1st Year MBBS : My fear, My fight..

1st year-MBBS-doctor-persevere-fear-fight-mental-strength-college-competitive-dhoni
You always comes out to be stronger, once you fight with your fear..

“I have been told that you will pass the first year of MBBS, only by studying in the last two months just before the final exams, and I had believed on this statement seriously, and that was my biggest mistake in my whole MBBS life…”
Yes, this is my story, of how I had taken things too lightly, only because of my mistake, and how I had tried to rectify my mistake, by fighting against my fears, by fighting against mental stress and with the help of my close friends.

Whenever any student who wants to become a Doctor, after long hours of study and after passing the tough competitive exams, gets his goal of entering into medical college, than he or she is expected to have euphoria in their initial days, and same was the case with me (but the only difference was that, it stretched too long).

Initial days was full of fun, plus fear of seniors and ragging, new friends, new instruments, learning new things, doing dissection of a human body was altogether a different experience, and I was enjoying every bit of it.

Some of my seniors regularly told me that don’t take tension about studies, you can be easily passed by doing studies in last few months. I trust them and was in the opinion that nobody studies in their first year.

However, as the end of 1st year was coming near, I could realize that my knowledge was inferior as compare to my counterparts, and no one takes my opinion, whenever there was a discussion about studies, but still I thought all these were normal and no need to worry as exams were not near.

But, as the exam’s date announced, I came to the conclusion that I haven’t read at least 70-80% of the syllabus, and I was in a deep trouble.

My friends who were the toppers of my class, they support me, provide me everything that was necessary for the exams.

But the main battle was to fight against the extreme pressure, that was building in my mind as I had to read the vast amount of syllabus.

But you know, when you are under extreme pressure, then from somewhere, the ray of hope did come, if you persevere in your efforts to achieve your goal, and the same thing happened with me.

Even after having the extreme pressure, I just keep repeating the words to myself that “Anshul, keep studying, give your 100%, something good will definitely happen.”

And yes, the good did happen with me. I passed my first year, with 60% marks (that is considered average, as highest goes till approx 75% ).

In my journey of first year, where anything can happen, one of my very good friend, helped me a lot, she was there with me in every bad and good times, and my passing of first year was dedicated to her.

My lesson after 1 st year was that :

  1. Don’t listen to others, if you realize that they are wrong.
  2. If you are in adverse situation, most important thing is to have a cool and calm mind, just remember, Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni.
  3. Friends are valuable, respect them, as if they have helped you in adverse situation, never forget them.
  4. Persevere, persevere, persevere…

Dr . Anshul

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Letter to my 16yr Old..

This is always the crucial age where major transformation occurs in once life.. Image : wikihow.com

Hello Anshul, the 16th,

I know you had enjoyed your sweet 16 age very much, and had done a lot of things, some of which you were proud of and some of which you may want to never occur.

You were at 10th standard at that time, and after having the glorious 9th standard, which was your turning point, you were at your heights in studies and also in co-curricular activities.

I still remember how Papa said to you when you visited him to your shop on your birthday that “This is your sweet 16 age”, in a teasing manner, and you was blushing.

However it was indeed that age when you were transforming from the phase, which was still immature and still want to open more, to that phase, which was supposed to have full maturity along with full responsibility of yourself, in short, you were in a transition phase, where the chances of unthinkable event to occur was very much.

And it do occured with you, which changes your future, in a very profound way, they were :

  1. Had a bad time when you and your close friends, were caught while bunking the school on festival day.
  2. Second event was more profound as You had committed yourself in a relationship, which is still going on, where you are playing a part of a good husband πŸ™‚

These two things really affected you and your character.

One more event I remember, which you still boasts about that how you barely manage to pass in MATHS Subject 10th board with the passing marks, and you and your partner still fights, who had got more marks in Maths, as both of you were dumb in Maths and both were on the dangerous line.. lol..

