Happiness from Within..

It’s depends on us how to be happy…

Happiness…. isn’t it a unique word, which you may have been hear almost everyday, and more in today’s world.
From leadership gurus to spiritual gurus, from various articles on net to late night friend’s gossip, almost everyone in present scenario is possessed by this word.

However, whenever I thought about this, one story always pops up in my mind. The story of a farmer who had been told that there was an unlimited amount of gold beneath the earth, so he keeps on digging the land in all over the world, but couldn’t find it, and because of sadness of not having gold, he died. However, when others had tried to dig the farmer’s land, there they had found the unlimited gold. So the lesson was farmer searched for gold everywhere but not his own land, which is always with him, but the problem was he never thought, or he never considered his own land worthful enough to produce gold, and that’s why he searched everywhere but not his own.

And that’s the scenario in today’s world. Everyone not considered their inner self capable enough to produce happiness, so that they search their happiness in other’s teachings, other’s philosophies, other’s opinions, other’s practices, but they forgot that they have their inner soul, which is the purest source of happiness, the only thing which we have to do is identify how to practice that happiness.

I am lucky enough to have that happiness, even if I am alone with no source of entertainment, and all credit goes to my family’s spiritual environment.

Some people say I always have smile on my face (even if I am not smiling), some say I always radiate energy. All these features may be due to the happiness which I feel from my inner self.

This feeling of happiness is very subjective thing, some of you may agree with my opinion, some may ridicule me, but I would say one thing that whenever you start to feel that happiness from your inner self than you will realize what the mojo of being always happy 🙂

Dr. Anshul


Real Happiness.

Nurse tapping on his rest room door in a rush, and he tirelessly opens up the door, little bit irritated as he barely had one and half hour sleep, before this nurse brings him back to his senses.

“What happened ? Why are you disturbing me again, is there again the usual delivery case in an emergency room ?” he asked to nurse and wondering why all the mothers have decided to give birth to their babies on his emergency duty.

She said “No sir, there is a trauma case of a young female, who lost almost whole of his lower body’s skin and muscles in a road traffic accident, and whatsoever is present, they are in patches, she is bleeding profusely and she is posted for surgery as her left leg bones are also broken”

He hurriedly runs to the emergency department for doing the “Pre-Anaesthesia Checkup” and assess her situation, given orders for preservation of blood units and inform his anaesthetic consultant about the condition of patient.

Aniket was a 2nd year Post-graduate Anaesthesia resident and was on night duty that day, he arranges all the things which he would need for anaesthetising this patient, before patient enters into the OT.

Finally the patient was entered and was operated by two surgeons, one was Orthopaedic and another one was Plastic surgeon as she also need skin dressing.

After that day, that female was a continuous visitor of the operation theatre as her skin part needs a regular cleaning and dressing as that was badly damaged during the accident.

And for the same thing, Aniket regularly visits her for her pre-anaesthesia check up before any OT.

During those check ups, once he found that the female patient was depressed and was on the verge of crying, and than the inner  “Inspirational Guru” of Aniket awakened (as he was a avid reader of motivational books) and he just tried to cheer her up, told about theories of the “Secret” documentary movie, about the “Law of Attraction” and about how our happy mind can heal us.

What he was doing that day, was normal for him, as his job was to cure patient physically and mentally, but he didn’t know that the motivation he was giving to that girl was a relief in distress, was a power in her loosing battle, was a ray of light amid darkness, and since that day that girl starts to laugh, always have smile on her face, and the main thing she was recovering, but with a smiling face.

Whenever she entered into the OT, she always enquires about Aniket, if he was not present in her OT.

Finally the day came when she doesn’t need the regular change of dressing and the plastic surgeon discharged her from the hospital after months of treatment, but she was not able to see Aniket on her last day.

One day when Aniket just returned from the hospital in the evening, he found that the bunch of beautiful flowers was carefully placed at the doorstep of his house with the letter on which mickey mouse was smiling in the top left corner of the letter and the words were written in a florescent ink :

Dear Smiling Doctor..

        Finally I am discharged from the hospital, with a good recovery, and the surgeon said that now I don’t need regular dressing, only once in a month I have to come hospital for regular check up.

      Doctor I just want to say that I am really thankful to you not only for the relief you have given me from pain during those painful dressings by your skillful use of anaesthesia, but mainly for the motivation you have given me during those check ups, which really helped me to cope up stress which originates from my physical condition.

    There are many doctors who treat well,but there are only few who alongwith treatment also gives happiness and courage to fight any thing.

   Thank You again… God Bless You..


Annoying Patient…

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I am still Learning…

Why there is something always in my mind to do..

Why there is always something which catches my attention and I wants to know about it..

