Christmas at Kolkata : All Roads leads to Park Street.

Living in the city of joy since two years but still not able to have the taste of Christmas of this city, who has the influence of British time, much more than anywhere I have seen till now.

But this year also I was not in any mood to visit the famous places of kolkata on Christmas, as the burden of finishing my thesis was on my head, and I am still working on it (but could not stop myself to write a blog on Christmas).

But yesterday on 24th, while I was in the hospital, my consultant casually said to me “Take your wife to Park Street, she would love the lights on that street,” I just replied the customary “Ok Sir, Sure”, as I was in no mood to spend time anywhere else except my thesis.

But during yesterday’s evening, after I finished one of the main parts of my thesis, I feel relaxed and suddenly the suggestion of my consultant popped up in my mind, so I decided to visit Part Street at night around 10pm, so that I could just visit that place on my scooter and return within 1 hour.

I had heard a lot about Park Street and its atmosphere on Christmas and New Year, but what I had seen there was totally awesome, it was just a mega celebration, where anywhere you can see youngsters having a Santa hat on their head and selfies were clicking everywhere.

I and my wife also decided to purchase something, I had purchased the Santa hat, while my wife decided to purchase “Tiara”.

And then we started moving to explore the whole street, full of people, full of red hats, full of mobile flashes, full of smell of freshly cooked street side food and also full of alert police personnel.

The street was decorated with beautiful lights and ribbons everywhere, and yes, the long queues were also there in front of famous restaurants like ‘flurys’, ‘Hotel Park’, and many small restaurants and pubs.

We both also clicked so many selfies. Finally when we were about to leave, it was around 11.50pm, suddenly there was a huge roar of youngters, so we decided to be there with them till 12am, and what we had experianced at 12 am is this ;

Someone has rightly said…
On Christmas and New Year, All roads lead to “Park Street”…

Happiness 🙂

Wishing you all a very Happy Christmas 🙂


What a Day it was..

See the Spark in their Eyes.. Image :

What happened when you received the YES answer to your once in a lifetime asked question”, and that question was a part of a statement… I love you Suhan, do you love me… 
But when Adi received the yes answer of his question after 4 days, he has gone mad, and was smiling for the whole day and the whole family was confused what happened to their son.

Adi and Suhan, after starting their new relationship, starts exchanging smiles and watching each other through the corner of their eyes in college, but not openly talking to each other with the fear of people’s gossip.

Then there comes a day when they had decided to meet with each other after one month of their relationship with the help of common friends who were also in relationship.

The boy had the two wheeler in home, but unfortunately it was busy with his father, so he had to borrow the bike from the same friend who had arranged their meeting.

Finally four of them meet at one of the famous restaurant in their city, and after observing Adi, Suhan and their hesitation, in front of them, their friends decided to leave them for some time.

Than finally they had started to talk to each other, while the Adi’s face was shining with a cute smile on his face but on the other side Suhan was blushing like Roses.

Over time, they talked a lot more from family to personal things, from hobbies to films, while in between Adi tried to touch Suhan’s hand, but before he could do anything she had sensed that and retracted her hand and the dissappointment was clearly visible on Adi’s face, but after some time for the Adi’s surprise, he had sensed the most beautiful touch on his hand.

Finally their friends arrived as it was the time to go home, and both the new love birds were dissapointed, but as the meeting’s end came close, Adi reflexly touched his lips to her cheeks.

With smiles on their faces, they say good bye to each other with the promise to meet again shortly…

In the night when she called him, the first sentance he said, what a day it was… totally awesome, totaly memorable and totally lovable, because of you my love… 💖

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Dr. Anshul

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Love : The Reason of our Existance.

When the word Love comes, than so many faces, so many instances comes into our mind, and they deserve to be in our mind, as that’s what makes our life beautiful.

What is Love ?

Everyone has its own definition of love, but for me ;

  • Love is, which shows in mother’s eyes, when she sees her child first time, after bearing pain for the 9 months..
  • Love is, when the whole lot of relatives (even the distant one) celebrates the arrival of the new member of family..
  • Love is, which cause the worry in husband’s mind, that her wife should be allright after the delivery..
  • Love is, which is present in mother’s prayers and father’s action, when their is admitted in the hospital..
  • Love is, when the younger brother is ready to donate his one kidney and liver to his elder brother..
  • And the Love is, when after performing his 18 hours duty towards his patients, a Doctor returns his home, and spend time with his wife and children, even though he would sleep only for 3-4 hours.

Well for me, these are some of my definitions for love.

What are your’s ? Share with me .. 🙂

Dr. Anshul

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Learning from Travelling…


From last one year I am in love with travelling even when I am doing my post graduation in Anaesthesia and ‘always’ short of leave.
But by god’s grace I do find some time here and there,may be little, but sufficient enough to travel to visit some new place and learn from the experience.

For me, from the following experiences I can take some life time lessons for me…

1) Planning :
     As I plan to travel to a new city, I always do a lot of research about that city, their culture, their language, geography of that area, their practices, weather, and the do’s and dont’s of that place, hotels, transportation, local sightseeing and the history behind that.

So only with the thought of travelling, I get to know so many things about the place.

2) Arrangements :
     After learning from the planning stage, my second lesson normally derive from the arrangements which I have to done before going outside.
For Example ;
* I have to take leave from HOD, which is always the tough job, as my heart always beats faster while asking for leave.
* I have to rearrange my night duties (which doctors always have) with my co-pgts, and by god’s grace they are always helpful to do that, and this rearrangement thing always show you the importance of relations, importance of helping each other, importance of convincing power, and also tells you that this world is full of good peoples if you see goodness in them.

* You have to manage your house (if you are single or a only couple) and other things as you will be out and then you have to inform to milkman, paperman and a lot more.

* Arrangements of accomodation to railway station or airport in your home city and also in your visiting city and it makes a life lot easier.

3) Communicating Skills :
     This is one of the most important skill I have learned while talking to strangers on a distant land. You learned how to talk to strangers, how to express yourself if there is language barrier, how to bargain while doing shopping 😜.

4) Confidence :
     This you will surely develop even after one single trip as whole new world opens in front of you.
You will be more confident while interecting with others, while asking about anything in that city, while starting the conversation with stranger and this will shows in your character always…

5) Observant :
     When you go to any new place you tends to become more observant without any efforts, because you want to absorb whatsoever is there in your surroundings, it may be the new weather, environment, peoples or culture. And for me observation is one of the most important skill a man can possess.


Well till now these are the lessons I have learnt, lets see how many lessons the future holds for me.

What about you, what lessons have you learnt while travelling, share with me, will love to hear that…