But I still remember, you were the Vice Captain of your House Nagarjuna, and you were so much passionate about winning the compititions for yourself and for your house. I can still recall the event when you were teaching the KG children how to recite the poems in compitition with so much efforts, and even teaching them the body language with their recitation, and I must admit that was still inspiration for me.

One last thing I remember that you had started thinking about your future as Doctor, and started telling others that you would definitely become a Doctor, and the good thing is you have achieved that πŸ™‚

Thank you my 16th year for the valuable experiance you have given me…

Your’s only..

Dr. Anshul, the 28th.

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Kolkata’s Durga Puja : Pandal Hopping, Part 1

In India, the word West Bengal and Durga Puja, always comes simultaneously, and there is strong reason for it because here the people are madly in love with their beloved God Durga, who is known for destroying the evil forces and bring peace.

If you found yourself in Kolkata during Durja Puja, than you are lucky as you can witness at any place the “Pandal”, which is as grand as any filmy set and as awesome and beautifully made as you can not think of it, because here in Kolkata the pandals of Durga Puja costs in lakhs with hundreds of footfalls during each day.

So I am lucky to be in kolkata since two years and able to witness the madness or I should the correct word devotion towards Maa Durga.

This year in Durga Puja, me with my colleagues done something new. We all had decided to go for “Pandal Hopping” together, so for this we had booked a traveller for 20 persons.

That was an awesome time for all of us to roam on the roads of Kolkata, hopping from one pandal to another, walking on the roads amd experiance the joy in the “city of joy”.

Walking on the roads from one pandal to another. Image : doctorsblogging

I had enquired about the pandals from the local citizen, they had said that the preparation for pandal making starts from 2-3 months before and there was expenditure of about 20-30 lakhs in normal pandals, and I must say that is huge.
But if you observe the pandals, than you would fall in love with its beauty and design, than you could imagine the hard work they had done.

Doctor’s Day Out. Image : doctorsblogging

Overall it was nice outing with all, and making the memories…

In next blog, I will post pictures of Pandal Hopping, and grandness of kolkata’s durga puja, which you can read here.

Dr. Anshul

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My Reflections : Reading.

Reading Benefits. Image : visual.ly

Once mom says while we were going somewhere in our jeep, “Anshul, read what is written on that billboard”, with a bad face I started reading Majboot daton ke liye Dabur laal dant manjan” … 
But still as a child I don’t understood why she had done that…

Once again when we had visited my relatives, there again she showed me some billboard, and I compelled to read again about the advertisents of coaching institute.

But after some time I had observed that even without my mumma’s pressure, I had started reading billboards whenever I observed them.

As my father was also a avid reader of newspapers, so every morning whenever I go to meet my father, he always surrounded by so many newspapers, which includes almost all the top newspapers of Bhopal.

Because of this, the habit of reading newspapers also comes into my system just by observing my dad.

From that point, my reading habit shoots like anything, starting from reading billboards and newspapers to reading books of chetan bhagat, ravinder singh, durjoy dutta, autobiographies of legends to reading about new skill.

Now after becoming a Doctor, I have to read each and every time 😜

Reading opens a totally different world for me, a new way of thinking and attitude and make me a better and responsible person.

And yes, reading makes me a blogger too πŸ™‚

Just one advice to you all, read something each day, even for 15-20 mins, and you will see a totally different person in yourself over a time.

Reading 15-20 mins/day. Image : kasl.typepad.com

Dr. Anshul

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My Reflections : Endurance.

Exhausted, Extended, Exploited..

But still my body wanted to lasted..

But my body knows his patients wanted to get cured..

So my body keeps running, so that it can help to make their patient’s body running..

Hope these are thoughts that may have come into the Doctor’s mind, who keep doing night duties, even when he exhausted all of his energy, starving, but still perform his job, because he is suppose to..

Dr. Anshul

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Gone are the Days..

Gone are the days when Doctors consider as God..

