Gone are the Days..

Gone are the days when Doctors consider as God..

Gone are the days when Medicine was considered as Noble profession..

Gone are the days when patients respect their healer, the Doctor..

Gone are the days when Medicine was not the profession to earn money but to serve the unfortunate..

Gone are the days when the patients trust their Healer blindly..

Gone are the days when so many Doctors does not put their 100% efforts because they know that patient will take other’s opinions also..

Gone are the days when feelings matter from both sides, now only the money speaks..

But I must say Doctor is here to cure the illness, the pain, of a patient as that was patient’s priority.. and the patient is here just for showing gratitude for the Doctor’s efforts as that is what he wants mainly..

Doctor’s Duty, Patient’s Gratitude. Image: Linkedin.com

Dr. Anshul
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Misconception : About Spinal Anaesthesia

Doctor, is there any other option apart from giving injection in my back because I have “Heard” that there is long term pain in the back after receiving injection in the back during SPINAL ANAESTHESIA.”

I have heard these type of question from 8 out of 10 patients who have to undergo spinal anaesthesia for surgeries, and trust me I really get irritated by hearing this because this question arises from the misconception that is widely prevalent in the society including my family members too, and that causes a lot of inconveniance to both the doctors and the patients.

And these misconceptions present mainly in pregnant females.

What is Spinal Anaesthesia ?

Describing in a very general terms for the common population :

It is type of anaesthesia, in which instead of whole body, only the lower part of the body becomes non-sensitive to pain and touch and becomes total numb, while the upper part is normal, and the patient is concious and alert.

In Spinal Anaesthesia, drug in delivered into the spinal cord, where it directly acts on the nerves of the spinal cord.

Anatomy of Spinal Cord. Image : wikipedia

How it is performed ?
By putting the patient in sitting position, after cleaning and taking all aseptic precautions, a fine needle is introduced into the patient’s spinal cord through the space between the two vertebra, and through that needle a Local Anaesthetic Drug is given which acts on the spinal cord nerves and make them non-sensitive to pain and touch.

Anaesthetist giving spinal anaesthesia. Image : wikipedia
Spinal Anaesthesia Needle and Drug. Image : Wikipedia

Spinal Anaesthesia Useful for :

  1. All lower limb surgeries like leg’s fractures
  2. Caesarean Section (delivery by operation)
  3. Surgeries around the umbilicus that is Hernia
  4. Vascular surgeries in lower limbs
  5. Hysterectomy (removal of uterus)
  6. TURP (prostate removal surgery)

Misconception :

That after receiving spinal anaesthesia, patients especially pregnant females having the backache for the whole life.

Reality :

  1. There is no severe trauma to tissues in spinal anaesthesia which leads to long term pain, temporary pain for 1-2 days may occur. The only exception is when the patient is having very difficult spine or having some diseases like Ankylosing Spondylitis, the procedure of spinal anaesthesia may become difficult, which may leads to slight tissue trauma, but still it is not of that much concern.
  2. In pregnancy, because of distended abdomen, there is stretching of vertebral ligaments, which resumes its normal shape after pregnancy but in great majority of females, it not resumes its shape fully, untill and unless the female do regular exercises post pregnancy, and that is also one of the main reason of having backache. And because delivery and spinal anaesthesia events occurs simultaneouly, so females tends to think that back ache is due to spinal anaesthesia, rathan than not doing exercise post pregnancy.

Problems because of Misconception :

The only problem because of this mis-conception is that patient refused to have spinal anaesthesia and want to undergo General Anaesthesia (full unconciousness) even if it is not needed.

In spinal anaesthesia, patients main physiology is intact, we need not to do much interferance in body’s normal functioning, while in General Anaesthesia, tue whole body function’s is at anaesthetist’s hand.

