You feel good, isn’t it ? 

Just by hearing this word, and may be you just recall someone in your head. Because there is something beautiful in this 4letters word, which give rise to the most beautiful emotion of a human being, which keep us binding to each other, that is Love.

In today’s scenario, for the majority of people, love means the relationship that exists only between male and female or between girlfriend and boyfriend, but the feeling of love does not exist between girl and a boy only, but it even exists between…

Mother and her child, father and his daughter, Grandmother and her grandson, human being and his pet, Man and his job, boy and his bike, girl and her hair…

See there are so many things to whom we have loving relationships.

On this occasion of Valentine’s day, I want to share with you all about my special and loving relationship with my someone special. She is loving, caring towards me, always thinks about me when I am not at home, she gets tensed when I return home late at night, she becomes too happy whenever I called her…

She is none other than my “Grandmother”  or ‘Amma’.

I can’t describe how much I love her because of her selfless love, her mere presence elevates our whole family’s mood, she is basically the superstar of our family.

Whenever my father or uncle shares their past experiences and how my amma struggled to raise their children in the absence of my grandfather.

She shares her past experiences, her views, give her suggestions, teach me about religion. I always admire her strong opinionated character because of this she has a strong presence in our family and respected by all.

When blogchatter gives us the prompt “love”, my amma was the first person in my thought for whom I want to write this post.

Thank you Amma, for your presence, for blessings, I owe so much to you…

God bless you always…

Dr. Anshul

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What a Day it was.. Part 3

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On one particular day both Adi and Suhan had decided to meet during the evening on the outskirts of the city, and it was decided that Adi would pick up Suhan outside of her coaching centre as Suhan was going to bunk her coaching class only to spend time with her newly found love.

All the things were going as per planned, and Adi was there right on time in front of her coaching centre, wearing dark blue denim jeans with a purple T-shirt and a cute smile on his face, while Suhan was a little bit late, but was looking quite beautiful in her light pink suit with small dark pink earrings and her hairs were carefully arranged, as if she had taken all her time to dress herself properly, and why not, as she was going to meet Adi πŸ™‚

Finally, their journey started on Adi’s bike, initially they had tried to maintain the gap between them on his bike, but as expected, the distance between them vanished when Adi tried to put the brake (may be unnecessarily :p ) when there was a speed braker and Suhan didn’t try to move back πŸ˜‰

Finally, they had reached the small lake on the outskirts of the city, both of them found the place to sit.

Their conversations were ranging from families to college to friends and finally about relationship. They had found that their thinking was very much similar to each other.

As the conversations were on a full swing with their hand in hand, Suhan’s mobile started ringing, and it was none other than her mother’s phone.

She checked the time, and she was already 30 minutes late as compare with the time she generally reached to her house, but to be late was not her concern.

Her concern was that her mother was going to pick her from her coaching, because she was going somewhere in the same route, and by hearing this Suhan becomes afraid and started panicking.

While Adi with his cool and calm nature, did not panic, instead he started his bike and was riding in his full capacity so that he could drop her at the coaching centre before her mom could come. While Suhan sitting upon the pillion seat was not saying anything, she was just afraid to face the unthinkable situation.

Will Adi become successful to drop Suhan on time ? Will the unthinkable happen ? Will they survive ?? Read on my next post…

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Dr. Anshul

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What a day it was.. Part 2

After their first meeting in the restaurant with a little bit of romanticness, they were in awe with each other.

Always trying to create the chances to meet with each other, even trying to meet their eyes whenever they happen to pass one another.

Time was beautiful for them, even in current situation, they share their true feelings for each other through letters, and talks formally on whatsapp because of the fear of hijacking Suhan’s mobile.

They innovate a great medium of exchanging their letters… they kept their letter in between the cover (book cover) and the book, and give their book to each other. Isn’t it awesome ?