Gone are the days when Medicine was considered as Noble profession..

Gone are the days when patients respect their healer, the Doctor..

Gone are the days when Medicine was not the profession to earn money but to serve the unfortunate..

Gone are the days when the patients trust their Healer blindly..

Gone are the days when so many Doctors does not put their 100% efforts because they know that patient will take other’s opinions also..

Gone are the days when feelings matter from both sides, now only the money speaks..

But I must say Doctor is here to cure the illness, the pain, of a patient as that was patient’s priority.. and the patient is here just for showing gratitude for the Doctor’s efforts as that is what he wants mainly..

Doctor’s Duty, Patient’s Gratitude. Image: Linkedin.com

Dr. Anshul
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Misconception : About Spinal Anaesthesia

Doctor, is there any other option apart from giving injection in my back because I have “Heard” that there is long term pain in the back after receiving injection in the back during SPINAL ANAESTHESIA.”

I have heard these type of question from 8 out of 10 patients who have to undergo spinal anaesthesia for surgeries, and trust me I really get irritated by hearing this because this question arises from the misconception that is widely prevalent in the society including my family members too, and that causes a lot of inconveniance to both the doctors and the patients.

And these misconceptions present mainly in pregnant females.

What is Spinal Anaesthesia ?

Describing in a very general terms for the common population :

It is type of anaesthesia, in which instead of whole body, only the lower part of the body becomes non-sensitive to pain and touch and becomes total numb, while the upper part is normal, and the patient is concious and alert.

In Spinal Anaesthesia, drug in delivered into the spinal cord, where it directly acts on the nerves of the spinal cord.

Anatomy of Spinal Cord. Image : wikipedia

How it is performed ?
By putting the patient in sitting position, after cleaning and taking all aseptic precautions, a fine needle is introduced into the patient’s spinal cord through the space between the two vertebra, and through that needle a Local Anaesthetic Drug is given which acts on the spinal cord nerves and make them non-sensitive to pain and touch.

Anaesthetist giving spinal anaesthesia. Image : wikipedia
Spinal Anaesthesia Needle and Drug. Image : Wikipedia

Spinal Anaesthesia Useful for :

  1. All lower limb surgeries like leg’s fractures
  2. Caesarean Section (delivery by operation)
  3. Surgeries around the umbilicus that is Hernia
  4. Vascular surgeries in lower limbs
  5. Hysterectomy (removal of uterus)
  6. TURP (prostate removal surgery)

Misconception :

That after receiving spinal anaesthesia, patients especially pregnant females having the backache for the whole life.

Reality :

  1. There is no severe trauma to tissues in spinal anaesthesia which leads to long term pain, temporary pain for 1-2 days may occur. The only exception is when the patient is having very difficult spine or having some diseases like Ankylosing Spondylitis, the procedure of spinal anaesthesia may become difficult, which may leads to slight tissue trauma, but still it is not of that much concern.
  2. In pregnancy, because of distended abdomen, there is stretching of vertebral ligaments, which resumes its normal shape after pregnancy but in great majority of females, it not resumes its shape fully, untill and unless the female do regular exercises post pregnancy, and that is also one of the main reason of having backache. And because delivery and spinal anaesthesia events occurs simultaneouly, so females tends to think that back ache is due to spinal anaesthesia, rathan than not doing exercise post pregnancy.

Problems because of Misconception :

The only problem because of this mis-conception is that patient refused to have spinal anaesthesia and want to undergo General Anaesthesia (full unconciousness) even if it is not needed.

In spinal anaesthesia, patients main physiology is intact, we need not to do much interferance in body’s normal functioning, while in General Anaesthesia, tue whole body function’s is at anaesthetist’s hand.

Conclusion :

So when ever Spinal Anaesthesia is desirable as per Anaesthetist’s choice, patient should go fot it, because Doctors know better how to take care of your body πŸ™‚

Dr. Anshul

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Real Happiness.

