What a day it was.. Part 2

After their first meeting in the restaurant with a little bit of romanticness, they were in awe with each other.

Always trying to create the chances to meet with each other, even trying to meet their eyes whenever they happen to pass one another.

Time was beautiful for them, even in current situation, they share their true feelings for each other through letters, and talks formally on whatsapp because of the fear of hijacking Suhan’s mobile.

They innovate a great medium of exchanging their letters… they kept their letter in between the cover (book cover) and the book, and give their book to each other. Isn’t it awesome ?

They do communicate a lot through phone, but Adi calls her through STD, and she talked to him through her mobile but immediately deleted his name in call logs 😉

They do visit outside of college during evening time, and spend a lot of time with each other with hands in hands and eyes in eyes, with the thought that this meeting never ends…

What are the different places they visit after they meet with each other, and how one of the meetings poses a lot of dangers to them, check out in my next blog..

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Dr. Anshul

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Indian Railways : Innovating Better Ways to Secure Life.

Indian Railways-Insurance-Safety-ICICI-ICICILombard-RoyalSundaram
Essential Part of Indians. Image : scroll.in

The largest and the most important transportation network, which is the backbone of our country since beginning, and which remains in news, may be because of political reasons, or because of accidental reasons, or most importantly because of welfare reasons.
And this blog would just inform you all with one more good reason for which it is in news, and this is the Insurance Scheme” which railways has started for its passengers.

Some days before, I was doing reservation for my professor through my ID on IRCTC, I observed that there is one option of taking Insurance for the passengers, in the lower part of screen.

I thought it is same as that of flights which require few hundred rupees, so I tried to skip it, and hits the ‘next’ button to go for final payment, but the error occured and said Insurance part to be tick.

Than that time only, I read the terms and conditions, which clearly states that would be requirement of only 1 rupee premium for the insurance of thousands of rupees.

I was like, Wao, that’s the really good method to support those who faces the bad luck during their journey and met the disaster.

Main insurance companies participated in this scheme are ICICI Lombard and Royal Sundaram.

One such example of this scheme is :

Screen Shot of that Insurance scheme by Indian Railways

Well I must praise to the Indian Railways to come up with this type of scheme, which is a Win Win situation for both the railways and the passenger, and just wishing it keeps the innovative work going…

Dr. Anshul

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Eden Gardens : My 1st International Match

My excitement was the same as that of the small child, who has just seen the new toy in front of him, as I had seen the India-New Zealand Test Match Ticket in my hand.

Why not ? I was going to see the International Match first time in my life, that too in the Eden Gardens, “Mecca” of the Indian Cricket.

My search for the tickets starts on the saturday evening at Ticketgenie.com, which is the official website where tickets can be found, but I was dissapointed when it shows no availability. Than I checked about the timings when it could be available on ground, but it could be available only after 10am, which means I was going to loose initial couple of hours, but I had no option.

So on the Sunday Morning, we reached eden around 11pm (because of sunday morning extra sleep), and very easily got tickets from the Mohammedan Sporting Club, which was situated just outside of eden gardens. I was like yeeeeeee….

Finally got Tickets 🙂

Than finally we headed to the ground which is about 200m from where we have purchased tickets and parked our vehicle.

Outside View
Eden Gardens from outside : I was thrilled when I seen it.
Main Gate of Eden Gardens : Memories in Pictures.
Tight Security around the whole ground

Inside the Eden Gardens, the environment were terrific, even it is a test match, but still there were Aahhhh and Uuuuhhhh, whenever the Indian batsman misses the balls and there were roars when he hits fours or sixs.

Yes we were lucky to see almost half of the Indian team batting, as in front of me they had loose 6 wickts within 100 runs.

Inside the whole environment was electric

We have been there for the whole second session that is from lunch to tea, after that we departed.

Tickets were also cheap, only between 100-200 rupees.

Overall it was an awesome outing watching the International Match first time that too in a big place.

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Bhutan Diary : My Question to you ?

This is the view after doing trekking for approx 3 kms to Tango Buddhist University in Thimphu. Image : my camera.

Just returned from Bhutan trip on this Puja vacations, and I experianced this beautiful country from so many ways and most of my experiances were good in this Land of Thunder Dragon.
But I have observed some good rules and wonderful practices which I don’t see in my country India.