They do communicate a lot through phone, but Adi calls her through STD, and she talked to him through her mobile but immediately deleted his name in call logs πŸ˜‰

They do visit outside of college during evening time, and spend a lot of time with each other with hands in hands and eyes in eyes, with the thought that this meeting never ends…

What are the different places they visit after they meet with each other, and how one of the meetings poses a lot of dangers to them, check out in my next blog..

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Dr. Anshul

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What a Day it was..

See the Spark in their Eyes.. Image :

What happened when you received the YES answer to your once in a lifetime asked question”, and that question was a part of a statement… I love you Suhan, do you love me… 
But when Adi received the yes answer of his question after 4 days, he has gone mad, and was smiling for the whole day and the whole family was confused what happened to their son.

Adi and Suhan, after starting their new relationship, starts exchanging smiles and watching each other through the corner of their eyes in college, but not openly talking to each other with the fear of people’s gossip.

Then there comes a day when they had decided to meet with each other after one month of their relationship with the help of common friends who were also in relationship.

The boy had the two wheeler in home, but unfortunately it was busy with his father, so he had to borrow the bike from the same friend who had arranged their meeting.

Finally four of them meet at one of the famous restaurant in their city, and after observing Adi, Suhan and their hesitation, in front of them, their friends decided to leave them for some time.

Than finally they had started to talk to each other, while the Adi’s face was shining with a cute smile on his face but on the other side Suhan was blushing like Roses.

Over time, they talked a lot more from family to personal things, from hobbies to films, while in between Adi tried to touch Suhan’s hand, but before he could do anything she had sensed that and retracted her hand and the dissappointment was clearly visible on Adi’s face, but after some time for the Adi’s surprise, he had sensed the most beautiful touch on his hand.

Finally their friends arrived as it was the time to go home, and both the new love birds were dissapointed, but as the meeting’s end came close, Adi reflexly touched his lips to her cheeks.

With smiles on their faces, they say good bye to each other with the promise to meet again shortly…

In the night when she called him, the first sentance he said, what a day it was… totally awesome, totaly memorable and totally lovable, because of you my love… 💖

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Dr. Anshul

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Letter to my 16yr Old..

This is always the crucial age where major transformation occurs in once life.. Image :

Hello Anshul, the 16th,

I know you had enjoyed your sweet 16 age very much, and had done a lot of things, some of which you were proud of and some of which you may want to never occur.

You were at 10th standard at that time, and after having the glorious 9th standard, which was your turning point, you were at your heights in studies and also in co-curricular activities.

I still remember how Papa said to you when you visited him to your shop on your birthday that “This is your sweet 16 age”, in a teasing manner, and you was blushing.

However it was indeed that age when you were transforming from the phase, which was still immature and still want to open more, to that phase, which was supposed to have full maturity along with full responsibility of yourself, in short, you were in a transition phase, where the chances of unthinkable event to occur was very much.

And it do occured with you, which changes your future, in a very profound way, they were :

  1. Had a bad time when you and your close friends, were caught while bunking the school on festival day.
  2. Second event was more profound as You had committed yourself in a relationship, which is still going on, where you are playing a part of a good husband πŸ™‚

These two things really affected you and your character.

One more event I remember, which you still boasts about that how you barely manage to pass in MATHS Subject 10th board with the passing marks, and you and your partner still fights, who had got more marks in Maths, as both of you were dumb in Maths and both were on the dangerous line.. lol..

But I still remember, you were the Vice Captain of your House Nagarjuna, and you were so much passionate about winning the compititions for yourself and for your house. I can still recall the event when you were teaching the KG children how to recite the poems in compitition with so much efforts, and even teaching them the body language with their recitation, and I must admit that was still inspiration for me.

One last thing I remember that you had started thinking about your future as Doctor, and started telling others that you would definitely become a Doctor, and the good thing is you have achieved that πŸ™‚

Thank you my 16th year for the valuable experiance you have given me…

Your’s only..

Dr. Anshul, the 28th.

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Real Happiness.

Nurse tapping on his rest room door in a rush, and he tirelessly opens up the door, little bit irritated as he barely had one and half hour sleep, before this nurse brings him back to his senses.