Nurse tapping on his rest room door in a rush, and he tirelessly opens up the door, little bit irritated as he barely had one and half hour sleep, before this nurse brings him back to his senses.

“What happened ? Why are you disturbing me again, is there again the usual delivery case in an emergency room ?” he asked to nurse and wondering why all the mothers have decided to give birth to their babies on his emergency duty.

She said “No sir, there is a trauma case of a young female, who lost almost whole of his lower body’s skin and muscles in a road traffic accident, and whatsoever is present, they are in patches, she is bleeding profusely and she is posted for surgery as her left leg bones are also broken”

He hurriedly runs to the emergency department for doing the “Pre-Anaesthesia Checkup” and assess her situation, given orders for preservation of blood units and inform his anaesthetic consultant about the condition of patient.

Aniket was a 2nd year Post-graduate Anaesthesia resident and was on night duty that day, he arranges all the things which he would need for anaesthetising this patient, before patient enters into the OT.

Finally the patient was entered and was operated by two surgeons, one was Orthopaedic and another one was Plastic surgeon as she also need skin dressing.

After that day, that female was a continuous visitor of the operation theatre as her skin part needs a regular cleaning and dressing as that was badly damaged during the accident.

And for the same thing, Aniket regularly visits her for her pre-anaesthesia check up before any OT.

During those check ups, once he found that the female patient was depressed and was on the verge of crying, and than the inner  “Inspirational Guru” of Aniket awakened (as he was a avid reader of motivational books) and he just tried to cheer her up, told about theories of the “Secret” documentary movie, about the “Law of Attraction” and about how our happy mind can heal us.

What he was doing that day, was normal for him, as his job was to cure patient physically and mentally, but he didn’t know that the motivation he was giving to that girl was a relief in distress, was a power in her loosing battle, was a ray of light amid darkness, and since that day that girl starts to laugh, always have smile on her face, and the main thing she was recovering, but with a smiling face.

Whenever she entered into the OT, she always enquires about Aniket, if he was not present in her OT.

Finally the day came when she doesn’t need the regular change of dressing and the plastic surgeon discharged her from the hospital after months of treatment, but she was not able to see Aniket on her last day.

One day when Aniket just returned from the hospital in the evening, he found that the bunch of beautiful flowers was carefully placed at the doorstep of his house with the letter on which mickey mouse was smiling in the top left corner of the letter and the words were written in a florescent ink :

Dear Smiling Doctor..

        Finally I am discharged from the hospital, with a good recovery, and the surgeon said that now I don’t need regular dressing, only once in a month I have to come hospital for regular check up.

      Doctor I just want to say that I am really thankful to you not only for the relief you have given me from pain during those painful dressings by your skillful use of anaesthesia, but mainly for the motivation you have given me during those check ups, which really helped me to cope up stress which originates from my physical condition.

    There are many doctors who treat well,but there are only few who alongwith treatment also gives happiness and courage to fight any thing.

   Thank You again… God Bless You..


Annoying Patient…

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Diabetes : The Silent Killer

Whenever I go towards to do Pre-Anaesthesia Check Up of the patients who are posted for next day surgery, than I routinely find two most common diseases in almost 99% of cases.

Those two are :

  • Diabetes 
  • Hypertension

And you know what, these two diseases are the ones, who are highly influenced by our daily lifestyles and diet, but still we do not give much emphasis on prevention of these diseases and rather focus on spending a huge amount of money and time after getting affected by these “Slow Poison” like diseases.

Today I am going to tell you about only diabetes, and mind this I am not writing this blog for the sake of writing, but I want you to modify your lifestyle so that you can be prevented by these preventable diseases.

What is Diabetes ?

It is group of metabolic diseases, in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.

The main problem is that its symptoms are not that prominant when the disease is mild or moderate, and that’s why most of the cases present with severe symptoms.