Why I always peeped in other’s conversation, when they talk about something new..

Why I try to do new things with full enthusiam, even if I don’t know how to do it..

Why I irritates my seniors by asking numerous questions, even if they are silly, even if the questions are below of my standards..

Because I love Learning, I love to know about things which will help me to elevate my potential, which will help me to progress forward, which will help me to help others..

Because learning is what that makes us capable to change with changing times..

Importance of “Wishful Thinking”.

For me “wishful thinking” is synonymous with  Dreaming  , and my today’s blog post will be dedicated to Dream… 

One of the most iconic personality in Indian History, who was the normal boy in one of the small village in the country, far off from the big city, located in the coastal area, that boy being born in a poor family, distributing news papers, but had the fire in the belly to do something big.

His sister burrowed money for his study by selling her valuable thing, and he didn’t let her down, he persists in his efforts to do something big, and one day he had done something big in Indian Aerospace.

He has joined  DRDO (Defence Research and Development Organisation) and become a MISSILE MAN.

He had been awarded the highest civilian honour of India “Bharat Ratna” and become the first man of India, by becoming “The President of India”.

He had done all these things by keeping in mind only the one thought, which he repeats in every social gathering which he attends, and that thought is  “Dream, Dream, Dream…”

He always give emphasis on Dream Big, as according to him, if you dream big than the big thoughts will come into your mind, and when thoughts come than the action generates, as whatsoever you think, you do.
What is Dreaming Big ?? It is wishful thinking to do some big thing, to become some big person so that you can contribute in other’s development also along with your country.

I have seen many advantages of big thinking in own life, be in the familial matters, professional matters, while travelling in unknown places, and while handling day to day matters.

You can experience the benefits by yourself only if you start thinking big, thinking out of your comfort zone, thinking out of false boundries which you have made for yourself.

Think Big. Get More.

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Karate Kid Movie : My lessons

Well what I can say about it as lot of you already had seen this movie and most probably remember its story very well, but after 6 years of its release, I just seen it day before yesterday (how outdated I am :|)

But for people like me, I will just tell the summary of it.

Story :

Its a story thats starts with the mother named Sherry Parker (Taraji P. Henson) and son named Dre Parker (Jaden Smith) migrating from US to CHINA for work.

Dre finds himself little bit uncomfortable in new environment, and that made himself and his mother sad.

One day while playing in a park, he finds a new friend Meiying, who was a violin lover but at the same time he also make his new enemy Cheng, who was getting training in Kung-fu as Cheng did not like his friendship with Meiying. So whenever Cheng finds Dre in his surroundings, he starts finghting with Dre, and Dre couldn’t do anything except having some punches from Cheng.

And this leads to his meeting with Mr.Han (Jackie Chan), and this meeting leads to the training of Dre in Kung-fu, so that he can fight with Cheng in some kung-fu compitition and beat him.

This is a good motivational story and can cause some adrenaline rush into your body. I recommend that if you haven’t watch it till now than have some time amd see it.

My Lessons from this film :

Well I always tries to extract some lessons from anything I do, so here are some my personal lessons from the film.

  1. We always feel uncomfortable to new places, to new situations, to new practices, to new people but if you think that these aforementioned things are right, than hang on, you will surely adapt to all new things, butbit requires some dedication and persistance from your side (like Dre feels uncomfortable in China ).
  2. You can make enemies and friends at any time, so be beware.
  3. When you feel that a perticular situation is the most worst in your life, but actually if you see from another and better angle that situation has the potential of producing the most fruitful result of your life. But you should have that strong mentality to see good in bad (like when Cheng makes Dre’s life miserable to the point that he starts avaoiding him, but in the same situation he finds the mentor like Jackie Chan).
  4. To become perfect in any Art, you have to practice it, with full dedication, determination, and persistence.
  5. Your inner motivation supports you at the time, when your body starts to give up, so always be motivated. Just like you shower daily to keep your body clean, in the same way keep motivating your mind daily.

    I remember one quote :

    Thanks to Mana Apoorva (manaapoorva.wordpress.com) for highly recommending me to watch this movie.

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    What makes the person gets going…

    To life…

    What makes the human gets going, when he comes out of his mother’s womb… the mother’s lovely tears and family’s wishes…

    What makes the human gets going, when he goes to school… the feeling of happiness to be with friends and playing games…

    What makes the human gets going, when he goes first time to temple/mosque/church… the feeling of culture and traditions…

    What makes the human gets going, when he first time heard the national anthem of his country… the feeling of love and passion and to be useful for his country…

    What makes the human gets going, when he goes to the college the first time… the excitement to be with friends, the joy to be senior (ab hum bade ho gaye hai) and the zeal for success in life…

    What makes the human gets going, when first time he enters into the professional world where there is no place for emotions… the feeling of expressing his capability, his knowledge, no matter whatsoever the conditions are…

    What makes the human gets going, when he enters into the family with all responsibilities… the feeling of love, care and selfishlessness…

    What makes the human gets going, when the life full of unpredictablity, sometimes joy, sometimes sorrow, sometimes success, sometimes failure… the feeling of “to live life”, determination, perseverance…

    Your’s truly…

    Dr. Anshul

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    Is MENTAL PRESSURE Important for our Improvement ?

