Republic : Meaning for me..

“Long road ahead for being the rue republic” Image :

Between so many news which is coming in the media after the famous demonetization decision or the Papa-Beta split in Samajwadi Party, there is one news, which is soothing to me and for most of the Indians, is that we have just celebrated our 68th Republic Day.
Every year most of us celebrate this day by sleeping an hour extra, or plan to watch a new film like Raees this year, and some of the patriot among us celebrate by watching the Republic day parade on DoorDarshan channel.

But what actually Republic means ??

The definition I found on internet is :

a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

Now what I perceive the meaning of Republic is ;

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leaders, who would think about our development, but we don’t utilize it wisely, because more than development we think about to which caste that particular leader belongs…

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leader, who would think about our country and its development, but we choose the leaders who would benefit us and our relatives, forget motherland…

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leaders, who would creat the environment of entrepreneurship, environment of innovations, but we choose the leaders who are more interested in making temples or mosques…

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leaders who would give funds for research into new things, but we choose the leaders who fund large parties for their party workers who do their flattery…

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leaders, who focus on the healthcare and spend more money on healthcare system of our country, but we choose leaders who instead of healthcare, are more focus on increasing their salary in parliaments…

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leaders, who would build the bridge between different communities of our country, so that we can all contribute to the development of our states and country, but we choose leaders who are more interested to keep talking about “Intolerance”…

Well, there are innumerable examples, about which I can keep writing for hours, but what I want to convey that being Republic, our constitution, empowers us to choose our leaders, who lead us for a prosperous future, who lead us where our future generations thrive in a healthy environment, so we should use our power wisely, and choose those leaders, who think beyond caste and religion, and contribute for our country’s development.

Dr. Anshul



Idol of millions..

I was just having a look on my timeline at Twitter.
I observed that my hero Sachin Tendulkar was trending there in the top 20 list.

Which leads to so many memories comes up in my mind related to my small obsession with my hero.

Here are some of them :

  • I still remember I left everything when Sachin was on the crease.
  • When India bats second, I always get disappointed because then I had to wait for extra three hours to see my hero batting.
  • We played with local bats made up of wood, and I always stick MRF sticker on the front of my bat only to mimic Sachin’s bat.
  • If anyone said awful about Sachin, then I get annoyed, and this tactic was used especially by my father and uncle. They purposely said something bad about Sachin only to tease me 😉
  • I always took Sachin type of Stance whenever I went to bat.
  • Always try to play straight shots as Sachin does.
  • And when Sachin got out early in the innings, then for me, the entire match was a waste. I still remember in 2003 world cup final, how I abandoned the complete match after Sachin dismissed early.
  • I practice in my room with Sachin’s picture in front of me.
  • I too have cried when Sachin announced his retirement.
  • And I have just finished reading Sachin’s autobiography 🙂

    May be these are the little things for others and may have done by thousands of other Sachin’s fan, but still these were the lovely moments for me to cherish always…

    Dr. Anshul

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    Indian Railways : Innovating Better Ways to Secure Life.

    Indian Railways-Insurance-Safety-ICICI-ICICILombard-RoyalSundaram
    Essential Part of Indians. Image :

    The largest and the most important transportation network, which is the backbone of our country since beginning, and which remains in news, may be because of political reasons, or because of accidental reasons, or most importantly because of welfare reasons.
    And this blog would just inform you all with one more good reason for which it is in news, and this is the Insurance Scheme” which railways has started for its passengers.

    Some days before, I was doing reservation for my professor through my ID on IRCTC, I observed that there is one option of taking Insurance for the passengers, in the lower part of screen.

    I thought it is same as that of flights which require few hundred rupees, so I tried to skip it, and hits the ‘next’ button to go for final payment, but the error occured and said Insurance part to be tick.

    Than that time only, I read the terms and conditions, which clearly states that would be requirement of only 1 rupee premium for the insurance of thousands of rupees.

    I was like, Wao, that’s the really good method to support those who faces the bad luck during their journey and met the disaster.

    Main insurance companies participated in this scheme are ICICI Lombard and Royal Sundaram.

    One such example of this scheme is :

    Screen Shot of that Insurance scheme by Indian Railways

    Well I must praise to the Indian Railways to come up with this type of scheme, which is a Win Win situation for both the railways and the passenger, and just wishing it keeps the innovative work going…

    Dr. Anshul

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    Kolkata’s Durga Puja : Pandal Hopping, Part 1

    In India, the word West Bengal and Durga Puja, always comes simultaneously, and there is strong reason for it because here the people are madly in love with their beloved God Durga, who is known for destroying the evil forces and bring peace.

    If you found yourself in Kolkata during Durja Puja, than you are lucky as you can witness at any place the “Pandal”, which is as grand as any filmy set and as awesome and beautifully made as you can not think of it, because here in Kolkata the pandals of Durga Puja costs in lakhs with hundreds of footfalls during each day.

    So I am lucky to be in kolkata since two years and able to witness the madness or I should the correct word devotion towards Maa Durga.