Area Distribution of Disease :

Almost all of the India has this disease, and that’s why it is expected to be the “World Capital of Diabetes”, but fortunately China becomes 1st.

Some important distributing areas are :

Some Facts about Diabetes :

Risk Factors for Diabetes :

Symptoms :

Treatment :

  • Improve your diets, cut out unnecessary things. 
  • Do regular exercise, even if involves a simple walking.
  • And last option is Drugs and Insulin, if prevention methods does not works.

Complications if not treated :

Here I am going to use some pictures which shown dreadful complications of diabetes, if not treated.

( Warning : Following pictures may cause distress to your mind. My poupose of showing these photos only to show you the graveness of this disease.)

Conclusion :

I have described in a very simple terms, and with diagrams, so that these things can inbuilt in your mind.

Do focus on these things, because diabetes is really a very bad disease.

If you want to get two things back from this blog, than it should be this two :

  1. Regular exercise.
  2. Balanced Diet.

    Hope this small piece of writing may help to raise alarm into your mind about your eating and physical habits, that’s my only purpose.

    So tell me, do you workout ?? Or about your eating habits, are they healthy ??

    Dr. Anshul

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    Book Review : Life is What You Make it…Β 

    Just finished an awesome book, may be lot of you have already read it, as it is in market since 2011.
    Book’s full name is “Life is what you make it.. a story of love, hope and how determination can overcome even destiny.”

    Just finished this, and I am really moved to read this book, presently in total emotional state as how some Mental Disorders can shatters a individual’s life and a career, how a person loses his trust on his own identity, on his own close ones, and how these mental disorders compels person even to take the extreme step to take his own life also.

    Summary :

    This book starts with the character known as Ankita. She with her family was living in Cochin, Kerala.

    Story was weaved around 1990, when the major means of long distance communication was through letters and phones were sparsely used and had dials.

    Ankita’s family was little bit conserved in terms of boys but open in terms of her career. 

    After finishing schools, she had taken admission in a renowned college St.Agnes, and becomes its board member. Being a board member, she had to deal with various inter-college compititions, and through it she comes into contact with Abhi (who has fallen in love with her in a very first meeting, and yes she was already in a long distance relationship with her classmate who was in IIT-D).

    Ankita fell in love with Abhi, as he was totally in love with her, but at the same time, she was also ambitious, career oriented, so after she had got selection in one of top elite B-school in Mumbai after her graduation, her family decided to shift there and the same time she decided to break up her relationship from Abhi, which leads to his death.This incident shocked her deeply, but she didn’t express this.

    After coming to Mumbai, she was enjoying her college, and that was the time when something different starts happening with her.

    Initially she was over energetic, over enthusiastic, highly creative, requires less sleep. But as the day progresses, alongwith the above features, she also starts getting depressive symptoms like not in a mood to do anything, getting panic attacks, a feeling a loosing everything, a feeling of darkness, a feeling of everything comes over her, starts coming. The disease called “Bipolar Disorder”.

    These alternating features of hyperactivity followed by depressive symptoms, compelled her to suicide twice.

    Her supportive parents then visited the leading mental hospital in Bangalore, where after weeks of treatment, she comes out of her grave disease (thankful to Dr. Madhusudan).

    My Lessons :

    1. Love is precious, even if it comes from anywhere, take care of it.
    2. Always be ambitious, career oriented, but not so much that you do not think about your close ones.
    3. If you have some problem, which you are not able to solve, always ask help from someone, nothing wrong to ask for anything.
    4. Trust and Faith in one’s abilities, that’s what makes all the difference.
    5. Cherish relations, small things of life, as that’s what makes the life itself.
    6. Mental Disorders are like any other body disorders, there is no element of shame in it, if you feel that you have, than it’s always better to visit the Doctor.

    My Final Take :

    This book is must read, as it not only tells you a story but also educates you about the importance of Mental Disorders, and also about the power of love, faith, trust….

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