Some of the good practices in Bhutan are :

  • People have an awesome sence of cleanliness, you will see how much they use their dustbins (however the people of Sikkim in India are more concerned about cleanliness, which shares its border with Bhutan)
  • If you cross the road by using the zebra crossing, or even when zebra crossing is not there, than also the cars stops almost 20 metres before as if they give preferenace to your safety first than anything else.
  • They park their vehicles only in designated parking slot, and have a fear of traffic police, which makes their road congestion free.
  • They return or take money with their both hands and along with a sweet smile.
  • When you talk to them or ask for any help, they would reply you very softly, and you get the feeling that they really want to help you.
  • They have a sence of attachment to the nature, while doing trekking to Taktsang Monestery, one of the tourists was about to throw the plastic water bottle into the trees as she was handling so many things with her both hands and wants to decrease some stuff, but out of the blue one of the local citizen came and said that instead of throwing bottle into the trees, you just gave it to me, I will handle this !! Have you seen this any where else ??

So my simple question to you all is that, For all these awesome practices, only the government is responsible by making strict rules and implement them, or the citizens of that country are highly responsible for maintaining their own country, like Bhutanese do ???

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My Reflections : Endurance.

Exhausted, Extended, Exploited..

But still my body wanted to lasted..

But my body knows his patients wanted to get cured..

So my body keeps running, so that it can help to make their patient’s body running..

Hope these are thoughts that may have come into the Doctor’s mind, who keep doing night duties, even when he exhausted all of his energy, starving, but still perform his job, because he is suppose to..

Dr. Anshul

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BlogChatter’s Half Marathon : My 7 Best Experiences

15days back right on 14th july if someone would have asked me that “Anshul, are you able to write blogs continuosly for days ?” I would have said that I really don’t know as I have just started blogging and I also have very little knowledge about all these website designing and other things..
But after 15 days, I have got more than I have expected from this marathon in my writing skills and also in my imagination power.

My few experiences from this event :

  1. Helps me to broaden my level of thinking, explore new ideas, makes me more creative.
  2. As it is a challenge, so this half marathon really brings some challenges to me, as I was not into blogging previously so to write daily, really was a tough task for me. I have to put a lot of pressure mentally to bring out some quality words that I can write and produce in a good form to my readers. After writing most of the times, I became mentally exhausted.
  3. Some of my relatives and friends used to ask me in these fifteen days as from where I get the time to write blogs (as they continuously see posts on my FB profile) after a routine 12 hours of hospital duty daily with intermittent 24 hours duty in between. So for them the answer is, this marathon also makes me to manage my time little bit more systematically. Whenever there was a time between two surgeries or if I get the break during the surgery, even if it is for minutes, I used to write something, so after some time, it becomes a complete blog and ready to publish.
  4. This marathon reinforce my belief in dedication, determination and resilience.
  5. Waoo… I have learned to write poetry also.. thank u blogchatter.
  6. Able to meet so many new people with a lot of experience as a blogger, their posts helps me to correct myself and to inspire me that a lot can be done if I stick to this. By the inspiration of one the blogger I have written 1 blog more than was required, yeee.
  7. This marathon forces me to decrease time from my non-fruitful activities.

    So in summary this challenge in my initial days of blogging gives me the boost, confidence and the support of the awesome blog buddies to whom I can take guidance at any time.

    Thank You BlogChatter.


    Dr. Anshul

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    A Tale of Two Nights : Book Review

    What happens when you witness the most disastrous industrial event of the world history, what happens when you lose everything but still survives, what happens when God is not on your side but you still become Hero for someone.
    Well the answers of all these peculiar questions, given by Dr. Pradeep Kapoor, in his worderfully framed story, ‘The Tale of Two Nights’.

    Subject :

    Based on true account of the most dreadful industrial chemical disaster of human history, which occured in  Bhopal, capital city of Indian State of Madhya Pradesh   and 1992 Riots which had spread almost all over the country due to various reasons, and most important of those are “Babri Masjid Demolition”.

    History behind the Tragedy :

    The Bhopal disaster, also referred to as the Bhopal gas tragedy, was a gas leak incident in India, considered the world’s worst industrial disaster.