    This year in Durga Puja, me with my colleagues done something new. We all had decided to go for “Pandal Hopping” together, so for this we had booked a traveller for 20 persons.

    That was an awesome time for all of us to roam on the roads of Kolkata, hopping from one pandal to another, walking on the roads amd experiance the joy in the “city of joy”.

    Walking on the roads from one pandal to another. Image : doctorsblogging

    I had enquired about the pandals from the local citizen, they had said that the preparation for pandal making starts from 2-3 months before and there was expenditure of about 20-30 lakhs in normal pandals, and I must say that is huge.
    But if you observe the pandals, than you would fall in love with its beauty and design, than you could imagine the hard work they had done.

    Doctor’s Day Out. Image : doctorsblogging

    Overall it was nice outing with all, and making the memories…

    In next blog, I will post pictures of Pandal Hopping, and grandness of kolkata’s durga puja, which you can read here.

    Dr. Anshul

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    Bhutan Diary : My Question to you ?

    This is the view after doing trekking for approx 3 kms to Tango Buddhist University in Thimphu. Image : my camera.

    Just returned from Bhutan trip on this Puja vacations, and I experianced this beautiful country from so many ways and most of my experiances were good in this Land of Thunder Dragon.
    But I have observed some good rules and wonderful practices which I don’t see in my country India.

    Some of the good practices in Bhutan are :

    • People have an awesome sence of cleanliness, you will see how much they use their dustbins (however the people of Sikkim in India are more concerned about cleanliness, which shares its border with Bhutan)
    • If you cross the road by using the zebra crossing, or even when zebra crossing is not there, than also the cars stops almost 20 metres before as if they give preferenace to your safety first than anything else.
    • They park their vehicles only in designated parking slot, and have a fear of traffic police, which makes their road congestion free.
    • They return or take money with their both hands and along with a sweet smile.
    • When you talk to them or ask for any help, they would reply you very softly, and you get the feeling that they really want to help you.
    • They have a sence of attachment to the nature, while doing trekking to Taktsang Monestery, one of the tourists was about to throw the plastic water bottle into the trees as she was handling so many things with her both hands and wants to decrease some stuff, but out of the blue one of the local citizen came and said that instead of throwing bottle into the trees, you just gave it to me, I will handle this !! Have you seen this any where else ??

    So my simple question to you all is that, For all these awesome practices, only the government is responsible by making strict rules and implement them, or the citizens of that country are highly responsible for maintaining their own country, like Bhutanese do ???

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    My Reflections : Bhutan and Buddhism.

    Its my third day in Bhutan, and I have observed so many things about the land and about the Buddhism. 

    As I have seen some the same practices in Gangtok (capital of Indian state of Sikkim), which I have seen in Bhutan, and both of these places are Buddhist dominated.

    Want to share some of my observations, I may be wrong, please correct me where ever required.

    1. Buddhism is mainly dominated in hilly areas, which connects it with the nature and its elements.
    2. There is so much importance of colours in Buddhism.
    3. They put small flags mainly in open places that are situated at hights, where air flow easily. 
      Prayer Flags. Image : wikipedia
    4. They even put emphasis on architecture of their homes and monastries.

    These are some of my major observations, will share my whole trip of Bhutan soon with you all.

    Some of my recent pictures from Thimphu and Paro cities of Bhutan..

    View from Paro Dzong.
    Tango University, Thimphu, Bhutan. This is view which comes after 40 mins hike.
    Thimphu Dzong, main administrative place where government offices and monastery both are situated.

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    My Recent Travel Experiances.

    From last 1 year I was in love with travelling, and mind it, it is not a normal love, but I have spent almost most of my free time thinking only about new places to explore in my leaves, which I normally get with great difficulty and that too only for 1-2 days.

    But eventually I have learned to travel within these few days that too with coverage of most the things in any given place.

    Few things what I practice in my travelling, I want to share it with you all :

    1. Firstly I choose randomly any place where I want to travel, and it is based only on my instincts.
    2. Than I stick to that place, and starts searching for the flights, and till by god’s grace I always able to find some, which are cheaper than the normal.
    3. Throughly I do research about that place, on a travelling site, most I follow holidayiq website, read most of the reviews, and get the idea of most of the main tourists spots.
    4. Than I search the hotels, and mostly search for Budget Hotels. For this I mainly follow stayzilla website.
    5. Try to travel within the city through public transport if possible and if time permits (remember I cover cities within 1-3 days, so I have to be on my toes), otherwise hire the private cab.
    6. I try to talk to locals about the price of cabs before hiring, so that I can have the idea of pricing. In Gangtok, because of just one person I had saved 700rs, and same was in Shillong.
    7. I try to do minimal packing, mainly carry only the backpacks.
    8. Apart from the routine tourists places, I always try to interact with locals so that I can know about the local cultures, practices and thinking patterns. 
    9. I try to explore the city by taking any random roads by walking and just observe the peoples.
    10. For me travelling is not only just visiting the tourists spots but also to feel the tradition, language, people interactions, their festivals, their main mode of earning and to know their ideology about national affairs (you may be thinking how offbeat I am).

