was totally aghast, almost crying, fear of not passing 12th starts developing (remember I was preparing for Medical exams also), than out of nowhere that pressure develops some kind of inspiration and I said to myself that “You already studied in CBSE where most of questions comes from outside of the sallybus, so you can do it”, finally managed to do something and got pass with approx 60% marks in English 😁 .
  2. When I managed to enter into the Medical College, I was totally in a masti mood for whole of the year and with much difficulty manage to get pass the 1st year, but was not feeling good. So because of the pressure of performing better, I promised myself that now I would study like the ideal medical student, tried to do that for the next 5 years, and able to get some satisfactory results.
  3. When I had come first time to a new city with a  totally different culture, without any relatives living there, without any college hostle (as in Hostels we do find some like minded people, and we do make some awesome friends there) I do find some mental challenge, but again that pressure generate some peculiar joy of exploring new things, make relations with acquaintances, and this pressure helps me to open myself, to improve communication, to manage things by my own, to explore the unknown.
  4. The pressure of working long hours in hospitals develops the abilty of relentlessness. Even after working for 30 hours, if my HOD tells me to do more, than I can (but internally not want to 😜 )
  5. When I was new to my specialization training, obviously I do make mistakes (and still doing in my 2nd year of post graduation), and my professors/seniors do punish me (verbally), obviously I feel bad, but this verbal punishment makes me mentally strong to sustain in pressure situations, and this quality is highly important in medical profession (and in others too).
  6. Started writing blogs sometime back, not in a writing hobby previously, but the pressure to do something good pushes me to do writing, to make time for it. And this pressure of performing better and to be in company of some good bloggers compel me to join #BlogChatter ‘s #HalfMarathon . And see writing some meaningful stuff for the straight 5th day.

    These are some of the examples from my experience that I want to share with you all about how the pressure helps us in our life if we take it in a positive way.

    What are yours… share it with me, how mental pressure affects you, positively or negatively ???