    It occurred on the night of 2–3 December 1984 at the Union Carbide India Limited(UCIL) pesticide plant in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. Over 500,000 people were exposed to methyl isocyanate (MIC) gas and other chemicals. The toxic substance made its way into and around the shanty towns located near the plant. (reference wikipedia)

    Summary :

    Story starts directly with the gas leak and showing one child “Rehan”, running while simultaneously coughing and panting, due to the irritation caused by the leaked gas. Before some time his father, mother and two sisters departed to railway station as they were going to lucknow.

    Than the series of events occurs and Rehan (with the help of handicapped beggar) find himself in ICU of Hamidia hospital (large government hospital of bhopal). His whole family except his dad were also died due to gas at railway station and fortunately his bad was laying beside him in ICU, but unfortunately both were not able to meet each other.

    Another prominant figure in the book was Dr. Dilip, who save the Rehan’s life and make the special bond with him and also managed to reunite father and son.

    Than the life of Dr. Dilip simply goes on, while Rehan and his father hardly manages to live because of God’s cruelty and poverty, and these adverse situations makes Rehan angry towards the system.

    Than 1992 riots occurs, and role reverses between Dr. Dilip and Rehan, where Rehan saved Dr. Dilip from mob who were going to kill him.

    My Take :

    Well the story is very emotional, especially for a Bhopalite like me, as I have seen the adverse effects of this event from my eyes and still people and their future generations are struggling with the after effects of this event.

    So I can say its a good read book to feel the emotions of victims.

    My Lessons from Book :

    1. Any time, anything can occur in your life, so enjoy your life to the fullest.
    2. Humanity is prevalent everywhere, you have to see it and admire it.
    3. Doctors really sacrifice their personal life for the patients, so atleast respect them.
    4. If you do something good, than definitely that good act will return to you in one form or the other, may be from the same person or through some other, but will definitely come.
    5. Do not follow your religion or any person blindly.

    Author :

    Dr. Pradeel Kapoor, is a Pediatrician, doing private practice and living in Bhopal. Can be reached at pkapoorp@rediffmail.com

    My Rating : 3.5/5

    Dr. Anshul

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    Why I am always inclined towards it..

    Why I am always inclined towards trees, their colour, their shape, their arrangements..

    Why I am always inclined towards morning hours, fresh air, fresh oxygen..

    Why I am always inclined towards mountains, their shape, the roads around them..

    Why I am always inclined towards cold season’s chill, rainy season’s showers, summer season’s warmth..

    Why I like to take pictures from my seat in aeroplane, why I like the formation of clouds, the sun rays coming in between them..

    Because I am nature, I am part of this universe.

    P.S. I have taken this picture during my flight journey to one the most beautiful place in India, Shillong, capital of Indian state of Meghalaya, also known as “Scotland of the East”. After writing this, my partner just remind me that I have written the same type of blog before (read here) than why again writing same type, I just reply that I didn’t remember before starting this, I just get the inspiration from this picture and pour my hearts out, sorry, can not control them 🙂

    15 Advantages of Meditation.

    What you will feel when you meet a person, who looks calm, has a smile and shine on his face, no creases on his forehead, radiating some sense of peace. Than in my opinion you will definitely feel good in company of that person.
    Well one of the many ways to have that type of personality is to have  MEDITATION  in your daily healthy practices.

    Well the practice of meditation started in long back in India but because of its unlimited advantages it has spread to all over the world.

    Being from the religious family and also my schooling was from Maharishi School, which are known for their stress to “Transcendental Meditation” practice in their school (you read here about transcendental meditation ), so I am very well exposed to as well as practiced this and experienced its effects.

    Well thousands of definition can be found about meditation, but the most important among all will be one thing, which is too simple to understand and follow, that it ;

    To concentrate on any one thing with total focus and do not let your mind to wander.

    This is very simple yet very practical definition. You just have to focus on any one thing, it is as simple as that, and in my case, I just focus on my breath, only observing that it is going in, coming out, going in, coming out.

    However, the most difficult job in meditation is to control our  wandering mind  , but what I learn in school and in numerous videos that let it be wander, you just focus on your breath (or anything u like), slowly and slowly mind will wander less.

    Position :

    Many wonder what should be the best position in which meditation can be done, well ‘ideally’ it is always  Padmasana.

    But in intial stages or as long as you are comfortable, it can be done in any position what so ever you want, it may be :

    • Just sitting on a chair or a couch
    • Just laying down on a bed 
    • Semi-sitting position
    • Can be done when you are travelling in a car (but not driving by yourself), or in train or flight
    • Can be done while working in your office (just have a five min break)

    You have to focus on a single object. Thats it !!!