“What happened ? Why are you disturbing me again, is there again the usual delivery case in an emergency room ?” he asked to nurse and wondering why all the mothers have decided to give birth to their babies on his emergency duty.

She said “No sir, there is a trauma case of a young female, who lost almost whole of his lower body’s skin and muscles in a road traffic accident, and whatsoever is present, they are in patches, she is bleeding profusely and she is posted for surgery as her left leg bones are also broken”

He hurriedly runs to the emergency department for doing the “Pre-Anaesthesia Checkup” and assess her situation, given orders for preservation of blood units and inform his anaesthetic consultant about the condition of patient.

Aniket was a 2nd year Post-graduate Anaesthesia resident and was on night duty that day, he arranges all the things which he would need for anaesthetising this patient, before patient enters into the OT.

Finally the patient was entered and was operated by two surgeons, one was Orthopaedic and another one was Plastic surgeon as she also need skin dressing.

After that day, that female was a continuous visitor of the operation theatre as her skin part needs a regular cleaning and dressing as that was badly damaged during the accident.

And for the same thing, Aniket regularly visits her for her pre-anaesthesia check up before any OT.

During those check ups, once he found that the female patient was depressed and was on the verge of crying, and than the inner  “Inspirational Guru” of Aniket awakened (as he was a avid reader of motivational books) and he just tried to cheer her up, told about theories of the “Secret” documentary movie, about the “Law of Attraction” and about how our happy mind can heal us.

What he was doing that day, was normal for him, as his job was to cure patient physically and mentally, but he didn’t know that the motivation he was giving to that girl was a relief in distress, was a power in her loosing battle, was a ray of light amid darkness, and since that day that girl starts to laugh, always have smile on her face, and the main thing she was recovering, but with a smiling face.

Whenever she entered into the OT, she always enquires about Aniket, if he was not present in her OT.

Finally the day came when she doesn’t need the regular change of dressing and the plastic surgeon discharged her from the hospital after months of treatment, but she was not able to see Aniket on her last day.

One day when Aniket just returned from the hospital in the evening, he found that the bunch of beautiful flowers was carefully placed at the doorstep of his house with the letter on which mickey mouse was smiling in the top left corner of the letter and the words were written in a florescent ink :

Dear Smiling Doctor..

        Finally I am discharged from the hospital, with a good recovery, and the surgeon said that now I don’t need regular dressing, only once in a month I have to come hospital for regular check up.

      Doctor I just want to say that I am really thankful to you not only for the relief you have given me from pain during those painful dressings by your skillful use of anaesthesia, but mainly for the motivation you have given me during those check ups, which really helped me to cope up stress which originates from my physical condition.

    There are many doctors who treat well,but there are only few who alongwith treatment also gives happiness and courage to fight any thing.

   Thank You again… God Bless You..


Annoying Patient…

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A Story Yet Unwritten…

Always wanted to share a story of a boy and a girl,who were my classmates in school and who were destined to be with each other in many ways, but still had so many problems in their path which they have to rectify before being with each other.

Story starts with helping each other during their school’s annual function. They comes in contact through the “tuning fork” as the girl wanted from the boy to purchase it from the market as it was near his home and this help was the first step in their love.

After this tuning fork episode, they started to see other whenever possible with any silly reason, it may be to borrow pen from her (among the 50+ student) or to borrow the maths copy from him (even if he was the worst student ever in maths).

Even in the age of mobiles, they wrote letters to each other, which they pass to each other by hiding beneath the book covers (so intelligent !!).

Than finally the time come when he had to leave the school for his medical studies, and she was in a bad condition as she was feeling too lonely to spend time without him.

But still their love grows even after his selection in Medical School.

But in all these positive things, they still had strong oppose from their families.

But they were still with each other, meeting in secret places, communicate secretly, wants to be with each other in any ways, but still families were not in their support…

So what they did to remain with each other ??

What their families did against their wishes ??

Still not know, as there are still some stories that are not being told..

Dr. Anshul

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