Conclusion :

So when ever Spinal Anaesthesia is desirable as per Anaesthetist’s choice, patient should go fot it, because Doctors know better how to take care of your body 🙂

Dr. Anshul

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Movie Review : Pink

Pink Moview Review, Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Shoojit Sircar
Pink Movie Poster : Amitabh Bachchan, Taapsee Pannu, Shoojit Sircar. Image copyright : beingindian.com

I have searched the real meaning of colour Pink, from where this word derived, how people correlates this word with feminism.
According to surveys, people associate Pink colour with charmness, politeness, sensitiveness, tenderness, sweetness, childhoodness, and most people associate these qualities with women’s character, and hence this Pink stands for feminism.

After my hectic night duty in hospital I just decided to go for a movie, and discovered the only movie in theatres with the big name is PINK.

The movie which I started watching casually but soon that casualness is replaced by my total focus on Amitabh Bachchan’s expressions and dialogues, and I was inspired so much that in interval I had written a small blog which raises questions about our attitudes towards female gender ( which you can read here )

Also read : How Mentality driven our Society and Life

Till the end I had decided to give hype to this awesome film so that the good message can be spread amongst the people.

Summary :

Movie starts with the noise of laughing individuals chit chatting with each other, than silense prevails, than noise of breaking of glass, and than the film starts with the 3 boys sitting in a car and among them one boy was having some bleeding around the left eye, while the second scene consists of three girls sitting in a taxi with concern faces.

The director made the first half little bit confusing but interested as the public were scratching their mind as what might had happened.

The film opens somewhat later and the situation was that 3 girls and 3 boys were having dinner with each other, and one of the girl Taapsee Pannu, breaks the beer bottle onto the one of the boy’s head and boy’s side had taken this case to the court by raising the matter as “assault” on them by the girls.

Than here comes the entry of superstar Amitabh Bachchan as a ‘retired lawyer’, who himself decided to fight this case for the girls and from this point the film becomes very interesting.

How this case was framed, how the boy’s side framed girls as prostitutes (by giving reasons like girls were talking to them with a smile, ready to go for a lunch, etc etc), how the police helps the boys as they were from the political family, how girls were at point of breakdown after seeing that the whole society was against them and finally how Amitabh Bachchan with their acting and dialogue helps the girls to win this case…

For all the answers of these “how”, you have to watch this film in theatre, as it would be worth for your money..

My Lessons from this film :

  1. If a girl greets you with a smile, it does not mean that she is trying to impress you.
  2. If a girl is having a drink with you, it does not mean that she is from a bad family.
  3. If a girl comes late at night, it does not mean that she is characterless.
  4. If a girl touches you, it does not mean that she is giving you indication, it might a normal gesture of friendship.
  5. And if a She is saying “NO” to something, than it means NO, No means No, nothing else, it is a complete word in itself, it does not require any explanation.

My Rating : 5/5 : Must Watch.

Special Clappings for director Shoojit Sircar.

Dr. Anshul

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Anaesthetist : Who is he ?

He is …

A Doctor who is initially a Doctor, but has many roles to play..

A Doctor who act as a general physician, when he do check up before the surgery for patient’s fitness..

A Doctor who act as pathologists, when he assesses all the blood reports before the sugery..

A Doctor who act as a friend, when he talks to patient before the OT, hear her what she has to say, solve her concerns, remove her anxiety, and cheer her up..

A Doctor who act as a councillor before the OT, when to address any concerns to the patient or her family..

A Doctor who act as a alarm, to the surgeon before the OT, if he sees some problems in patient’s physiology, and advised first to correct them and than proceed for surgery..

A Doctor who gives a peaceful sleep, when the highly painful procedure is going on in your body, and still you are unable to feel it..

A Doctor who always thinks about your pain relief” ..

A Doctor who does so much for you yet he does not expect from you to remember him, because he knows you wouldn’t..

Dr. Anshul

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Diabetes : The Silent Killer

Whenever I go towards to do Pre-Anaesthesia Check Up of the patients who are posted for next day surgery, than I routinely find two most common diseases in almost 99% of cases.