    Duration :

    Well, again ‘ideally’ as long as you can and become still.. 

    But for starting purpose, start with 5 mins duration for two times/day, increase it gradually to 15-30 min for 2-3 times/day.

    Well the benefits will show itself gradually day by day.

    15 Advantages of doing Meditation :

    1. You will be more calm, less irritation, less anxiety, less anger.
    2. You will have more Patience. In any adverse condition, you will not gets tensed easily, but instead because of more patience you will develop the capability of first analyzing the condition and than act according to it.
    3. You will start “Acting“, instead of “Reacting”. 
    4. You will have more inner happiness. Its practical aspect is that you will good from inside. A lot of people you will around you who always utter or you can find from there face that they are not feeling good, always in tension, irritated (I know so many faces pop up in your mind).
    5. When you are happy from yourself, than only you can make others happy, so meditation helps to make strong relationships.
    6. More happiness, less depression.
    7. Studies shows that by continuous meditation there is increase in Grey Mater of brain, which are responsible for increase learning and memory.                                                                      
    8. There is decrease in alcohol and substance abuse.
    9. Increase ability to work under stress.
    10. Strong decision making.
    11. Decrease mood swings.
    12. You become more observant, this is one of the most important advantage we get from it, as being observant is really a game changer in any field.
    13. Improves sleep.
    14. However meditation isolates you from outer noises, but it develops certain characteristics that makes you a good social person.
    15. As a doctor how can I forget its healthy benefits… it prevents increase in blood pressure, develops immunity, control your hormons so in turn prevent diabetes, helps to prevent headache.

      Well there are endless advantages of it, and here are are few which I have discussed with you. 

      Most of these advantages are subjective, that is they can only be felt by an individual, so start doing it, as whole worls and celebrities are going gaga for it.

      Here is one picture which sums up all, courtesy by : LiveAndDare.com


      Well thousands blogs, quotes, tips about WORKOUT you can find on internet along with facts, data, expert opinions, but today I am going to share some of my personal experiences while doing personal workout regimen, which I have learnt from internet only after reading many articles, and one of my favourite website from where I have learnt alot is www.bloomtofit.com .
      The 9 IMPORTANT POINTS  what I have observed in my quest for workout, I want to share with you, They are :

      1. I have learnt that what type of body you want to make depends upon your personal preferences. I am more interested in lean, thin, tight and toned body with good cardiovascular functional status with little element of muscle building. 
      2. I have figured out that workouts does not always require large amount of time, rather you can do in 20 minutes also, which normally i do. How ? There is a regimen called HIIT  (High Intensity Interval Training, you can read more about it here HIIT ), it is basically the collection of alternate intense workouts and rests.
      3. In my exercise regimen, the most important tool is  Skipping Rope.  Skip rope basically involves almost all exercise, if you properly do it, highly effective, very less time consuming, cheap, does not require large space, can be done any where, can be taken anywhere. I have learnt alot about skipping rope from here (do read this). Also watch this video .
      4. Do focus on that workout which makes your body stronger from inner aspect as well as from outer aspect, which also increases your work efficiency. For me as per my profession cardio is much more beneficial tham strength training.
      5. I have become more energetic after starting my workouts, able to do more physical work, more effectively, and my body also becomes more flexible and reflexes also improved and sleep becomes more sound.
      6. You Mentally becomes more strong, and that is the most important benefit I have observed. Can sustain pressure for a long time, that too calmly. And there is always the sense of wellbeing amd sense of happiness in me.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
      7. If you research on net, hear comments of health experts, celebrities, you will find that  sugar  is a bad substance, that’s why I have also decreased the consumption of that. But after after doing my workout, I don’t have to restrict myself from having sugar, automaically my conscience does not allow me to have that in excess.
      8. Even the quantity of food is automatcally adjusted by my body, believe me.
      9. Peoples starts to give you compliments 😜

        Well these are some of my most powerful points what I have observed evidently. Will share more in future.

        Are you doing workouts. If NO, then why ? If YES, than what type of workout you are doing.

        Remember doing Workout is very difficult initially, but you comes into the zone than the whole scenario changes.

        Please do share your reviews.
        Dr. Anshul 

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