2016 : Special for Me…

Here is the season to write posts about the past year, to write about memories that makes your past year awesome, to cherish those moments that cannot be replace ever again, to learn from mistakes that you have made, and to value those relations that you have made with the new ones. 

And I am here to share with you all what this year taught me…

I have some memories to share with you all, about how awesome my past year was started, given me a sweet surprise…

I have some memories to share with you all, that the sweet surprise also wanted some sacrifice from my side, but still that sacrifice was nothing in front of sweet surprise…

I have some memories to share with you all, that the sweet surprise brings with it the special person in my life as my bride..
I have some memories to share with you all, that my aim of exploring North-East was met with success, as I could explore Darjeeling, Shillong, Nagaland along with local sightseeing around the city of joy ‘Kolkata’…
I have some memories to share with you all, that despite the long work hours, my will power, supported me to maintain my workout routine with some gaps in between…
I have some memories to share with you all, that I was able to participate in some conferences with the support of my seniors, and also able to win them…
I have some memories to share with you all, that first time I could travel outside of India, to the “Land of Thunder Dragon”, Bhutan… able to see its beautiful landscape, simple people and was able to discover that how the responsible big country like India, can influence its neighboring country in a positive way…
I have some memories to share with you all, that my year finishes with a hectic job of completing my thesis, and because of the ‘process’ of completing my thesis along with the suggestions of my respected guide, I learned a lot, identified my mistakes, and emerge as a better person…
So guys, here was some of my memories, which I would always be cherished, and also some of the pictures from Bhutan…

Biggest Monastery in Bhutan.

On the way to Paro : Second biggest city in Bhutan

Such landscapes can be easily found in Bhutan


Do you have some, please share with me… 🙂


My Recent Travel Experiances.

From last 1 year I was in love with travelling, and mind it, it is not a normal love, but I have spent almost most of my free time thinking only about new places to explore in my leaves, which I normally get with great difficulty and that too only for 1-2 days.

But eventually I have learned to travel within these few days that too with coverage of most the things in any given place.

Few things what I practice in my travelling, I want to share it with you all :

  1. Firstly I choose randomly any place where I want to travel, and it is based only on my instincts.
  2. Than I stick to that place, and starts searching for the flights, and till by god’s grace I always able to find some, which are cheaper than the normal.
  3. Throughly I do research about that place, on a travelling site, most I follow holidayiq website, read most of the reviews, and get the idea of most of the main tourists spots.
  4. Than I search the hotels, and mostly search for Budget Hotels. For this I mainly follow stayzilla website.
  5. Try to travel within the city through public transport if possible and if time permits (remember I cover cities within 1-3 days, so I have to be on my toes), otherwise hire the private cab.
  6. I try to talk to locals about the price of cabs before hiring, so that I can have the idea of pricing. In Gangtok, because of just one person I had saved 700rs, and same was in Shillong.
  7. I try to do minimal packing, mainly carry only the backpacks.
  8. Apart from the routine tourists places, I always try to interact with locals so that I can know about the local cultures, practices and thinking patterns. 
  9. I try to explore the city by taking any random roads by walking and just observe the peoples.
  10. For me travelling is not only just visiting the tourists spots but also to feel the tradition, language, people interactions, their festivals, their main mode of earning and to know their ideology about national affairs (you may be thinking how offbeat I am).

    Well this is how I travel, and shortly will starts sharing my travel stories of perticular cities.

    But before going away, want to share some of my RAW pics and videos with you, have a look and share your views : 

    Dr. Anshul


    Some said what is special about photography, you has to press one button, do little bit adjustment, and than there you have one good picture. 

    I reply to them that photography is much more to just clicking some pictures, because pictures mainly originate in the mind of a photographer. Camera does make a picture beautiful but the contents of the picture decides by the mind of a photographer.

    Here are some of my mental frames in the physical form…

    How these pictures are.. do share your views..

    Participating in Halfmarathon by Blogchatter.

    Why I am always inclined towards it..

    Why I am always inclined towards trees, their colour, their shape, their arrangements..

    Why I am always inclined towards morning hours, fresh air, fresh oxygen..

    Why I am always inclined towards mountains, their shape, the roads around them..

    Why I am always inclined towards cold season’s chill, rainy season’s showers, summer season’s warmth..

    Why I like to take pictures from my seat in aeroplane, why I like the formation of clouds, the sun rays coming in between them..

    Because I am nature, I am part of this universe.

    P.S. I have taken this picture during my flight journey to one the most beautiful place in India, Shillong, capital of Indian state of Meghalaya, also known as “Scotland of the East”. After writing this, my partner just remind me that I have written the same type of blog before (read here) than why again writing same type, I just reply that I didn’t remember before starting this, I just get the inspiration from this picture and pour my hearts out, sorry, can not control them 🙂

    Meeting with Nature…

    I am posting short video from my recent trip to Shillong, Meghalaya, India.
    Meghalaya is a small state in North East part of India, full of beauty, natural landscape and simple people.
    Will post my whole experiance of that city, but for now small video to show its awesomeness.

    Please adjust your phone according to video, as it is totally raw, no editing, direct delivery from nature 🙂