    Well I have thousand examples till now in my medical career and in life, that I can say pressure is soooo good to keep you going and achieving great things in your life.

    Recent example of it most of us has seen in Salman Khan’s blockbuster “SULTAN” (on which I have written a blog yesterday, please check out here http://wp.me/p7uYLP-2M ), that how the aim of setting the Blood Bank puts him under such pressure that he pursue to do wrestling at an age when most of the wrestlers retire and that too in the free style wrestling.

    I am going to share some of my personal examples when the pressure to achieve something in my life brings out some good things in my character which even I do not know before..

    1. I switched from CBSE Board to State Board in my 12th class, so that I can have more time for preparation for my Pre-Medical Exams. That state board school was a Hindi medium school and they were ready to give me unlimited holidays so that I can have ample time for coachings and study. In the final exams of 12th class, because of miscommunication between me and my Hindi medium friend, I had gone to give English paper with the preparation for Hindi language (not revised English language subject from a long time). Now at that time I was totally aghast, almost crying, fear of not passing 12th starts developing (remember I was preparing for Medical exams also), than out of nowhere that pressure develops some kind of inspiration and I said to myself that “You already studied in CBSE where most of questions comes from outside of the sallybus, so you can do it”, finally managed to do something and got pass with approx 60% marks in English 😁 .
    2. When I managed to enter into the Medical College, I was totally in a masti mood for whole of the year and with much difficulty manage to get pass the 1st year, but was not feeling good. So because of the pressure of performing better, I promised myself that now I would study like the ideal medical student, tried to do that for the next 5 years, and able to get some satisfactory results.
    3. When I had come first time to a new city with a  totally different culture, without any relatives living there, without any college hostle (as in Hostels we do find some like minded people, and we do make some awesome friends there) I do find some mental challenge, but again that pressure generate some peculiar joy of exploring new things, make relations with acquaintances, and this pressure helps me to open myself, to improve communication, to manage things by my own, to explore the unknown.
    4. The pressure of working long hours in hospitals develops the abilty of relentlessness. Even after working for 30 hours, if my HOD tells me to do more, than I can (but internally not want to 😜 )
    5. When I was new to my specialization training, obviously I do make mistakes (and still doing in my 2nd year of post graduation), and my professors/seniors do punish me (verbally), obviously I feel bad, but this verbal punishment makes me mentally strong to sustain in pressure situations, and this quality is highly important in medical profession (and in others too).
    6. Started writing blogs sometime back, not in a writing hobby previously, but the pressure to do something good pushes me to do writing, to make time for it. And this pressure of performing better and to be in company of some good bloggers compel me to join #BlogChatter ‘s #HalfMarathon . And see writing some meaningful stuff for the straight 5th day.

      These are some of the examples from my experience that I want to share with you all about how the pressure helps us in our life if we take it in a positive way.

      What are yours… share it with me, how mental pressure affects you, positively or negatively ???

      Sultan : My Lessons..

      Well being the SRK fan, I was little skeptical that I should go to watch Sultan in theatres, or wait for it to come on to the TV.
      But as it is having the Sports theme in its story so I was compelled to go as I always like motivational sport stories, but after going into the theatre with my wife, I was totally in owe from the starting.

      It is one of the best films of Salman Khan in my opinion, except for few things I like each and every part of this film and having no doubt that why it is continuosly breaking records.

      Some important lessons which I have learned/Re-learned from this film are :

