Am I on the right path, don’t know ?

Am I progressing at the right speed, dont’t know ?

Am I using my whole potential in my work, don’t know ?

Am I doing the right things, at the right time, don’t know ?

All I know that I am following my mom’s words, “Charameti…. Charameti…”

Chalte raho… chalte raho… 

So, I am sure about one thing at present that I am in non stop ‘motion’, doing some ‘constructive’ work continuosly…

Importance of “Wishful Thinking”.

For me “wishful thinking” is synonymous with  Dreaming  , and my today’s blog post will be dedicated to Dream… 

One of the most iconic personality in Indian History, who was the normal boy in one of the small village in the country, far off from the big city, located in the coastal area, that boy being born in a poor family, distributing news papers, but had the fire in the belly to do something big.

His sister burrowed money for his study by selling her valuable thing, and he didn’t let her down, he persists in his efforts to do something big, and one day he had done something big in Indian Aerospace.

He has joined  DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) and become a MISSILE MAN.

He had been awarded the highest civilian honour of India “Bharat Ratna” and become the first man of India, by becoming “The President of India”.

He had done all these things by keeping in mind only the one thought, which he repeats in every social gathering which he attends, and that thought is  “Dream, Dream, Dream…”

He always give emphasis on Dream Big, as according to him, if you dream big than the big thoughts will come into your mind, and when thoughts come than the action generates, as whatsoever you think, you do.
What is Dreaming Big ?? It is wishful thinking to do some big thing, to become some big person so that you can contribute in other’s development also along with your country.

I have seen many advantages of big thinking in own life, be in the familial matters, professional matters, while travelling in unknown places, and while handling day to day matters.

You can experience the benefits by yourself only if you start thinking big, thinking out of your comfort zone, thinking out of false boundries which you have made for yourself.

Think Big. Get More.

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Karate Kid Movie : My lessons

Well what I can say about it as lot of you already had seen this movie and most probably remember its story very well, but after 6 years of its release, I just seen it day before yesterday (how outdated I am :|)

But for people like me, I will just tell the summary of it.

Story :

Its a story thats starts with the mother named Sherry Parker (Taraji P. Henson) and son named Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) migrating from US to CHINA for work.

Dre finds himself little bit uncomfortable in new environment, and that made himself and his mother sad.

One day while playing in a park, he finds a new friend Meiying, who was a violin lover but at the same time he also make his new enemy Cheng, who was getting training in Kung-fu as Cheng did not like his friendship with Meiying. So whenever Cheng finds Dre in his surroundings, he starts finghting with Dre, and Dre couldn’t do anything except having some punches from Cheng.

And this leads to his meeting with Mr.Han (Jackie Chan), and this meeting leads to the training of Dre in Kung-fu, so that he can fight with Cheng in some kung-fu compitition and beat him.

This is a good motivational story and can cause some adrenaline rush into your body. I recommend that if you haven’t watch it till now than have some time amd see it.

My Lessons from this film :

Well I always tries to extract some lessons from anything I do, so here are some my personal lessons from the film.

  1. We always feel uncomfortable to new places, to new situations, to new practices, to new people but if you think that these aforementioned things are right, than hang on, you will surely adapt to all new things, butbit requires some dedication and persistance from your side (like Dre feels uncomfortable in China ).
  2. You can make enemies and friends at any time, so be beware.
  3. When you feel that a perticular situation is the most worst in your life, but actually if you see from another and better angle that situation has the potential of producing the most fruitful result of your life. But you should have that strong mentality to see good in bad (like when Cheng makes Dre’s life miserable to the point that he starts avaoiding him, but in the same situation he finds the mentor like Jackie Chan).
  4. To become perfect in any Art, you have to practice it, with full dedication, determination, and persistence.
  5. Your inner motivation supports you at the time, when your body starts to give up, so always be motivated. Just like you shower daily to keep your body clean, in the same way keep motivating your mind daily.

    I remember one quote :

    Thanks to Mana Apoorva ( for highly recommending me to watch this movie.

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    Is MENTAL PRESSURE Important for our Improvement ?

    Well I have thousand examples till now in my medical career and in life, that I can say pressure is soooo good to keep you going and achieving great things in your life.

    Recent example of it most of us has seen in Salman Khan’s blockbuster “SULTAN” (on which I have written a blog yesterday, please check out here ), that how the aim of setting the Blood Bank puts him under such pressure that he pursue to do wrestling at an age when most of the wrestlers retire and that too in the free style wrestling.

    I am going to share some of my personal examples when the pressure to achieve something in my life brings out some good things in my character which even I do not know before..

    1. I switched from CBSE Board to State Board in my 12th class, so that I can have more time for preparation for my Pre-Medical Exams. That state board school was a Hindi medium school and they were ready to give me unlimited holidays so that I can have ample time for coachings and study. In the final exams of 12th class, because of miscommunication between me and my Hindi medium friend, I had gone to give English paper with the preparation for Hindi language (not revised English language subject from a long time). Now at that time I was totally aghast, almost crying, fear of not passing 12th starts developing (remember I was preparing for Medical exams also), than out of nowhere that pressure develops some kind of inspiration and I said to myself that “You already studied in CBSE where most of questions comes from outside of the sallybus, so you can do it”, finally managed to do something and got pass with approx 60% marks in English 😁 .
    2. When I managed to enter into the Medical College, I was totally in a masti mood for whole of the year and with much difficulty manage to get pass the 1st year, but was not feeling good. So because of the pressure of performing better, I promised myself that now I would study like the ideal medical student, tried to do that for the next 5 years, and able to get some satisfactory results.
    3. When I had come first time to a new city with a  totally different culture, without any relatives living there, without any college hostle (as in Hostels we do find some like minded people, and we do make some awesome friends there) I do find some mental challenge, but again that pressure generate some peculiar joy of exploring new things, make relations with acquaintances, and this pressure helps me to open myself, to improve communication, to manage things by my own, to explore the unknown.
    4. The pressure of working long hours in hospitals develops the abilty of relentlessness. Even after working for 30 hours, if my HOD tells me to do more, than I can (but internally not want to 😜 )
    5. When I was new to my specialization training, obviously I do make mistakes (and still doing in my 2nd year of post graduation), and my professors/seniors do punish me (verbally), obviously I feel bad, but this verbal punishment makes me mentally strong to sustain in pressure situations, and this quality is highly important in medical profession (and in others too).
    6. Started writing blogs sometime back, not in a writing hobby previously, but the pressure to do something good pushes me to do writing, to make time for it. And this pressure of performing better and to be in company of some good bloggers compel me to join #BlogChatter ‘s #HalfMarathon . And see writing some meaningful stuff for the straight 5th day.

      These are some of the examples from my experience that I want to share with you all about how the pressure helps us in our life if we take it in a positive way.

      What are yours… share it with me, how mental pressure affects you, positively or negatively ???