Republic : Meaning for me..

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Between so many news which is coming in the media after the famous demonetization decision or the Papa-Beta split in Samajwadi Party, there is one news, which is soothing to me and for most of the Indians, is that we have just celebrated our 68th Republic Day.
Every year most of us celebrate this day by sleeping an hour extra, or plan to watch a new film like Raees this year, and some of the patriot among us celebrate by watching the Republic day parade on DoorDarshan channel.

But what actually Republic means ??

The definition I found on internet is :

a state in which supreme power is held by the people and their elected representatives, and which has an elected or nominated president rather than a monarch.

Now what I perceive the meaning of Republic is ;

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leaders, who would think about our development, but we don’t utilize it wisely, because more than development we think about to which caste that particular leader belongs…

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leader, who would think about our country and its development, but we choose the leaders who would benefit us and our relatives, forget motherland…

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leaders, who would creat the environment of entrepreneurship, environment of innovations, but we choose the leaders who are more interested in making temples or mosques…

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leaders who would give funds for research into new things, but we choose the leaders who fund large parties for their party workers who do their flattery…

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leaders, who focus on the healthcare and spend more money on healthcare system of our country, but we choose leaders who instead of healthcare, are more focus on increasing their salary in parliaments…

Its the power we common people have, to elect our leaders, who would build the bridge between different communities of our country, so that we can all contribute to the development of our states and country, but we choose leaders who are more interested to keep talking about “Intolerance”…

Well, there are innumerable examples, about which I can keep writing for hours, but what I want to convey that being Republic, our constitution, empowers us to choose our leaders, who lead us for a prosperous future, who lead us where our future generations thrive in a healthy environment, so we should use our power wisely, and choose those leaders, who think beyond caste and religion, and contribute for our country’s development.

Dr. Anshul


Indian Kabaddi : Nurture it, Propagate it.

It is very rightly said by someone that when success comes than you are the boss, but when it is not, than you have to be dictated by other’s terms and conditions till you achieved that level.

Same thing I have observed in 2016 Kabaddi World Cup finals, when the influence of politicians are so much which you may have observed while presenting the winning trophy, as the minsters were not eager to move away from the team even after presenting the trophy, as they were more interested in getting the limelight, than finally someone from the production team came and requested them to move. 

When politicians stand for much more time than they should..

But that will not observed in cricket as in present situation cricket in India is much more above than anyone else, it does not depends on any politician mercy for support or any financial help because the polpularity itself brings a lot of advertisements, but that is not in the case of Indian Kabaddi team, even when they have won the world cup 8 times, and due to this reason they have to depend on the mercy of these politicians.
Even the major news papers of India like Times Of India, Telegraph, Dainik Bhaskar, does not even show them on their front page, given the small space in their sports page, but even the slightest big news of cricket can easily make their space on the front page.

Only a small space on front page..
Only on Sports page, that too on the 3rd sports page..

So basically our system is responsible for making other sports to be dependant on the politicians, and making one sport exception.
But I will just say, “Every dog has a day”…

Hope this may come true for Kabaddi, Hockey or any other sport in India to succeed.

Dr. Anshul

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