      1. Kismat aaj agar mujhe harane me lag jati hai, Toh aaj ye Sultan Ali Khan apni kismat khud likhega : Confidence & Trust in his own Ability.   And this quality comes with extreme practice day in and day out, following the daily ritual which is hard to follow and always worth doing.
      2. Manne lage hai ki angrezi me ladki jaldi pate hai.. I Love You bolo aur uske baad seedha kiss hove hai :  Simple Heart always wins. As he expressed what he thought in his heart and simply expressed his fantsasy of kissing a girl (which in no doubt every boy has)
      3. Sapne dekhna achi baat hai.. par kahi baar unke peeche daudte daudte na apne log peeche choot jate hai :  Have Success and but not overwhelmed by it. Always be a Type A personality if you want and have success but do not forget that whatever you do, you do it for yourself as well as for your close ones, do not forget them in your Rat Race.
      4. I don’t train dead people :  Don’t consider yourself a Loser. When Randeep Hooda said this I had shivers, because this is so true, if you want to train in anything, want to learn anything, you should have fire in your belly for that, don’t be a dead man.
      5. Asli pehalwan ki pehchaan akhade me nahi, zindagi me hove hai… taki jab zindagi tumhe patke tum phir khade ho… aur aisaa daanv maro ki zindagi chitt ho jaye :  Be a Fighter Always. Do not lose your heart in any situation of your life, always hope for the best, you never know when a positive circumstance will come and make you fly but it will occur only when you never give up.
      6. (Khud ko Shah Rukh Khan samajye hai ke ? ).. Shahrukh ka mazaak mat udhao… manne bahut pasand hai… jab woh ladki ke aankh me aankh daalke dekhe hai na toh andhi ladki bhi patt jaave hai :  Brotherhood & Changes with times. This one is best for me as he has talked about my fav hero. It shows their friendship even after years of hatred and also shows that a person forgets about the bad past and changes with present.

        These are my some lessons from it, what are yours, if you have any, than do share it.

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        Why Every Person for Me is Important and a Leader !!!

        Why majority of the world do not appreciate the leaders… for me the definition of leader is : “a person who is master in his field, in his craft and performs his work or a job like picasso, involve in his work like there is no tomorrow, crave for perfection, either his job like that of toilet janitor or the job of a doctor but he performs like a rockstar in his field, for me these type of personalities are leaders…”

        But my experiance in a professional environment as a doctor is that world values for the one who generates more revenues for the employer and all other persons are just the simple employees having no value (unofficially) as the management listens only to whom who have the power of making money for the company or the hospital.

        But the point is every institution becomes successful by the contribution of all the team, some persons in the team contributes more, some less but everyone’s effort is important, as Surgeons can not operate without the help of Anaesthetist and Sisters, while Anaesthetist can not work swiftly without the help of OT technicians and I think same applies in corporate offices as professionals can not work efficiently without the help of coffee venders and toilet janitors (as no one likes dirty toilets).

        That is why personally I always address sisters in my hospital as “Sister ji” ( ‘ji’ in Indian scenario is a sign of respect to other person ) and always say thank you to “house cleaning staff” in hospital because for me they are leaders in their own field and they are essential part of the system.

        ” If you want to know what a man’s like, take a good look at how he treats his inferiors, not his equals. “

        Sirius Black (Harry Potter)

        What are your opinion about this subject, please share it…

        Learning from Travelling…


        From last one year I am in love with travelling even when I am doing my post graduation in Anaesthesia and ‘always’ short of leave.
        But by god’s grace I do find some time here and there,may be little, but sufficient enough to travel to visit some new place and learn from the experience.

        For me, from the following experiences I can take some life time lessons for me…

        1) Planning :
             As I plan to travel to a new city, I always do a lot of research about that city, their culture, their language, geography of that area, their practices, weather, and the do’s and dont’s of that place, hotels, transportation, local sightseeing and the history behind that.

        So only with the thought of travelling, I get to know so many things about the place.

        2) Arrangements :
             After learning from the planning stage, my second lesson normally derive from the arrangements which I have to done before going outside.
        For Example ;
        * I have to take leave from HOD, which is always the tough job, as my heart always beats faster while asking for leave.
        * I have to rearrange my night duties (which doctors always have) with my co-pgts, and by god’s grace they are always helpful to do that, and this rearrangement thing always show you the importance of relations, importance of helping each other, importance of convincing power, and also tells you that this world is full of good peoples if you see goodness in them.

        * You have to manage your house (if you are single or a only couple) and other things as you will be out and then you have to inform to milkman, paperman and a lot more.

        * Arrangements of accomodation to railway station or airport in your home city and also in your visiting city and it makes a life lot easier.

        3) Communicating Skills :
             This is one of the most important skill I have learned while talking to strangers on a distant land. You learned how to talk to strangers, how to express yourself if there is language barrier, how to bargain while doing shopping 😜.

        4) Confidence :
             This you will surely develop even after one single trip as whole new world opens in front of you.
        You will be more confident while interecting with others, while asking about anything in that city, while starting the conversation with stranger and this will shows in your character always…

        5) Observant :
             When you go to any new place you tends to become more observant without any efforts, because you want to absorb whatsoever is there in your surroundings, it may be the new weather, environment, peoples or culture. And for me observation is one of the most important skill a man can possess.


        Well till now these are the lessons I have learnt, lets see how many lessons the future holds for me.

        What about you, what lessons have you learnt while travelling, share with me, will love to hear that…