Those two are :

  • Diabetes 
  • Hypertension

And you know what, these two diseases are the ones, who are highly influenced by our daily lifestyles and diet, but still we do not give much emphasis on prevention of these diseases and rather focus on spending a huge amount of money and time after getting affected by these “Slow Poison” like diseases.

Today I am going to tell you about only diabetes, and mind this I am not writing this blog for the sake of writing, but I want you to modify your lifestyle so that you can be prevented by these preventable diseases.

What is Diabetes ?

It is group of metabolic diseases, in which there are high blood sugar levels over a prolonged period.

The main problem is that its symptoms are not that prominant when the disease is mild or moderate, and that’s why most of the cases present with severe symptoms.

Area Distribution of Disease :

Almost all of the India has this disease, and that’s why it is expected to be the “World Capital of Diabetes”, but fortunately China becomes 1st.

Some important distributing areas are :

Some Facts about Diabetes :

Risk Factors for Diabetes :

Symptoms :

Treatment :

  • Improve your diets, cut out unnecessary things. 
  • Do regular exercise, even if involves a simple walking.
  • And last option is Drugs and Insulin, if prevention methods does not works.

Complications if not treated :

Here I am going to use some pictures which shown dreadful complications of diabetes, if not treated.

( Warning : Following pictures may cause distress to your mind. My poupose of showing these photos only to show you the graveness of this disease.)

Conclusion :

I have described in a very simple terms, and with diagrams, so that these things can inbuilt in your mind.

Do focus on these things, because diabetes is really a very bad disease.

If you want to get two things back from this blog, than it should be this two :

  1. Regular exercise.
  2. Balanced Diet.

    Hope this small piece of writing may help to raise alarm into your mind about your eating and physical habits, that’s my only purpose.

    So tell me, do you workout ?? Or about your eating habits, are they healthy ??

    Dr. Anshul

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    Urinary Tract Infection : Simple way to understand it.

    One of the most prevalent illness in the society, can harm alot if untreated, yet taken very lightly by the society, and most of the population rely on the over the counter drugs for its treatment.
    It is very prevalent in females, and hence it is also very less told to others (one more taboo in our society).

    Recently my relative has been suffered from this, and because of shame she hasn’t told for long time, which leads to spread of this disease into her kidneys, had a severe deranged kidney function but fortunately she is all right now. This leads to compelled me to write this blog on this simple topic, so that at least I am able to create some kind of awareness.

    What Is Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) ?

    • It is the infection involving the urethra, bladder, ureters and the kidneys.

    Important Stats :

    • More common in adults than children.
    • If occurs, than it is more serious in children.
    • More common in girls and women, than in boys and men.
    • 40% of women and 12% of men have urinary tract infection at some time of their life.

    Causes of UTI :

    “E. Coli bacteria” most common cause. This bacteria resides into our intestines and around anus. It move from anus to opening of urethra, because of :

    1) Improper Wiping 

    2) Sexual Intercourse.

    Increased Risk Groups :

    1. Females sex and Post Menopausal Women.
    2. Immuno Suppressed People : HIV/AIDS, Diabetes, Cancer patients.
    3. Peoples having Kidney stones.
    4. Enlarged Prostate in men.
    5. Poor Hygiene

    Note : Females are more susceptible to infection than men, because of their anatomy (shorter urethra than man).

    Signs and Symptoms :

    What kind of Doctors treat UTI ?

    They may be Family physician, Internal Medicine, Gynecologists as well as Pediatrician for children.

    Home Remedies :

    • Use a hot water bottle to decrease pain.
    • Drink plenty of water
    • Avoid coffee, alcohol or spicy foods, as they further irritate the bladder.
    • Cranberry Juice.

    Treatment :

    Mainly the “antibiotics” prescribed by the physician.

    Prevention of UTI :

    • Women and girls, should wipe from “front to back” (not vice versa) after defecation. This helps to bacteria from the anus entering the urethra.
    • Drink plenty of fluids.
    • Empty the bladder regularly and completely after the sexual intercourse.

    Hope this information may be helpful for you to have some prevention from very prevelent illness of our society.

    Dr. Anshul

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