      Well this is how I travel, and shortly will starts sharing my travel stories of perticular cities.

      But before going away, want to share some of my RAW pics and videos with you, have a look and share your views : 

      Dr. Anshul


      The festival of celebration of bond or the emotions between brother and sister is Rakhi or Raksha Bandhan.

      Celebrated on a very large scale in India, so many stories of this festival can be found in the historical or cultural textbooks of India.

      The chemistry of a brother and sister relationship is very unique, sometimes it is lovable, sometimes it is horrible, sometimes caring, sometimes they could take each other’s life (hehe, can throw pile of books on each other), sometimes can fight with others for the sake of each other…. ufff… so many things, so many emotions but one relation…

      I am the luckiest guy in the world who is fortunate enough to have so many sisters at home. In my home there is “always more sisters than brothers” culture, be it with my father’s generation or my generation, and that’s the main reason that I have grown up with the feeling of respect towards girl child.

      I do have so many incidents with my sisters which I want to share with you..

      • I and my elder sister always have little fights with each other, we even pull each other hairs, and yell “mummyyyyyyyyy”
      • Whenever I had a fight with my elder sister, than mum always takes my side and father always takes didi’s (sister) side.
      • My sisters always takes care of my shopping and still I take their guidance in nitty gritty of things.
      • Once in my school days when I was in 4th or 5th class, on of the my senior had a crush on me (may be I am exaggerating a little 😜 ), but when I told my sister about it (how innocent I was 😁), she just went there and thrashed her and said “He is my brother, agar usko phir se dekha to aakhen nikal lungi” (he is my brother, if you see him again, I will take your eyes) but I still regret this why I had told her as the girl was beautiful 😜.
      • Once I had a huge fight with one of my sister, and I complained this to my father, what father told me was a lesson of a lifetime to me. He told : “Anshul, you are lucky that you have these moments, cherish it, ask to those persons, who do not have sisters”. Rightly said Papa.

      Well this is it, want to finish this blog, as my wife already screaming on me, so that she can tie the beautiful “Rakhi” on my hand, which is send by my beautiful sisters.

      My whole extended family celebrating Rakhi together.

      Dr. Anshul

      I feel Disgust about…

      On the 70th Independance Day of India, I want to tell you about the things, which I feel disgusted about my fellow citizens, when they do dishonour my Mother India.

      •  I feel disgusted when the feeling of patriotism in my fellow countryman comes only once in a year and rest of the year most of them don’t do anything specifically for their country.
      • I feel disgusted when any sports personality, or celebrity or good politicians, hoist the Tricolor in their own way, like cover their body in happiness, or handling in any way, only to show their happiness when they do something which makes their country proud. But at the same time, our pseudopatriotic leaders or common men, does not see their achievements, but they do see that these famous personalities misbehave with the tricolor. I just want to say them, Man do you have guts to do that, what they have done for our country.
      • I feel disgusted when government do something wrong for the country, than every citizen starts cursing the government. But at the same time, when government wants little efforts from its citizens like in Swaatch Bharat/Clean India Campaign, Green India, Girl Child Education, or even when government wants little things like “Yaha Peshab karna mana hai”, “yaha thookna mana hai”, “yaha cigarette pina mana hai”. But in all these things common man does not want to participate, or even does not think about it, and that’s why in my opinion they do not have any right to say anything to government.
      • I feel disgusted, when on the occasion of Independance day, people puts pictures of Monuments of National Importance on their social media profiles, but they never try to visit those places, or even if they try than they don’t want to know about the history of that place, and some of them goes to extreme limits by writing their names on the walls of those precious monuments, as though they were obliged to do that.
      • I feel disgusted, when they talks about what the government is responsible to do for the country, but they forget what they are responsible to do for their country. Even the President of the USA had said to his fellow citizens in his famous speech in 1961 that ; 
      • I feel disgusted, when they curse the government as it orders to cut the electricity for 1-2 hours/day mainly in summer, but they forget to switch off the lights and fans when they are not using it.

        So by my this blog, I just only want to convey that there are so many things which we, as a common citizen, of this glorious country, can do from our part, and make this country, peaceful, cleaner and progressive.

        And our superstar Shah Rukh Khan has given a very appropriate statement in Chennai Express Film :

        Never underestimate the Power of Common Man..

        This is Part 1 of my Independance Day blog series. Next part is due till today’s night. So lets be there for the second part my fellow buddies.

        Dr. Anshul

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        Sadness Vs Hope

        I always feel sadness, when I can see so many people around me who does not really bother about the importance of cleanliness around themselves, and they have learnt to live in a dirtyness.

        And this attitude of those persons also shows in a family or a community, where they lives.

        Even if the dustbin is around them, they not able to notice it, and throw the waste in an open surroundings.

        I deeply hurt, when I see these type of pictures in newspapers or social media or internet :

        But I  am really Hopeful to see this, and wished this type of surroundings should be present in as many places as possible :

        So I am leaving on you, which side you want to go, and make your country proud of you…

        Dr. Anshul

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        Note : All pictures are taken from internet, for the purpose of awareness.