1st Year MBBS : My fear, My fight..

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You always comes out to be stronger, once you fight with your fear..

“I have been told that you will pass the first year of MBBS, only by studying in the last two months just before the final exams, and I had believed on this statement seriously, and that was my biggest mistake in my whole MBBS life…”
Yes, this is my story, of how I had taken things too lightly, only because of my mistake, and how I had tried to rectify my mistake, by fighting against my fears, by fighting against mental stress and with the help of my close friends.

Whenever any student who wants to become a Doctor, after long hours of study and after passing the tough competitive exams, gets his goal of entering into medical college, than he or she is expected to have euphoria in their initial days, and same was the case with me (but the only difference was that, it stretched too long).

Initial days was full of fun, plus fear of seniors and ragging, new friends, new instruments, learning new things, doing dissection of a human body was altogether a different experience, and I was enjoying every bit of it.

Some of my seniors regularly told me that don’t take tension about studies, you can be easily passed by doing studies in last few months. I trust them and was in the opinion that nobody studies in their first year.

However, as the end of 1st year was coming near, I could realize that my knowledge was inferior as compare to my counterparts, and no one takes my opinion, whenever there was a discussion about studies, but still I thought all these were normal and no need to worry as exams were not near.

But, as the exam’s date announced, I came to the conclusion that I haven’t read at least 70-80% of the syllabus, and I was in a deep trouble.

My friends who were the toppers of my class, they support me, provide me everything that was necessary for the exams.

But the main battle was to fight against the extreme pressure, that was building in my mind as I had to read the vast amount of syllabus.

But you know, when you are under extreme pressure, then from somewhere, the ray of hope did come, if you persevere in your efforts to achieve your goal, and the same thing happened with me.

Even after having the extreme pressure, I just keep repeating the words to myself that “Anshul, keep studying, give your 100%, something good will definitely happen.”

And yes, the good did happen with me. I passed my first year, with 60% marks (that is considered average, as highest goes till approx 75% ).

In my journey of first year, where anything can happen, one of my very good friend, helped me a lot, she was there with me in every bad and good times, and my passing of first year was dedicated to her.

My lesson after 1 st year was that :

  1. Don’t listen to others, if you realize that they are wrong.
  2. If you are in adverse situation, most important thing is to have a cool and calm mind, just remember, Indian Captain M.S. Dhoni.
  3. Friends are valuable, respect them, as if they have helped you in adverse situation, never forget them.
  4. Persevere, persevere, persevere…

Dr . Anshul

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Well thousands blogs, quotes, tips about WORKOUT you can find on internet along with facts, data, expert opinions, but today I am going to share some of my personal experiences while doing personal workout regimen, which I have learnt from internet only after reading many articles, and one of my favourite website from where I have learnt alot is www.bloomtofit.com .
The 9 IMPORTANT POINTS  what I have observed in my quest for workout, I want to share with you, They are :

  1. I have learnt that what type of body you want to make depends upon your personal preferences. I am more interested in lean, thin, tight and toned body with good cardiovascular functional status with little element of muscle building. 
  2. I have figured out that workouts does not always require large amount of time, rather you can do in 20 minutes also, which normally i do. How ? There is a regimen called HIIT  (High Intensity Interval Training, you can read more about it here HIIT ), it is basically the collection of alternate intense workouts and rests.
  3. In my exercise regimen, the most important tool is  Skipping Rope.  Skip rope basically involves almost all exercise, if you properly do it, highly effective, very less time consuming, cheap, does not require large space, can be done any where, can be taken anywhere. I have learnt alot about skipping rope from here (do read this). Also watch this video .
  4. Do focus on that workout which makes your body stronger from inner aspect as well as from outer aspect, which also increases your work efficiency. For me as per my profession cardio is much more beneficial tham strength training.
  5. I have become more energetic after starting my workouts, able to do more physical work, more effectively, and my body also becomes more flexible and reflexes also improved and sleep becomes more sound.
  6. You Mentally becomes more strong, and that is the most important benefit I have observed. Can sustain pressure for a long time, that too calmly. And there is always the sense of wellbeing amd sense of happiness in me.                                                                                                                                                                                                      
  7. If you research on net, hear comments of health experts, celebrities, you will find that  sugar  is a bad substance, that’s why I have also decreased the consumption of that. But after after doing my workout, I don’t have to restrict myself from having sugar, automaically my conscience does not allow me to have that in excess.
  8. Even the quantity of food is automatcally adjusted by my body, believe me.
  9. Peoples starts to give you compliments 😜

    Well these are some of my most powerful points what I have observed evidently. Will share more in future.

    Are you doing workouts. If NO, then why ? If YES, than what type of workout you are doing.

    Remember doing Workout is very difficult initially, but you comes into the zone than the whole scenario changes.

    Please do share your reviews.
    Dr. Anshul 

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